22 November, 2007

Potluck - Home is where food is..

Its just a quarter of time I came staying in BANGALORE.. one of the most profound IT city of INDIA. For almost a month I was having food outside..everyday discovering new tastes and restaurants of the city..
Almost fed up one fine day of all those I really liked..that is "enjoying new flavours", all I was craving for HOME-FOOD. I wanted food that was prepared by mom, less oily and spicy....this is something I never realised when I used to eat at home.
It was then when my Hubby took me POTLUCK...
For the time being I could not understand why did we came there..as we both are fond of good food and I could not expect that GOOD food at a HOME turned Restaurant-POTLUCK. But I was wrong...the home turned restaurant was indeed homely-friendly and full of home-food aromatic.
POTLUCK is situated close to some of d major IT companies like Honeywell, Oracle, Accenture, HSBC, IBM, Mahendra, Aris Gobal and above all (IIM)INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT,Bangalore.
The chairs were very comfortable and the table was of simply perfect height. All around it was neat and clean with almost superb warm colours on the wall, which made sitting there so easy.

And here came a uniformed waiter with water goblets and water-jug in his hand..good service.
All the utensils are stainless-steel and adds up to more homely Indian culture.
I was also amazed to find so much of variety in every section in the MENU-CARD. The starter were about 24 and main-dish about 20, breads variety was almost 18-20. It have everything Starter, Main dish, Bread, Rice, Desert, Accompaniments and Beverages.
Awesome collection and so affordable, my tummy was half full by having a glance to the menu.
We stared with the starter, MOONG-DAL CHILLA, Veg-omlette, Bread-Dhokla. It was served with mint chutney, which is indeed a delight.
And when the food came, the quantity seemed so optimum to consume whole.
Believe me full points to the flavour, taste and smell of the food. I simpled loved the chapati(Indian Wheat Bread).
In beverage, I took Mango-LASSI, which was smooth-sweet and had a nice flavour and smell of mango, with a refreshing taste.
Though i don't have a sweet tooth but i loved to eat the MOONG-DAL ka halwa there. It is so delicious, cooked in desi-GHEE, with chopped almonds.Simply ymmmmyyy...!!
So friends, in this way, POTLUCK became my favorite place to enjoy eating home made food.
Please do check the given link to the POTLUCK..


  1. Hi,
    This is yashwanth, a partner at Potluck. Lovely review you have on your blog with photos and all. hope to see you coming back regularly to the enjoy the food.


  2. Hi Rachna,

    Thanks for coming over again to potluck.

    It was great tomeet you and get an opportunity to serve you.

    Chief Food Officer - Potluck


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