08 September, 2008

My Birthday - unfolding petals

Surprise at 25th Birthday© rachi creations..

Regardless of the increasing age, birthdays are a special day for you and your loved ones. Some friends of mine teased me saying that why am I making all the gaga-story of my 25th birthday, as I am getting older every year. But, there is a strange saying I believe in is “Old age is always 15 years older than I am”, so celebrate life at the fullest. Above all if we carry our childhood with us, we shall never become older.

Indeed yesterday, I had a blast on my birthday. Lots of gifts and greetings simply added the glitters to the special day. For a change not cooking at all at home(which I usually I hardly do :p) and having Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner out was a great of fun with hubby. In the evening blowing candles on chocolate cake is the ultimate pleasure on birthday. But of coarse the most adorable gift of the day was reading the friends messages on Orkut and receiving loads of phone call, for the birthday wishes. One of my very close friends of mine Nirmala, mailed me her wedding ceremony pictures as my birthday surprise gift, for which I was waiting since so long. Truly sweet of her.

But some coincidence happened on my birthday and I found the mail delivered in my inbox. It was completely unexpected and truly amazing experience to read the mail. Please read the mail mentioned below:

first of all..
WHEN u'll read this mail it would have had become..
Which ever is true HAPPY BIRTHDAY remains the same....

u wud have been wondering why i wrote u today..
u may think that
today was ur birthday (coz its 10:10 and now its 11:10) so
i wrote u..
but truly speaking i didnt remembered ur birthday but i really dont know
how, i was surfing on the web and i found u [on Blog: HUMMING TODAY lattest post Link: My Birthday Weekend - just Began]..and
10:00 i came to know that
today is ur birthday at 10:10.

i dont know
what it was ,how i got u today
and not in the days which are passed...but it
was really nice.

I thought i shud write a poem for u...
but my brain
isn’t developed in the direction in which i can write poems ..
But never
mine i got one frm internet for u...thanks to KAYLA FRASER..
Who wrote this
poem {for me}..as if she knew one day i m gonna download it
for U.

so here it goes,
" A sister is someone who leads you when you are having a problem.
A sister makes you laugh and cry.
A sister is someone who likes to fight with you.
A sister is the one who stands with you in all your ups and downs.
A sister makes you remember who you really are.
A sister sometimes makes you cry when they are very sad.
A sister is someone who is always there for you through all the laughter and tears.
A sister is real.
A sister never will pretend.
A sister is someone like you whom
I treasure everyday in my heart. "

all yours,
suraj singh

"I meet Suraj's parents last year at my marriage ceremony. But I haven’t met Suraj, since last 12 years ago. Interestingly, today I'm around twice the age we meet before. Surprisingly finding this mail today and reading the whole story, truly makes me believe that destiny indeed stores some special gifts. The Surprises which are totally unplanned and unexpected...well! that what is the Life; a beautiful flower, unfolding petals of surprises. Suraj is right now doing his Engineering, and here wishing him good luck and all success in life. And Sweet Suraj...thank u so much for that wonderful peom and the mail that is such a preety gift on my 25th Birthday. Hope we meet soon."
NOTE: The pastry drawing is created by me © rachi creations..

Celebrate friendship..

"I write the blog
not because
I need to but because
I want to."
..Blog Author
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  1. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, Rachana! Let the celebrations continue....

  2. Thaz a big blast and loads of fun. Awesome. Happy Birthday to you again.

  3. For me the word surprise is synonymous to a Birthday :P

    A very Happy Birthday to you :)


  4. "Age is Just another Number" So Njoy.

  5. Belated birthday wishes...painting is nice..

  6. Sorry i did not wish u on ur birthday!!
    any ways
    Happy belated birthday wish!!
    God will keep u Humming Always!!!

    Shankar & Family


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