14 October, 2008

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Dear Readers,
It’s been full of the cheerful moments and a significant milestone to have shared a bond of affection between you and me through my blog Humming Today. I really appreciate you visiting the page and also taking time to give feedback.

I certainly appreciate all of the new and returning readers. I’m happier and grateful for reading the posts and also caring it. Keep subscribing and sending posts to friends. And also keep sending me your stories and photos to get listed in the Contribution-List.

Click recent post links that interest you, the archives and the labels (any will do to start) to see a month's topics at a glance. For your convenience, I’ve created the Table of Contents of the Posts in the blog.

On this page you can see the whole list of posts published. To show the full table of contents, please click on the link below...

This page contains our table of contents, showing post permalinks, the date and labels (category names.) There is a short preview of each post when you hover the cursor over the title. Titles are in alphabetical order, but you can click on the date column header to sort in ascending or descending order. Click on a specific label (not the column header) to display only the posts tagged with that label. To go back to the full list, just click Post Title. When this post migrates off the home page visitors can use the menu or sidebar link to see the contents.



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  1. Hi!!!
    I came across Your blog on Hoctro's place. Just wanted to say you have a beautiful blog, content wise and the look is awesome!!!

    I went mad trying to do the CSS and HTML stuff so just kept it simple!!!

    Keep blogging!!!

  2. OMG! ur blog is heavy with features.. developing one like this will be a mega project for me :O.. have u got ur blog developed by some professional??

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