07 July, 2013

Lets have a conversation

heart to heart.
When the sentences are incomplete but make full sense within seconds of the blinking candid eyes. A successful small talk does not command tossing up a tired opening line, to impress to be in a limelight. Where picking up words won’t be difficult for one chooses a flow in feeling. Further never difficult to pick and start right from where it has been left off, be it over the months, years or decades.

A single sigh is a sign of a sound sound. How I wished it was easy to talk nevertheless much comfortable to understand. There are some things in common nonetheless at different poles of chronicle. Where crawling across the sky, slowly until gusts rise and speed up the sentiments of the story echoing in the empty space of synergy. 

Where the glory is listening
and beauty is in telling!

How I wished the circumstances would not control the colour of our talks.
As we stop chasing and come closer, the clearer the picture gets. The secret lies in believing that it’s never the end but beginning of the endless voyage of celebration. Not losing any chance of chatter, whiff out in world of words. Comic-notes need not to be explained, nor do they sail over the other person’s head.
There lies magic when the little humble hands that illustrate the bunch of infinite words. Well, sometimes our talk is just okay, sometimes it’s comfortable, sometimes wonderful, sometimes boring and sometimes unpleasant. At times we whisper, swallow, blabber, stammer, murmur, gabble and yet sometimes we simply speak sense. If the talk is not perfect, it just another time to sparkle and enthuse commune again. Find spark even if it's a slow-burn.

Where an undertone whispers, shouts, stirrer and settles over the top over the whole lot.
It’s a stolen moment, a slice of life, shocking and surprising at the same time shared while stepping forward through the shadow and shades. Taking a piece out, everything falls apart perhaps it’s all conjures connected.

Sometimes we step aside our conventional way of thinking, we step up above all the scattered thoughts and said-unsaid words, only to try and see a big large whole picture which we have been missing for a while to watch.
Up till then there are times we hold back a breath before it slips and spills all the beans.
We know there is still something incredible left to behold.
However when a silly rumour murmured, it creates a buzz. Where the lines on the lips which are neither re-framed nor tangled, the phrases are free and the courage chase the rhyme of the heartbeat.

When the expression of the emotions is not judged or measured by the majority or weight but patiently waited to watch the precisely perfectly, the stillness, silently secretly survive after every blink pursued by the curve on the lips. Perhaps, silences are not awkward!

I realised, the rarest, the bravest tales are the one with broken ends thus far gathered integrated with hope, harmony and a lesson filled with bracing compassion. It's fulfilling for a while at-least, sheltering each other from the cruel world. Here being in the cocoon, there is a collective spirit in the crowd, with chaos around, creativity hounds, new chapters, old characters filled with novel ink calmly wraps words with compliment. Every little bit counts and contributes in continuing their commitment to complete a conflict-free conversation.
Such a simple concept, all I know,
all I can comprehend how I wished there was a conversation followed with the CHEMISTRY! Just camaraderie!


  1. I can't tell you how happy I'm to see you back on blog.. I'm sure all your readers will echo my thoughts..
    Great work with words again :)
    Welcome back and God bless you :)

    1. Nothing is more enchanting to see your prompt response.
      You are definitely my best reader and inspiration!
      Stay happy and healthy!!
      ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  2. I came to blogworld after a long long gap and I am so happy to read you again.
    You have a way of indulging the reader in your words. I hope someday I read a book written by you :)

    and yes , I wrote after a long time too...trying to keep the spark alive :)
    regards ,

  3. Hi, you have no idea how excited I'm to see your such an encouraging and cheerful comment. I neither can forget that your blog been one of my first bloglist I stared reading and following. Nor can I ignor the fact hat you been one of the first one to be my blog reader. It's been quite a long joyful years ever since then. I wholeheartedly welcome you back to the blogger world, and I can understand at the same time how enchanted you must been feeling to be back to your passion of sharing and blogging. I, myself hv come back after a quite long break and feels great to see your review. Thank you so much. definitely keep the spark alive :)

  4. Just realized that creator is back!! Welcome !!!!! And regarding the post, it is too good! and your concluding lines are awesome :)

    Someone is Special


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