08 December, 2009

One Moment of Undefined Relationship

Consider here, U as YOU (the Reader) and other as your friend could be girl, boy, stranger, family member anyone according to the situation and circumstance.

One moment of UNDEFINED relationship

Photo(c) Sameer
Can YOU see in the above picture, a slight face facing left side on the surface of the water created naturally with the falsh of light from the sky?

Consider this (1)
You and your friend together on the crowed street, chatting non-stop on varied topics.
Suddenly, you notice something or somebody on the street, grabbing your attention for a minor second of your breath. Same time, your friend is also talking with you. However, you look at your friend and surprisingly find that your friend also looks at you. Looking each other for a second at the same time, simultaneously dropping your talk, you both together laughs and moves on.
What do you call this? Think about it…may be Co-incident.

Consider this (2)
You busy and you friend busy at the work staying at the distance. The distance is probably in miles. And in some common moment, you think of your friend, casually or intentionally but expecting nothing.
Suddenly, you notice your phone rang, SMS or just a certain mail for you from your friend, bringing you in an awe moment.
What do you call this? ummm…Strong feelings..?!

Consider this (3)
You are sitting alone in the restaurant in a Mall, looking outside a window noticing a girl in pink dress, grabbing your intention far away from your place. In the mean time, you get busy in sipping your coffee. Suddenly, you notice the same girl sitting next to your table capturing a slight glimpse where she was actually perceiving you from the side of the menu-card.
What do you call this? ...May be vibes!

Consider this (4)
You and your friend are watching, the T.V. or movie together. At certain point you get reminded if something and instantly you share the same thought with your friend. And the reply back comes from your friend is “you read my thoughts, and said what I exactly wanted to say in the first place right then”.
What do you call this?

Consider this (5)
You made call to some of your friend.Both of you talked and continued to talk over many things,sharing thoughts. However, you knew and only you knew that you made a call only with an intention to know about something or somebody. You wanted to ask but you could not so continued to talk and merge with the sharing thoughts, leaving a hope to ask.
However, you suddenly noticed your friend actually talking of the same thing that you wanted to ask and made that an intentional call to your friend.You get your info and had a chat with your friend all together.
What do you call this?

Consider this (6)
You went in a huge party. As many glasses and as many people around you. Perhaps, in that crowd you notice that particular someone at the corner. There was nobody who could introduce you with that someone and party gets over. You move one in your life and decide not to talk about that someone with anybody, perhaps that appeal of the moment was as fresh as ever with you. After months or ages, the table turns and you find that same someone across you through some of your friend.
What do you call this?

Consider this (7)
I was wandering in the mall and noticed a beautiful red shirt and wished, if I could buy it. I waited and stared at that dress. And then went back at hostel. I told no one about my desire to have that shirt, until next day I found my roommate gifting me that same red dress.
Surprised to see a dress, it was neither my birthday nor any special occasion but she brought that dress because she thought it would look great on me and she gifted it me, making my moment special.
That moment so special.
What do you call this?

Consider this (8)
It was normal routine day. You came back home and had a good sleep at night. When you slept you saw many dreams, but what you remember the latest just before waking up was your mom in your dreams. You wake up hearing the phone. Astonishingly, it’s your mom’s name calling you.
What do you call this?

Consider this (9)
I was in the gift’s shop and found a beautiful birthday greeting-card.It was the perfect greeting for my friend, whose birthday was then after a month. I decided to buy that greeting-card latter and went away.
Days passed and next day was my friend’s birthday.
I with my other friend went to the same shop to buy to buy some gift.
He said that even he had seen some interesting greeting card to gift.

So we decided to go alone different sides and search our own favorite cards. I searched hard and could not find it. No wonder, one month is a long time to sell. My friend, who came with me, suddenly brought a greeting card that he liked, asking my opinion.
I got shocked; to see it was the same greeting I had seen a month ago and now in his hand. I told him that it was the same greeting I was searching minutes ago and had seen it a month ago here in this same shop.

But the story was still incomplete without his part. He saw me in awe and said, “Are you kidding!”
Nothing to joke about that’s the fact, you believe or not. But what surprised me was what he said that,
“Even he had noticed this greeting few weeks ago and felt to buy but didn’t buy, same as my case”

Amazingly that same greeting was seen by two different people at different time but having a same thought. To not buy then until our friend’s birthday arrives. The extreme coincidence happened when we both got to know that the greeting card’s receiver was that our same common friend!
What do you call this?

