02 November, 2007

smoky-starter turns on..

After hating and eating so much of kadhi...i dint know that in certain way i shall get addicted to smoky-cafe..
i am all in the experimenting moods.. playing with flavour and food..
Trying to prepare in the least time...with maximum crunchy tastes and colours..with what ever is available in my smoky-cafe.
It took just 10-12 minutes to make this....all i was having funn in tossing the ingrediants in the pan, creating the aura of FLAMBE'..............

So i shall name it as "SMOKY-STARTER "of the smoky cafe..




Onions-------------------------------250 gm

Tomato-Puree-------------------------1 tsp.

Garlic------------------------------6-7 flakes

Ginger--------------------just a small chunck

Green Chillies----------------------------3-4

Soya Sauce-----------------------------1 tsp.

Sugar-----------------------------------1 tsp.

Salt----------------------------------to taste.

Black Pepper-------------------------to taste.

Oil-------------------------------------10 ml.

Oregano Herb(optional)---------------a pinch.

Cashew Nuts(optional)--------------------6-7

Curry leaves(optional)-------------3-4 leaves

[[Paneer(cottage-cheese), Chicken(boneless) are optional to more flavour and taste]]


NON-STICK pan is prefered to cook this..
..as less oil is used and it does'nt stick the bottom of the pan

  • Cut the onions into four quaters.
  • Slice the Garlic.
  • Shred the Ginger.
  • Cut the Green Chillies into long-half
  • Slice the Carrot.
  • Cut the Capsicum into cubes.
  • Heat Oil in the pan to smoky position.
  • Add onions, and shake the pan a little.
  • Let the onions turn a light-pink colour.
  • Add ginger-garlic to it.
  • Add the capsicum cubes and carrots and continue to stir in the pan.
  • Add the curry leaves [optional].
  • OPTIONAL..[Add the chicken boneless or the Paneer ].
  • Sprinkle the salt.
  • Sprinkle the fresh crushed black pepper.
  • Add the cashew-nuts
  • Add the tomato puree.
  • Sprinkle the sugar and Oregano herb.
  • Keep stiring the pan on the high heat.
  • Add Soya-sause and stir.
  • Serve Hot as the starter which is hot and sweet in taste..

""OMIT & BACK-UP....This is how recipes must be written..i beleive...Please don't get stuck up on published recipes that you cant prepare & taste""

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