23 July, 2011


The creative picture with multiple exposures editing below is taken by my dear friend 'Vijay' 
Revenge: 99-fiction

Something was wrong right from the beginning she knew it.
Switched on the fan and lying down in the bed completely numb.
She got home late, drained, sick, frustrated and absolutely hurt.

Phone rang and hearing something, she was utterly disturbed, disappointed.
Absolutely nothing more could have been cruel.

Her life on the weary-road and she was encountered whilst apart in split mind-set.

Creeping, crying between the sheets and toward the dizzy realisation unsuspecting turns!

Confused, soaking in tears couldn't believe after a little spat and disagreement her beloved boyfriend puts online the pictures secretly taken without her permission!


  1. painful ! and the last line was more painful !

  2. nice short and crisp! but a revenge of a bad kind!

    ATB for the BAT...

    Read mine at Revenge is best when served cold

    Regards Wandering Thoughts

  3. That was disturbing, yet a very potent reminder of the twisted form revenge can take, in the process twisting our own selves beyond repair or recognition.
    The manner in which you have given a voice to her vulnerability and helplessness is not just touching but very thought-provoking as well.
    Thanks for the words.

  4. I feel sad for her.. Just 99 words but it conveyed so much.. Good luck.. Here is my post.. Oh this is.. ReVeNge

    Someone is Special

  5. Nice but looks incomplete... will there be an continuation to this??

  6. This is something which I despise. Putting up pictures after a little spat.
    All the best Rachana.

  7. This was creepy and chilling and yet something we read in the papers. I wanted more than just 99 words!! Good Luck :)

  8. A horrible revenge indeed! Nicely written. The picture was also appropriate. If you have time, do check out my entry : Revenge

  9. seriously this is sad........but jt keeps happening in this so called modern society ......nice write..conveyed the message and the sadness....

    here is my take

    the revenge of aparniyan- Revenge

  10. and congrats to vijay too for the nice pic

  11. Nice story in 99 words... I had to read it for the second time to understand completely. Good read...

  12. COWARD revenge!!! Revenge of shame !!!
    apt pic ..

  13. Very nicely expressed. How love turns into this kind of hatred one fails to understand. Sad reality indeed.

  14. Oh, makes me want to kill him, for pure revenge AND her, for trusting him-_-

    All the best..:)

  15. :(
    sad. y do ppl do dese things. hw cn dey break sum1s trust to such an xtreme extent :o
    may hav happend in a million cases fr real n yet so hard to believe.


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