16 August, 2008

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"Praise is like sunlight to the human spirit: we cannot flower and grow without it.”

Praise, Admiration, Appreciation, Encouragement are the words that an make the person cheerful. It is a unique delightful experience for anybody. This pleasure works on anybody and everybody. There are many things that others do but the reaction of happiness comes from me. For the better example to present is that I feel extremely excited every time I read comment on my blog “Humming Today”, my visitors have made. It a sudden instant kick to research more, write and present in the best way for the reader. Its that one thumb up green sign that makes the moment so special and restored in the memory lane forever.

I often have fun with my friends as when they compliment me for something; I say "I accept your compliments as ONE cannot argue with TRUTH." But honestly, the simple Noticing is more than anything in life to lead the determination.

“Potluck” is my one of my favorite restaurant in Bangalore where I can have home cooked flavored food. Recently when as usual I went to this restaurant and was amazed to see that the menu card have been updated with more variety of delicate dished. I turned down the last page of the menu and found some of the tints of the reviews made on the potluck restaurant. The links were of the internet from various sites and blogs where people wrote their experience in Potluck. " I often have a tendency to read first few lines and suddenly go through the last lines and only when I find the beginning and ending interesting, I go through the whole content, and to my surprise I read the name “Rachana” at the end of the page. Well! “Rachana” is quite a common name in India so to have a second go through the whole name “Rachana Shakyawar”……hey it’s ME!"

I found the link of my blog “Humming Today” in the list of appreciation of the menu-card. Long back in November, 2007 I wrote a Blog “Potluck- Home is where the food is”, reviewing the service of the relishing restaurant “Potluck”. It was such an intense moment for happiness. I wondered, how much the words creates magic & such simple words of little appreciation ignites the ray of encouragement.

I heartily appreciate very kind gestures of the Potluck Restaurant owner "Mr.Yash" and "Mr.Birla" for going through and acknowledging my blog. Please check the pictures (No. 1) at the end of the blog to see the menu pic. Click the pictures to see the enlarge one.

There are many internet competitions for various activities like art, writing, photographing, cooking etc. I participated in one of the food feast hosted by Sia (BLOG: MonsoonSpice). It was purely happy moment to watch the links of the pictures and recipes of my dishes in her blog. Please check the pictures (No. 2) to see the link. Click the pictures to see the enlarge one.

I have firmly believed that my blog “Humming Today” have reached here because of the immense support, appreciation and the honest critical claims made from time to time. The best efforts made to appreciate my little deed for this blog have been from Amit Semwal who ones mentioned that

my marketing strategy of free references for this blog so it be..I'll do it a 100 times not only because she is my very good friend but also because she writes good...know? I myself will be subscribing to it today, almost after an year of her blog coming into the blogspot and getting a shape where it deserves references and subscription!

I adore the humble acts of the readers contributed with the poems, articles and pictures to my blog creating a treasure voyage of talent and creativity.

At this date, the blog “Humming Today” is having around 4000 visitors from more than 94 countries. Today, the daily visitors can be from 30 to 50 in numbers. " The number is pretty impressive as for the blog only a year old but I believe there are still many hearts to be touched and mesmerized. " See the pictures[No. 3, 4] at the end of the blog for the daily-visitors. Click the pictures to see the enlarge one.

It has come indeed a long but a beautiful path modulating every time. Learning from adding up the new widgets, background templates and change in the font color, size and type, many experiments have been done to get the right flavor of the theme that resembles my humming mind.

It matters a lot, due to the fact that I was starting from scratch. One year ago, I had no clue about how things would work out or where I would head up in blogging. But it has turned out better than I have ever expected, I'm enjoying blogging and enhancing with each post made.

My blog “Humming Today” is starting to pop up all over the place on the Internet which is a really good thing and a sign of popularity. It has a consistent growth graph for the popularity. Please check the pictures (No. 5, 6, 7, 8) to see what my readers from all the continents, search and find out my blog. Click the pictures to see the enlarge one.

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Thank you so much all of my readers for coming here, reading my posts and some even taking time for commenting, discussing, motivating and inspiring me to write more and new topics !A special thanks to all my friends who are in the contribution list. I wish more names in the list, so do mail me your works and get published in this blog with all your credits. If you enjoyed reading than do subscribe for email feed to get the lattest updates. Heres with your grace, my blog's the most popular posts list.
"I write the blog
not because
I need to but because
I want to."
..Blog Author
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  1. That was just amazing how much time you devote to sit and analyze about your blog and visitors. Great work girl.

  2. Beautiful post...you have a lovely blog!


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