  • ~Thinking over:
I’m not sure, whether in such particular moments the other person is aware of the intentions and thought of the person. But I’m pretty sure that there is something that’ sync, zing and spark simultaneously acting.

It’s amazing that we have words for everything, yet it’s sometimes difficult to define.
Like if the thing that happened according to your wish and desire, we call it willpower.
And if the thing that happened, about which we had not thought about it, we call it destiny.

Some could accept it as a great theory of telepathy and yet some could call it as a vibes, the wavelengths matching, and sixth sense and so on. There is always sheer wild instinct, holds, sustains, attracts, will power , motivates, circulating to the circumstances, destiny, fate, luck, fortune, divine power, immortal, circumstance, intuition, consequence, indication, purpose, reclaim, which falls to one, by chance or without his planning.

There are many such miraculous words defining the memorable moment, yet these words cannot define them the best.

I’m still not sure with such strong co-incidence of the situations in my life that takes place, perhaps...
  • ~Mull over this:
A slight unsure is always a first sight of being sure and ignorance together.
You are always 100 percent sure but only 10 percent not sure still you regard yourself as being unsure and ignore the rest!
The wonderful part is that this suspicious ten percent shall always lie in our life to create the situations of probability and possibility, incidence and co-incidence.
And that one moment or one person at that moment makes a difference in life!
  • ~ Reflect on this: purpose in inclination
When we go to college or school, we are open to all people to be friend with. We don’t decide with whom we want to be friends and with not to be. Whether my friend is going to be talented or smart, dumb, or short or fat! We meet everyone and greet everyone.
However, at the end of the day, we become friends with the one with whom we had some slender or most of similarities with.
So at the most the reason can be considered is the likeness between the two people.
  • The similarities if counted could be only two or could be ten in number.
  • Perhaps, one cannot forget or ignore the fact that there is a huge list of dissimilarities too between any two people.
  • Counter parting the above statement is, however the enormous list of dissimilarities be between the two, it’s the real similarities even if it is only the two that acts as the deciding factors in bringing their togetherness.
Similarity refers to how closely attitudes, values, interests and personality match between people. Research has consistently shown that similarity leads to interpersonal attraction. Interpersonal attraction is related to how much we like, love, dislike, or hate someone. Perhaps, similarity seems to carry considerable weight in initial attraction between the two as it reduces the risk of conflicts. The similarities between the two people bring them together contributing the relationship satisfacton.

principles statethat
would preferfriendly
However, the hypothesis of Similarity is responsible for bring two together but after bringing them together, it the principle of Complementary that sustains the two people together for longer time.
It is the way when we respect other's way of doing things. We consider others views resonable. Also at the same time not forgetting to learn to improve and not feel bad to have criticized over the thing.

Complementary however, allows us to maintain our preferred style of behavior. The theory of Complementary assumes importance as the relationship develops over time.

It’s a step ahead that explains whether "birds of a feather flock together" or "Opposites Attracts".
Read more on complementary theory from the link..
~me and my hubby-Opposite Attracts

Principles of similarity and complementarity’s seem to be contradictory on the surface. But the fact lies both theories agree on the dimension of warmth shared!

When I was awestruck, wondering about the principle of similarity and complementary. I was fascinated with the fact that slight parallel line between other’s blog made one feel like reading it with interest.
But until one does not develop an attitude towards the enjoying of different-dissimilar aspect of each other’s writing and presenting skills, one cannot sustain reading that blog which one liked in prior phase.

  • ~ Be Concerned about:
I might not be able to conclude this post with certain specific result or outcome; perhaps, after so much of studies and researches it is a fact that

  • ~ there are few things still not been explained by nature, perhaps in a life or whole day there are certain specific humble moments which are classic in spirit,
  • ~ perhaps sometimes yet just sometimes one know that is the One and "This is IT"(Michael Jackson last linear line)and
  • ~ perhaps sometimes we need to believe that there are relationships which does not have a name to define them, yet those bonds and connections are too special and content!

How can I ignore the fact that how you, my readers whom I like to believe not know me much and vise a versa, flock at my blog post and placed their prayers, best wishes for the well being of my dear friend present my pervious post, All in the day's work!

Not bothering to know who she is and what made her suffer...the best wishes just got poured in from everyone, stimulating the very basic common string between us through Humanity! In a way intertwining all the miraculous words with compassion and civilization!

