03 November, 2009

Perception Reflection - Part One

I have always believed this firmly that life is all about learning. I don’t worry or get scared to take risks as I know they shall lead to innovations and enrich the creativity. I’m glad that my thoughts are free to fly and not bound to any rigid tradition.

Sitting down to write this, I have just realized that a lot of my wisdom seems to have come from interaction with my parents, friends and blogger-buddies. Their thoughts, critical acclaim, feelings and above all the perceptions to view the things have tossed many times my philosophies that I follow.

And I have mounted and mounded my observations many a times. I have understood and learned to try getting into a diluted different aspect to many of my strong beliefs and opinions. I have learned to prove myself wrong and again undo the things and relearn the distinguishing attributes. I enjoy this change and learning practice.

Reflecting the same:

While I was in college, I remember one day my very dear friend, my roomie tossed me a question in an aim to introduce me one of the most important philosophies of life to lead a happy life-style.

She took a half-glass filled glass and asked me “What do you see?”

It was the same question that long back in my childhood my father had asked me, teaching something very unique aspect.

I was pretty sure that I knew the answer, the right answer! But than I thought to revisit my honest perception and at the same time try be acquainted with her perception too.

Ever since than my perception hasn’t changed but surely have enhanced with my friend's view of point.
Today, I have added few more thoughts to it with time.

Rather than just tell you what our poles-apart answers were, I’d like to hear your diverse response to the same question. I’m looking for some pioneering prospective. Your ideas/ thoughts shall be respected and consider valuable to enrich our distinct aspects of looking things.

I shall sum up this post with my and my friend’s answer with the perception in the next post. Mean while I shall like to go through your responses.

  • How do you see this glass?

  • What do you perceive this as
'Half-Filled glass
'Half-Empty glass ?

  • Kindly participate in sharing your word by adding your responses in the comment section.


  1. Interesting Rachana. You don't have to fill your tummy just becoz you have to eat. Small amounts in between fills and makes us understand what life is and how we have to live isn't it.

  2. Now would read and come back

  3. //I have always believed this firmly that life is all about learning. I don’t worry or get scared to take risks as I know they shall lead to innovations and enrich the creativity.//

    Lovely words! agree 200% and you said its through others we understand ourselves, coincidently I have writtern about the same yesterday.

  4. Now to the glass

    To be honest with u, I knew I should say its half full. but cynical me pushes the half empty side of it, the positive side of it is, I feel the glass needs a refill, probably not immediately but in due course, before the water runs out.

    It makes me realise the value of the life given and the work that I need to do to sustain it or even make it better.


    another way to look at it is forgo the assumption that only two perspective exists.

    Water is life, God is nothing but water to many living beings on this earth. Take us more than 70% of our body is made up of water, not coke or coffee. water!

    She takes forms, she transforms, she brings life, she even destorys life. She is us , we are her.
    Wonder why we feel happy to witness rain, to see sea , river or a fountain ? because thats life thats the manifestation of god herself, thats us.

    A glass of water is no lesser than mahalakshmi, virigin mary or quanin. For a glass of water represents life itself.

    Sorry I rambled so much LOL
    And it may not be on the great ideas category but still :)

    p.s: My regualr site is www.stavirs007.blogspot.com The one you visited is rarely updated :)

  5. its half filled glass .. the water may be mineral water... either aquafine or bisleri...:P

  6. As an optimistic point of view I would say it is half filled...
    As a pessimistic point of view I would say it is half- empty
    When we say it is half filled...It reflects that we are still grateful for what we have. We are cherishing the moment...taking things as a blessing still knowing that glass could be filled more...and this is very nice approach for life. Moving forward with enjoying the journey...

    When we say it is half-empty...It reflects that our focus is not on the things which we have...We are more focused on empty part, the things we don't have...And I feel in some way it would restrict us to enjoy the happiness that can be derived by the present situation...

    However, these two thoughts have positive and negative aspects...Extreme optimism might turns out into idleness and might restrict you to progress in materialistic world... And some where the person who visualizes glass as half empty might be proved as more progressive and more money making...

    I read somewhere what would an engineer feel about this ...It might feel as a joke but I feel it is more than this...
    As an Engineer point of view I would say it is twice as bigger as it should be...


  7. While the whole world is debating over whether it is half filled or half empty, one needs to ask the question, why do we make glasses larger than we need?

  8. hey rachana
    sounds interesting :)
    Bt why do u see only two perspectives to the photo u hav posted ??

