26 March, 2010

Survivor Unveils - 55Fiction #07

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.
It’s an attempt to focus light on a survival story of a young girl and her hardships that turn into her power which made her much stronger finally!

~ survivor unveils ~

Stabbed at chest,
Nail marks on neck,
Eyes cold, red blue crumple,
Fear swallows, Tears elopes,
She locked herself into the room,
And called the rescue center immediately!
This is how she saved herself from the violent wild Wolf,
Crunch, the wolf was her legally companion,
A black-belt earned girl unveils in an inspiring interview!

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence (c) Rachi Creations..
To Enlarge CLICK here
~ Sadly the domestic violence is a reality and still prevails in India and all over the world. Domestic violence is far more than the just bruises and wounds on body; it is an irreversible scar on the mind and soul.

  • "Acts of physical violence by the husband against his wife include: pushing, shaking, throwing something at her, slapping, arm twisting, hair pulling, punching, kicking, dragging, beating, trying to choke or burn her on purpose, and threatening her or attacking her with a weapon. Acts of sexual violence by the husband include physically forcing the wife against her will to have sex or perform other sexual acts that she did not want to perform..."
  • "Acts of emotional violence by the husband against the wife include: saying or doing something to humiliate her in front of others, threatening to hurt or harm her or someone close to her, or insulting her or making her feel bad about herself."

The cycle of domestic violence is repeated across generations. Women whose mothers were beaten by their fathers are twice as likely to experience violence as women whose mothers were not beaten by their fathers: 60 percent, compared with 30 percent. (Ref. Report *)
~ Perhaps, how to deal in such adverse condition is something that is learnt from the family life-style.

Most Women Do Not Seek Help When They Are Abused.

Only one in four abused women have ever sought help to try to end the violence they have experienced.
~ Two out of three women have not only ever sought help, but have also never told anyone about the violence. (ref.Report* )

Spousal violence is lower among couples in which husbands and wives have both been to school and are equally educated (23 percent) than among couples where the husband has more education than the wife (36 percent).
~ Perhaps EDUCATION is the answer to most of the problems. To respect the humankind in the right manner must be taught in the school  and family. Any kind of violence must not be acceptable or promoted in any condition or crises.

Only one percent of married women have ever initiated violence against their husband.
~ Point to be noted!

Majority of Women and Men Say That a Husband Is Justified in Beating His Wife
~ More than half of women (54 percent) and men (51 percent) agree that it is justifiable for a husband to beat his wife under some circumstances. (ref. Report*)

No! not in any case man or woman, need to tolerate the violence or any kind of abuse.
Maltreatment is against human-kind! SO let’s raise voice against it.
Support the one who need help before jumping on the conclusions.
How long we will keep mum and blame the society! Just like Charity starts at home…this revolution to say NO against any cruelty or harassment must get propagated from the own family. No more blaming games or any silly excuse.

...abolishing domestic violence is an
to a revolution of TheChange..
Let you or any of your known family people not be a victim. Let’s educate and learn from the past decades generation’s mistakes which were committed under the veil of culture and tradition.

Lets woo and take a promise,I, yes! I will take a stand, no matter what!

~Stop treating the woman as the flower vase…when you like the vase you keep decorate it with flowers and keep at the corner and when you get bore you don’t care and throw to break it.

  • The above drawing is an extension to RACHI CREATIONS.. created by thyself with basic crayons colors.
  • (ref. Report *) ~Kindly check the link to see more statistics on Domestic Violence.
  • I support the Campaign "BELL BAJAO - Bring Domestic Violence to a HALT"


  1. > Great subject to Blog and as usual you have done it. Loved the Painting.

    > Its very SAD, such ACTS exist to great extent even till date and most of it doesnt even come to Light.

    A small talk with my family and if am hurt at home, I know what I go through ( mentally). I can't imagine, its 1000 folds more incuding physical abuse on soo many women. Heck!
    The statistic is scary that most of them don't report.But how many of them are exposed enough to walk out and talk? Most of them are bought up this way and they ACCEPT this as their life.
    Most of this category are NOT EDUCATED!

    Great to know you are proposing us to take a stand. I tried right here at home, with my servant maid. She can continue to CRY, but not give a try ONCE to take some step for her worthless-drunken husband who knows only to beat her....
    I will continue to try....

