15 October, 2009

Recycling and Climate Change

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Aristotle said "Change in all things is sweet". But the way these days Climate is changing all around the world it have become the major concern to worry.

We are aware about the global warming, CO2 emission, cutting of trees, disappearing ground-water, dust and gasses passed on to environment from the factories, wild-animals entering the villages because of forest cut-down, Over-population…and so on. But seems very little have the race of human done to protect and save the environment. The disaster is taking place in the form of Climate Change affecting the biodiversity of the planet. If each of us let our simply basic day-to-day acts, a lot could be a help to the cause.

This year, 2009 we have observed recently a sudden severe flip-flop of climate in India. This sudden unnatural climate change was not at all estimated by the weather man. A severe drought in almost all the parts of India and then followed by very heavy rains and floods are the chronological results of Climate Change that takes place all around the world. It is believed that India has witness the worst drought year over the last two decades. Indeed, it’s an irony that on the other hand states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra floods set to break 100 year Record in floods.
Let’s take our promise to CHANGE and create our awareness to CONTROL over the Changing Climate.

This post is a way I wanted to contribute my little bit care to the environment in return to its gifts. Here, I’m not going into huge details but I shall prefer to be very straight and crisp to the bunch of points and innovative ideas, which you may like to, adopt and adapt in your life.

  • Oil Plastic Can: I mostly buy my household things in bulk. Hence, always get big plastic cans of oil. When the oil is finished in the can, I wash the can properly and with the heated knife, cut the Oil plastic Can in such a way that can be reused. Look at the below picture! The oil’s Plastic Can is used to keep all the big Spoons and different ladles together.And I am proud to use it.
Plastic Cans RecycledPlastic Cans Recycled

  • Cold-Drink Bottles: We often buy many bottles of cold-drinks and mineral water. When used mostly people throw them. But I cut them and reuse them to keep various things like set of knifes, set of pens, set of combs or for just keeping coins. I also use them to keep certain food items.
Recycle Plastic Bottle

  • Juice Cartoon: The juice cartoon is recycled in such a way that I use them as small box to segregate things to keep in the drawer. Look at the below picture!
Fruit Juice Cartoon

  • Plastic packets: The empty plastic packets of the Rice are cleaned, cut and opened as a sheet and used as the cover-sheet for keeping certain things.
Plastic Packets

  • Grow Plants to save our Planet: Because I don’t have a garden in my home, I make sure to have few plants in pots at home. To plant and care a plant is the greatest satisfaction and serve my urge to contribute to the Nature.

Grow more Plants

  • Switch-Off: I always make sure to switch-off the light and fan before I leave home. And as far as possible try use the natural day sunlight, by keeping the windows wide open.
  • Close tape: I keep my water tape closed while brushing my teeth. Though, I’m bit generous using excess water in the kitchen but I’m sure I shall overcome this habit soon.
  • Shopping Plastic Bags: The plastic bags given by the shopkeeper while shopping are reused as the dustbin bags to throw the wastes.
  • Print Less: You can also try and create paperless habits or prefer to use both sides of the page.
  • Plan Trip: I plan and try to clump my things and trips before going to the market. This helps to conserve the  fuel.
  • Cooking Rules: Avoid keeping the hot things inside the fridge directly. Save the energy by letting cool-down first. Cook food in the pressure-cooker to save fuel. Cut the vegetables into small pieces to cook them quickly. Cook food covered in the vessel.
  • Donate old clothes: When I get my wardrobe old, I give it to needy. Also use few shredded clothes as the kitchen towel or duster. This is a beautiful way to do charity and save precious energy.

In my own little way I have contributed few posts to the environment. The Links are as follows:
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  1. Loved the post very much :)
    Your Ideas are innovative and practical...Which show how little changes in our habits could make a gr8 difference....
    And you know...you are using black layout for your Blog that also reduces energy consumption...
    Save Nature to Save your self !!
    Go Green and Save our Planet! :)

  2. @ Amit

    I'm so glad that you liked the post and those innovative ideas.

    You know I was wondering to change my blog template but now that You have reminded me of the low energy consumption, I will have to chnage my mind.

    Thank you ones again for going through it and caring to leave a comment:)

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  3. Very nice post! And very creative ways you have suggested to reuse stuffs! :)

  4. @ Anu
    Thank You Anu! Glad that U liked them...hope U will also try some at home "Recycling"!!


  5. Rachana, beautiful post!
    I loved the way u use thingss!! I use the juice cartons the same way!

    Great! Beautiful post girlie!

  6. hey rachana

    a jaagruk bhartiya nagrik :)
    very informative post..with lots of creative, easy to do and practicable ideas...gr8 work

    wish u a very happy diwali
    May dis festival of light brings peace, happiness and prosperity to u n ur family ...
    enjoy :)

  7. Rachana, its amazing to see beautiful you welcome your life and live green. Thaz was simply amazing post with creative ideas.

  8. @ Vishal
    Thankyou for your very nice hindi words compliments! I definitely feel the same now :)

    Wish you all the good things and success in the comming days and ahead!!

  9. @ Priya
    Yes! Priya, I was trying my little bit to serve the nature! I'm glad that U found the ideas intersting :)

    Keep in touch and keep commenting!

  10. a brilliant post...
    the way you use water and cola bottles and other oil cans etc is really commendable...
    hatts off///
    for the post but more importantly your habits...

  11. Hi Rachana, nice thoughtful post here with our environment in mind! No wonder it got listed in Blogadda's Saturday Spicy Picks. Congrats!

  12. Came over from blogadda link. Great to see LIVE examples of what all we can do. Great reading this.

  13. @ RSV

    I'm glad that you found the ideas innovative and practical. Thank you so for visiting my blog and appreciating this post. It’s highly motivating. Hope you visit more often and comment!
    Keep the spark Alive..

  14. @ Gopinath Sir

    Comment from the most remarkable blogger and high esteem person is by itself a biggest appreciation for me.

    Yes! Being on the blogAdda list is still a huge surprise and honour. Thank you for appreciating this post. Hope you visit again.

    Keep the spark Alive..

  15. @ Lakshmi

    Welcome to blog "Humming Today".
    Highly appriciate your thoughts. Thank you for visiting through the BlogAdda link-list. Glad that U liked this post!

    Hope you visit again.

    Keep the spark Alive..

  16. very innovative lady!
    Loved this post too...I was able to relate to most of the things, since am a hard core re-usage master ( though my MIL doesnt like it at times, I manage;))


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