    'Water water everywhere, half the glass did sink..
    water water everywhere, nor a drop to drink'

    yes see the photo, it seems glass is empty lost in transparency of water..there are two grey curves on sides supporting a sky blue surface on it.. :)

  9. I see the blue lining at the top because of the surface of the bottom. That shows even half empty glasses have their silver lining :)

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. I feel this half filled glass of water represents LIFE.....Yes I see it as 'half filled' not trying to be more optimistic coz everyone of us at some point tend to be pessimistic even though we claim to be better optimists....
    Apart from the optimist or pessimist aspect, let me come down to my aspect of LIFE....the glass represents YOU, the water is the knowledge, thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, ideas, learnings etc...and the half emtpy area of the glass is ur attitude or ur way of thinking. Now the more water u fill, adds on more knowledge to ur life which changes the way u think or fills the empty (unenglightened)spaces in ur life. The more u keep it empty, the less it adds on to u and the more u fill it, it spills and spreads ur knowledge to others....the world.
    - Nikita

  12. Hi Rachana....

    The below comment is made by me but accidentally through from my roommates account....

    When my appetite is full, then i will say it is half full and when my appetite is empty i will say it is half empty. Rather than classifying it in a pessimistic and optimistic genres, i would like to call fix it in the domain of adaptability.
    The rationalist in me says, simply, that there is water in a glass (irrespective of whether it is half or full). The relativist says that there is full water in a extra large glass.
    Do i become an optimist if i pour the same amount water in a small glass(full). Also, the health consciousness person says whether the water is potable or not?...
    Still more to come from my neural networks

    mahesh kalaal

  13. @ Priya

    Thanks you Priya for participating in and beginning the discussion.

    Very true Priya, if I’m identifying your point correctly, then I guess you were saying that “it my glass and how much I want to fill water to drink in it is absolutely my choice. I completely agree.”

    If I’m wrong, then let me know.

    Love yeah!

  14. @ Srivats

    O dear! You are not the first one to start but definitely your view on the question is simply remarkable.

    What I absolutely like about your answer is that you have so much of hope to believe in. You will keep your high hopes even when your glass is filled with ¼ of water left to sustain it or even make it better.

    A appreciate your words even when you call them rambling…as some where your rambling is quite interesting to know!

    Thanks you for enriching with your words. Cheers!

  15. @ Suree

    Arree yaar..it is just water directly from the tap ;)

    Thankyou for sharing your side!

  16. @ Amit Singh
    Wow…an engineer thoughts seems so enlightening.

    However I like reading that “..And some where the person who visualizes glass as half empty might be proved as more progressive and more money making...” ;)

    ....Hmm..now I guess...you gonna start earning soon…so you have gotta very practical approach!

    That’s Good!! May you get all the success, happiness and prosperity in life! Amen!!

    Thankyou for participation in the discussion.

  17. @ Madhulika

    O Chweety! Cheer up…Watch again the glass..you might notice it as half-Full too…just have ones more look!

    Love yeah!! ;)

  18. @ Gopinath Sir

    You are simply rocking Sir! Indeed, you got the best way to divert the mind and find the solution!

    Thank you so much for taking time and participating in the discussion and sharing your views. Cheers!

  19. @ Vishal

    It’s hard to ignore you the talented one and your randomly written poetic lines with the fancy thought over the picture. Simply beautiful!

    Keep rocking with your poems:)

  20. Aditya

    I got amazed to see how in simple words observing the picture, you have deep thoughts.

    Indeed, One must be always be hopeful even when one is going through the worst phase. As the circumstance have their beauty to teach the learning’s that are reflecting ahead the happy times.

    Great dude!
    Thankyou for your participation in sharing thoughts!

  21. Nikita

    I heartily adore the lovely definition of comparing the glass with life and water as the wisdom. And in your own words, “...the more water u fill, adds on more knowledge to your life which changes the way you think or fills the empty (unenlightened) spaces in your life.
    The more you keep it empty, the less it adds on to you and the more you fill it, it spills and spreads your knowledge to others....the world.”

    Absolutely Stunning Thought! Thankyou for participating in the discussion and enlightening us:)

    Luv Yeah!!

  22. @ Mahesh

    Hmm...Neutral networking is ofcoarse the accurate way to follow and believe in. Perhaps, your concept of Adaptability is the true answer and the perfect solution to all the confusions.

    I know you will say what is the need to say but I like to say you ‘Thank you’ for taking time to share your word and an enhanced version of view ;)

    Keep the spark Alive..


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