09 June, 2008

Elephants painting - an ivory trumpet

This ultimate water-color painting is created by Dr.Jigar Modia, based in Vadodara, Gujarat who describe himself very well in following lines;
" a day dreamer
a soft whisperer
a romantic soul
a laughing idol
sweetest thoughts
n cutest act
mystery in eyes
and care in touch
vivid imaginations
with weirdo person complex
yet simple reveal me
i may be never ending treasure. Have an
immense passion for drawing and painting. "
My old school mate of GREMS, Baroda with his unique strokes of brush makes not only me but many stand-still in the deep thought and admiration of this creations. This painting is being added recently and well suits my latest blog "Elephants - turning point of the longest trunk".
I name this painting as "An Ivory Trumpet".
What would you name it ? Do write in the commnet box.
Thank you, is such small word to say for the contribution, but I wish him gud luck and more happy flying colours in life and inspiring others with his beautiful creations.

"I write the blog
not because
I need to but because
I want to."

..Blog Author

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