  2. this is a really timely post and i must agree to you that violence exist in our generation right now..:/

    ne~ if you have time why dont you check out my latest post..? :D

  3. am just gonna ask how do you make your awards section..? pls. help >.<

  4. I hv a lot to say and talk abt but i'm speechless......

    Keep going girl..May God bless u...

    This step of yrs m sure will bring difference to amny lives sooner or later...

    Gud luck

  5. wow that is one brilliant and enlightening post...
    the irony part really infuriates me... how can anyone justify wife beating... outageous...
    extremely powerful post :D and hope people would learn something :)

  6. I think from an organizational perspective and through lens of change management.

    Yes ! we can't make it happen right away. It would require days and nights and may 1000 more such "humming bird" posts to create a revolution.

    Our whole system is chocked up. "Bhartiya Nari Maryada ki murthi hai" that notion has been conceived in a wrong way. We need to take a different angle.

    @Shrutzz yes even this persists in the educated masses. Education is no cure unless the family mindset or the mindset of system changes.

    Another thing I feel that women are too comfortable with their status quo and too easily they just give in. I would give a woman an award if she can overcome such an obstacle because its truly requires sheer guts.

    In every country domestic violence is there and persists despite of education.

  7. @ Shrutzz

    Your tiny efforst are truly commendable!
    I beleive you got the right approach and am sure just being a bit more tactful..will make the drunken husband of the maid understand the issue!

    Bwt: Thank you so much for bringing this story and your as always encourging comment!

    Keep taking Stand!
    ~Keep the spark Alive..

  8. @ Ayu
    Indeed! Domestic violence does exist in our generation too...but how long...WE have to speek loud and let everyone know...and perhaps Take a stand.

    It just one life...live at the fullest and not under any pressure!

    Keep taking Stand!
    ~Keep the spark Alive..

  9. @ Madhulika

    Will look forward to your side view...Bwt. thankyou for the well wishes and for your stop over at the post!

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  10. @ Rajlakshmi

    There are many other ways to approach an arguemnet and beating ot slapping is not th answer to be justified!

    Not that things are only one sided..but many a time WOMAN is being opressed for varied reasons!
    Perhaps the reasons are weird!

    Lets take a stand!
    and keep taking Stand!

    ~Keep the spark Alive..

  11. @ Mitul

    Excatly...I did not mean education means..the topper in Alzebra or biology!

    Education mean the awareness!
    How frank and how far your can talk to eachother + your family + your relatives can talk with eachother! And this high awareness and discussing figures can come only from education!

    Being aware of the legal rules and regulations can give a confidence to a woman and a slight fear factor to control the wild acts of the man! Ignore the Misuse of Law...the ratio of misuse and use and reality is much more devastating! The terrific statistic of the report have been already very mindbobbling!

    Yeah..mindset has too change from your mind to my mind...We need to change! Lets take a stand in our family on our own acts!

    Bwt: Thankyou so much for enlightening presence! You give a churn and that good!

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  12. @Rachana

    Total Freedom and total trust is the one men need to exercise regularly.

    I once assisted in technology support for an event on domestic violence at law school in my university.

    They showed a video on men constantly bothering on their partners or girl friends' facebook and myspace pages. Men start too much bothering about things they should never at the first place.

    There was an important question raised and that was like even if women knew about those rules and regulations still they don't take any action. Why is that so ?

  13. @ Mitul

    Indeed , your have raised the right question!
    Many woman know and are aware of the rules and regulations and still they tend not to take any action against it!

    Perhaps, I shall try answering thought wonder how far it will justify the question!

    ~ Mostly woman have a tendency of looking for support! That does not mean that they are week but they have this strange nature to look for a support or expect a support to take any strong step of their life. These days girls easily get support from their parents but there was a time when parent were very hesitant in taking any such step..and perfered to be traditional and yet asked the girls to deal alone anyhow. She needs an initiation!

    ~ Also it has been observed..that woman who are not independent or not financially secured are very much unsure of taking any such harsh decision for their future becomes a bit insure. They fear of lose and unknown.

    ~ Indeed, one more reason could be that woman being very hopeful thinks that this wont gets repeat again and everything shall be alright and fine soon. So she loose on all the incidents and dose not complain perhaps being hopeful for uncertain!

