10 June, 2008

Things you didnt know about me - Sequel

Things, usually happen when one least expect it. Long back I wrote a blog on the "things you dint know about me", where I did mention one thing that when I like something I often wish to have a sequel of it. So, here I'm back with a sequel of that blog, The things and funny facts you might not have known about me, here it goes on demand.
Indeed on demand as going through my data shows it one of the most popular blog by the loving readers like you..! So here it goes without looking back :-
  • I remember, the poem I recited in school and also got some prize The poem, The Brook is still one of my very favourite poem. The link for the poem is The Brook by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. I like this poem as it have a beautiful rhythm and picturesque expression in each line of he poem. Few lines of the poem are as follows:-

I chatter over stony ways,
In little sharps and trebles,
I bubble into eddying bays,
I babble on the pebbles.
With many a curve my banks I fret
By many a field and fallow,
And many a fairy foreland set
With willow-weed and mallow.
I chatter, chatter, as I flow
To join the brimming river,
For men may come and men may go,
But I go on for ever.

  • I love Rain. Well, its obvious for the person to be born in the month of September and liking rain. I’m one of those people who love drenching in the rain (as long as it’s not too cold). But there had been times in my life when I used to get very shy getting out in rain . As I dint liked clothes sticking the body giving a transparent looks. Then again, today things have changed, and I am no more super conscious about who is looking at you, all one need to enjoy the moment and let each rain drop dripping from the head and hand, drench away the routines. The coincidence to this point is, it just now and then stared raining outside and I am surely enjoying the atmosphere inside-outside window. Note: This photo is taken by Nadeem in his home garden after the rain.
  • While writing I'm quite cautious, to use full stop symbol(.) and my finger often tend to have two dots (..). I resume the two dots shall show an expression of continuity. In fact you will also notice the habit of mine in the creative link, as (Rachi Creations..).
  • Though I am a good painting (check: Rachi Creations.. )and have quite a steady-controlled hand in sketching, I cannot put fine eye-liner on my eyes. I tried many times but was not able to make it straight but still its a hard luck.
  • These days I don't go out without my sun glasses on. Whether its sunshine or rain..my glasses reflects on my eyes. In past one year these are my third glasses. The first one I accidentally broke, second I guess I lost, I guess because till now I am not able to find out after I kept them on my table. So now I am having the third one. Incidentally all were Fastrack. Well they are good and above all stylish...You see this being stylish is compulsory..these days...!
  • I'm a born preserver. Since childhood I have a strange tendency of keeping things and not discarding them. Call it cardboard, box, old bottles, paper chits, school notebooks, etc. I feel that some day these things shall be of great use. I simply don't want to discard it so early and rather preserve them. Despite, the lack of space in the cupboard I manage to keep them somewhere nicely. I still have many books of mine of both primary school and collage notes safe.

  • My all time favourite T.V.Show is the "THE WONDER YEARS". The story begins with Kevin, Paul, and Winnie on the verge of starting junior high school. The voice of Kevin as an adult and the show's narrator is wonderful to hear . A friendly but strange relationship shared by Kevin and Winnie which gets completely disclosed in the last few years. Despite their life-long romance, they never married and end up living separate lives.

The Wonder years goes all around the school days, teenagers, best friend, trust, secrets, crush, betrayal, love in first sight, kiss, fights, misunderstanding, grief, fun, attraction, party, girls, boys, teachers, strike father, intelligent mother, dumb brother, beautiful sister, fist car, graduation, dance, rumours,study, little puppy, affectionate grandfather, sweet girl friend, jealousy, break ups, losing, Valentine's Day, transfer to new place, old and new friends etc. It was a good show, with all emotions indulge into them making one believe its their own life.

The final sounds, voice-over and dialogue of the episode and series is that of Kevin providing concluding narration with the sound of children playing in the background:-
"Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you're in diapers, the next day you're gone. But the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul. I remember a place, a town, a house, like a lot of houses. A yard like a lot of other yards. On a street like a lot of other streets. And the thing is, after all these years, I still look back...with wonder."

Anyone can relate to the story, and here I wonder ...how Wonderful was my childhood...!

  • Remembering childhood, I think of of Dogs..! Its been always a nightmare for me to face a dog. All my close friends and family knows it well that I am scared of Dogs. . But the new thing these days is that, though being afraid, I often wonder how its gonna be having a pet DOG at home, a Golden Labrador puppy. Seems these days I wanna conquer my fear...!
  • Hope you enjoyed the second sequel of "the things you dint know about me". When your read this blog, try writing the things people dont know about, and have fun in wondering about yourself..!

"I write the blog
not because
I need to but because
I want to.."

..Blog Author

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  1. Its interesting to read this blog.The original blog was also good.Looking more of it.


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