  • Your views and counterparts are most welcome!
And while I’m trying to wind up the post, I like to share one of my favorite quote from the popular book "The Alchemist" written by Paulo Coelho.
"If one really wants to fulfill his/her Personal Legend, the whole universe will conspire to help make it happen"…
I’m glad that I desired something while writing my previous post not challenging to happen exactly but the coarse of will was so desperately distinct that it happened more than exactly how I had perceive it.

~ I owe my heartily big thanks to all my Readers for wishing the best for my dear friend!
~ I have recognized my readers intensity and shall seize there importance throughout my journey of best times in life
~ It’s like revealing the goodness of others and experiencing the bliss within!
  • Thanks for being persistence in reading and bearing my longer than long posts.

  • Heartily thanks to my friend Madhulika and Nupur for clearing my few doubts on this post!
  • And Sameer for sharing this above mentioned miraculous moment of picture.


  1. I call it coincidence and probability if perceived in objectivity sense....
    I read something similar in "SECRET" by Rhonda Byrne called "Law of Attractions....."

    May be am not the right person to say more on such subjective and interpretative topics as I am an anthropologist and rationalist....

    The way you have put the things in this post with comprehensiveness and balance is appreciable.... It is happening and quite impacting...

    Yea,,,these issues might be beyond human perception and senses or they may be just stimulus and instincts....


  2. @ Mahesh

    Well I'm not at all surprised to know that you read something like this in "Law of Attraction", as the theory cannot be changed, and I was definitely referring few in Similarity and Complementarity statements.

    However, I love the coincidence and probability in the incident.
    And I feel glad that you noticed everything and found this post precise.

    This post is only to ones again stimulate and acknowledge our life incidents and co-incidents, happening in life for certain reason!!

    Thank you for being the first one to read this post and observe the shades in post.

    Keep the spark ALive..

    BWT: Did you notice the face in the picture, the question which I have mentioned at the end of the post!

  3. Yeah.....i did notice it.
    I call it illusion.
    We can search and find different pictures and forms in such illusionary images ... which are subjective to interpretation sans objectivity ....
    Unique post buddy :)

  4. hey MS ( moving spirit ) how are you dng ?!...

    out of 9 incidents quotes i have experienced 4.

    it cant be simply exclaimed as ' PURE CO-INCIDENCE ' ( PC) .the P C is a outcome of some inlet feelings and unexplainable stuffs like a good understanding of your friend,thoughts you share, your ambience. unknowingly you turn into his/her take carer & well-wisher and these happen only such magical incidents happen.

    we meet numerous souls passing by but few souls come into our lifes and take part in our happenings.
    The best answer would be
    'If somethings has to happen it will happen'
    ( the corollary which i developed from Murphy's law )

    you would have played puzzle pieces.Each piece is different and that difference only helps you in putting them together to view the great piece of art hidden behind them...likewise life is a great puzzle piece game where in you come across lots of piece (persons)& ur conscience unknowingly selects whats needed to give meaning to value and meaning to your life....

    my point is ' Live the life the way it comes' . more you Question the more you tend to lose the joy of living.

    PS : This is the first time in my blogging life am giving such a BIG ( hope valuable ) comment. I wonder how you would have written this post...
    i think 'you sit and think'...do you have lots of free time uh !? so what do you do for living!?.
    Thanks for the opportunity given to share my thoughts.


  5. That is quite a reflective and thoughtful post. I would say whatever you describe is being on the same wave length.. i have a person in my life... i am only preparing to ask him a question and he already gives me an answer. freaked me out at first but that also shows the way of understanding you have with some people.. not sure if we ever will be able to explain this.

    Loved this post of yours!

  6. @ Anil

    Thanks Anil!
    Yeah, picture is beautiful, it is captured by one of my friend!

  7. @ Mahesh
    Hmmm…seem as if you are hinting me for my next post…I was wondering what next...now I get it…Illusion! Don’t worry, just kidding..

    However, I like you to try these topics, even if you are rational in thought. I’m sure you will create a rare picture, which shall make me understand the aspects better!

    Perhaps, I always enjoyed going through your view of point!

    BWT: You dint tell me, did you notice a face reflection on the water surface!!

    Yeah!Keep the spark Alive! Buddy!!