    Yes! Woman can be utterly tolerant...but we need to educate her that beings injuried and hurting so bad is not proud thing to be toleratant! Indeed, woman can be sheerly unpredictable and deadly faithful for uncertain!

    Whats your take on it..!

  14. Now i don't know what I want to say but I have all these random thoughts they might help us think.

    I agree women need support from men and from people towards whom they can look up to. What caught me was even it happens here(US). You must be knowing about Rihanna right.

    There is a fundamental problem with men too. The take it for granted attitude must go away.

    @Support if men starts bothering on women on their friendship with other men then those who will do anything to prevent such kind of relationships happen. Now this prevents women from getting enough support.

    Hey you know a small but effective thing that can spur women to take action and create some awareness and that would be a "Bumper sticker" on car.(I have heard amazing stories on this one)

    There are many small small billboards in our personal life that can have effective marketing and spread awareness to hundreds of people everyday.
    What do you say?

  15. @ Mitul

    Indeed you must have heard some amazing stories through billboards and hoards...ofcoarse any creative marketing truly and fully motivates and encourages the quick awarness.

    Your idea of Bumper sticker and other tiny hoarding is really great.

    Bwt: Thought to remind you that...the miraculous campaign of "BELL BAJAO" in India have been successful and very well appricated. It got some amazing ads and connectivity with local and common people which make it a golden pot to dig on!
    You much watch the ads on youtube and and also find the website link on my post in NOTE section.

    Perhaps: May I get some quick taglines from the Mgmt Guru over this issue:) Something creative like the one you show/express in your post titles!!

    ~Keep the Spark Alive..

  16. Few writer's posts end in themselves....
    Few writer's posts act as a medium to the end of a meaningful purpose...
    Few write with conviction...
    Few write with conscience....
    And You write wid all of them mixed with ur ambience ....
    And I mean what i wrote...

  17. one of the feel gud factors of this post is the amount of rational discussion and objective and productive analysis it has ignited than the ritualistic and formal appreciative comments ....
    Keep picking up such hidden buds tucked in the deep branches of the society...
    Keep questioning and do adopt the adaptive approach in further posts of such kind....
    Great Efforts !!!

  18. Excellent piece of micro-fiction :)
    Love the paintings that you add to your writings :)

    P.S.- you've been tagged in my blog!

    Keep up the wonderful work.


  19. this is such a vast topic but you have really done justice to it..
    well written

  20. hey! im into this! :) Im with you! nice 55 btw! :)

  21. As usual your post is longer than your fiction :P

    This is the problem for many countries, and a really serious one. However the attention is not paid to it until it is too late. It is indeed sad.

  22. @ Mahesh

    Appreciation is always a step ahead and a sign of acceptance! I’m so glad that your like the concept and way it has been dashed with jolting of thoughts, idea and aspects!
    Your words sure add so much of enthu in me and it meant to work ahead supporting issues and reflecting in my posts ahead!

    ~Accept only Green Thankyou for your wonderful ideal presence and contemplation over the posts..perhaps my tiny efforts!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  23. @ ChatterBox

    Thank you so much CB for you lovely words and also for endorsing this post! And yes, you tag has been done in my next post

    Keep the spark Alive..

  24. @ Travelling Rants

    Nothing better I could except…when I hear to have done justice to the post!
    It is really pleasure to hear good things and moreover it is wonderful feeling to see that the words are transmitted and understood so correctly! Thank you for backing this post!
    Glad you are taking your stand

    Keep the spark Alive..

  25. @ Tharangni

    Welcome to Humming Today gurl!
    In such a young age you understand the importance of such issue that you have joined in to take your strong stand! Indeed it is commendable to see the youth endorsing the issue with so much of zeal and propagating the best!

    Thankyou so much for being around

    Keep the spark Alive..

  26. @ Lena

    True…the post longer than the 55fiction..as always ;)

    Yes! Domestic violence exists all around the world…developed countries and developing countries. And this time we need no Solutions to tackle…perhaps take a STAND against it no matte what! Just a tiny step makes a whole difference around in woman’s life...and also in the neighbor’s home…those are the one who suffer and get disturbed from noise created through domestic violence.

    Thank you so much for leaving comment and give your support to this post :)

    Keep the spark Alive..


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