30 October, 2009

I deserved it - 55 fiction

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.
Handle with care and smile: I still maintain believing that I hardly have any peculiar understanding for the 55fiction; however I'm trying to learn with each experiment. And so far the learning journey has been really fun. So before you head on to read this 55fiction, let me remind you again that this is my humble second attempt .

  • I deserved it!

    "It's been very long-lingering-lonely-feeling. I am distress-despair-disappointed and dishearten.

It feels like a dry-desert.
But definitely I owe little dew-droplets.

I took some breath and strength to change my regular self.

So I decided to come to the beach,

And enjoy

my damn-dessert here,

..the chocolate fantasy!"

I deserved the dessert @ Rachi creations

P.S. the description :

  • DESERT: A desert is a place with 10 inches or 25cm of rain or less a year. Deserts cover about one seventh of the earth's surface. Or a place a landscape or region that receives very little precipitation.
  • DESSERT: Dessert is a course that typically comes at the end of a meal, usually consisting of sweet food but sometimes of a strongly-flavored.
  • DESERT in philosophy: Desert is the condition of being deserving of something, whether good or bad. It is related to justice, revenge, blame, punishment and many topics central to moral philosophy.

  • Special thanks to Mahesh, who have been constantly reminding me to post my second fiction, nevertheless I’m very nervous to know his reaction to my attempt.
  • The drawing is made by thyself, Rachi Creations.. See guys, I kept my promise as made in my first fiction that I shall add a reflecting drawing with every fiction I write.
  • Thank you so much  guys for being so persistent and going through this post. Please do post your comments :)


  1. hey rachana, happened to be 1st again :)
    giving this 55 thing a new angle, with poetic essence and alliteration and not to forget that butiful drawing makes it real praiseworthy..

  2. I liked the PS :P.....

    very good one, but i loved your first 55 fiction better than this...

  3. me the third :)

    Magical writing! with lovely insights. Deserts were onces sea :)

  4. Hi dear....

    It is very poetic, emotional, philosophical and touching.....
    The pic indeed grabbed all the attention. It did complement the topic with apt and soothing coulurs....quite creative.
    I loved the concept.....sublime and serene
    Write more such sparks....
    :) :) :)

  5. wow:) dessert...:)))now i m gonna dream of choc fantasy!!!

  6. Dazzling - Delightful Dessert for readers like us... :)
    Loved ur creativity in the post...so poetic ...
    And lovely Drawing.. :)
    Keep writing :)

  7. @ Vishal

    O yes! You happened to again to be the first and this gives me an immense pleasure..Yeah! very new prospective to 55fiction…a complete experiment. And I enjoyed doing so too.
    Glad that you liked rachi creations..

    Keep visiting and be the first one to comment :P

  8. @ Suree
    Dear Suree,
    It’s just the beginning and I shall try improving it more with each attempt.
    Thank you for being persistent on visiting the posts:)

  9. @ Srivats

    Glad that you liked it and indeed you gave an extended meaning to my 55fiction!

    Thank you:)for adding up your thoughts!

  10. @ Mahesh
    I appreciate your honest words. Glad you found this one interesting.

    And yes you are right;
    Rachi Creations.. grabbed the sight of spotlight.

    Actually, I remember one quote right this moment of the famous artist,
    Vincent Van Gogh that
    “I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.”
    Bear it Buddy..!
    Thank you for visiting blog and heading me with lovely hints.
    Keep the Spark & Smile alive..

  11. @ Divsi
    O dear! Why only dream of Chocolate fantacy…run and grab your chocolate fantasy at your nearest CCD :)


    Thank your leaving your comment, keep visiting the blog..
    Keep the spark Alive

  12. @ Amit
    Glad that you liked the fiction and the colors of creativity in the rachi creations..
    Keep visiting!!

  13. Dear Friend..Congrats again!!! Its an art to write so effectively.With each of your post you have grown as a writer and now we all can feel that you'll soon bring about a revolution in the world of 55 Fiction...I am waiting for that day ....The whole of the world would be following you and I 'll be the proud one saying " ARE ISKO MAINE HI SEEKHAYA THA " hahhahahha..Good Luck.

  14. The chocolate fantasy is really sweet and delicious.

  15. //I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.//

    I am sucker for quotes and that goes right into the sidebar of my web page!

  16. @ Madhulika
    O dear chweety! I owe my love, inspiration and strength to you! Thank you for the lovely words. Only aspiration lets cherish together!
    Love yeah!

  17. @ Priya
    Very true Priya, Chocolate fantacy and fantacy is very enchanting! Lets enjoy that!


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