  8. @ Priyan

    Welcome to the churning of life and thoughts!

    I'm glad that you went into through details of the post and somewhere this post relates your life experience.

    I agree and appreciate your views on PC 'PURE CO-INCIDENCE'.However, as you said “more you Question the more you tend to lose the joy of living”, I again agree with this thought too.

    Perhaps in my post I’m not questioning or asking any answer, as it might be a one situation and there are going to be numerous different thoughts. The situation, you called as PC, I can admit it as “a situation created due to circulating to the circumstances.”
    Perhaps there are many ways and miraculous words to define it, yet not be able to explain the dynamics behind the beautiful laugh and joy shared between the two.

    We all live life the way it comes and no one tries to create such special moments deliberately. Hence, there is life with the tickling moments to cherish forever. Like I can never forget the PC of the my previous post and my friend's suffering and resulting the paryer pouring from all around! a Complete miracle!

    Because you can relate to PC directly, let me tell you that my effort was in this post to stimulate and cherish those PC moments as they are related to pure form and hence the moment is free from any manual manipulation.

    The post is quite long and reflects different aspects of the moments!

    I’m glad that you took time to comment and comment as well you could have written your own post on.

    I welcome more of your stir up thoughts. I have every reason to feel that your view is valuable. There were few odds and ends from personal life and yet there were couple of observing formats of life which indulged me to collect those miraculous moments and discuss.

    I short for time…I have so many things to do everyday…perhaps I guess I’m a good manager

    ~Keep up with wonderful counterparts!
    ~If my post can be long, clearly your comment can also be :)

  9. @ Lena

    O My dearest Lena!
    Where you have been! I missed you so much! Thanks for reading the longer than long post.

    Exactly, there are many things we cannot explain, yet those things cannot stop us to celebrate the joyous co incident or the same wavelength, or vibes between the two!

    Mean while, I enjoy reading you and what a similarity to confirm that I enjoy as much as you do, with my Man in life, who ANSWERS before even being Questioned on!
    Good you made me realize one more Consideration of the Miraculous Moment.

    Keep the spark Alive..
    Luv yeah...certainly always!

  10. It was great fun to read those Incidents, Where I could point out there and sau OH YES, Its happened to me....I really fall short of words to comment on this brilliant topic, but my all compliment flows to you for again picking up something innovative!!!!

    I loved the book ALCHEMIST and have few lines highlighted in the book. I keep re-reading them, what a amazing book.

  11. You hv expressed the thoughts so beautifully, It seems to me that I am expressing through YOU...what do u call this???:) heehheh

    I must say that all these things in life (whatever you name them) make life "LIFE".I mean these add thrill,suspense and charm to our living.What life will it be if everything is Certain?

    I myself am a victim of most of the situations you have mentioned...N it feels like some magic working all the time....

    I thank you for being so generous in expressing your gratitude towards yr frds...My wishes are always with you..Good luck

  12. Lovely interpretation of events and law of attraction. I believe in law of attraction, its that brings people , things and events to us without a shadow of doubt.

    //It’s amazing that we have words for everything, yet it’s sometimes difficult to define//

    Yes sure there are so many things in the world difficult to define :P Yet they all make perfect sense to us. Thats life I guess!

    As Mahesh Kalaal has said

    //The way you have put the things in this post with comprehensiveness and balance is appreciable.... It is happening and quite impacting...


  13. Rachana

    though the post is long.. it was excellent.. there are so much of details in every word of it..

    Thanks for your deep thoughts...

    i personally experienced so many coincidences or wibes or what ever law of attraction...

  14. All the events you described as unexplained or undefined are actually...planned by you only.

    Destiny is nothing but a journey in which you plan events in order to learn, unlearn & relearn.

    Souls and Group of Souls get reincarnated repeatedly.

    By the way its nice to see you paid a heed to this because most people don't have time to think about some thing like this.

    Keep Smiling.

  15. I should really admire your efforts here. You have such clarity of mind. After reading this post it is too conspicuous that you are a very good observer.
    Well, about the post, I don't really know whether it's co-incidence or probability or telepathy or any other terminology, but all I can say is that some things can't be explained according to social parameters. Instead of analyzing, I just prefer to enjoy the moment. :-)
    Sometimes in life there are no gambits, only vague experiences. There could be a lot of unanswered questions. Maybe some questions are not meant to be asked, and some answers are not meant to be told. If either of these things happens, the incidents you've mentioned might just lose their beauty, innocence, and importance.
    Hats off to you for writing such a great post. Enjoyed reading very much. Cheerios! :-)
    And yes. Let's keep the spark alive.. ;-)

  16. I liked the Photo very much beautifully taken.

    @Rachi you work so hard on your blog post. It is really inspiring.

  17. Hi Friend ur doing an excellent work.. Can we exchange links...

  18. @ Shrutzz

    O dear its always so wonderful to have you on my blog! Yeah, the expression are quite enchanting to cherish!
    Glad U liked the Post so much :)

  19. @ Madhulika

    Chweety..without U n nupu this post would'nt have been so wonderful!
    I feel so happy to charm a creativegirl like u with my presentation...it's like a big accompalishment!

    What do you call this?? U asked me..aso my answer is ....Mera wala lol

    Celebrate friendship..

  20. @ Srivats

    //It’s amazing that we have words for everything, yet it’s sometimes difficult to define...I said it..and You completed the line with perfect tune and thought!
    "Yet they all make perfect sense to us. Thats life I guess!"

    SO happy to see that you read this very long post..and also found something that you considered interesting!

    Keep visiting...its wonderful to have your side thoughts:)

  21. @ Suree

    O yes..the post is quite a long one...but it amazes me to know that you enjoyed every it till the last dot!

    It is wonderful to know that you could related to the zings of the post!

    Thankyou so much for dropping by :)

    Keep the spark ALive..

  22. @ Makk
    Welcome to Humming today, Makk!!

    I enjoy the counterpart!
    Defintely, we in our daily lives, decide knowingly or unknowingly...about many things..with our deed, will power and thoughts...whick actually formulates and moulds our future...So accepting your way the words only enriches me further!

    DO visit again!

    Keep the Spark ALive..

  23. @ Karthik

    Hats off to you for explainting the whole long post in few lines!

    Your acceptance to the theory and presentation of the post makes me happy:)

    And right this moment...I want to enjoy the passing momment at the best..I hope it is right now a co-incident with us too!

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  24. @ Mitul
    Been so long u visited the blog and the post! It makes me so happy to see you liking the post!

    Yeah! The melting moment captured photo is taken by Sameer...hope U remember Him...dont you!

    Do visit again!
    Its so lovely to have U!!
    Keep the spark Alive..

  25. I truly believe in telepathy,and I myself have experienced some of the incidents you mentioned..I will like to add one...I have exp so many times, I am thinking something or singing some random song inside my mind and suddenly i found my friend singing it loud. May be telepathy is still one of those matters/issues which science still need to understand, the way it is trying to understand the God. What is think is it is such matters keeping the theory of god alive from ages. Science will keep developing and unveiling the mysterious facts, but after all we are all creature of god..we will always experience some strange events, for which we don't have the perfect word.

    P.S. Nice to know someone from baroda is writing such a nice blog..i have read just two of your post and felt like leaving comment...will read other post soon...keep going..

  26. @ Vijay
    Glad you liked the post!
    Sure we can share the link:)

  27. @ Kunjan

    Ken cho kunjan!
    Hu toh majja ma chu...mannei khoobaj khushi thai ke tane aa post eitlu saru laaguu che!

    Thankyou so much Kunjan for feeling the right thoughts and relating this post!

    Yes! Its Amazing that such co- incidents do occur in our life...and those create such a magic in moments :)

    Thankyou for leaving acommnet and a link back to your interesting blog...!

    DO visit again :)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  28. Hi Rachana,

    I love your blog, your photos and the way you think.

    Yesterday, in the early evening, my friend and I were on the way to volunteer at our local Birding Center. For about five minutes, I was raving on and on about a yellow rose that was blooming in my back yard (in the middle of winter) and all the photos I had taken of it, where I'd been sending them, etc. I was completely absorbed in the yellow rose.

    Then, in the crowded traffic, a young woman was trying to drive her car into the street, but no one would stop to let her in. I stopped and gestured for her to go ahead. She waved her hand and my friend and I could clearly see the bouquet of roses (red) that she held while driving!

    Coincidence? You bet! But a very nice affirmation of all the good feelings I was having about that rose!

    Best Wishes and keep up the great work!


  29. This is one of my Fav Posts of u...N everytym I read it I feel so happy...N everytym there is a NEW Charm in going thru it.....

    Luv u


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