08 March, 2010

a Walk in the Woods

I walked a long way between those tiny little lanes. I did not even give a glance what was around me except the best earthy rough walls along the path. The sun is about to rise, the sky is already so orange. It’s a bit chilly but this red shawl wrapped around keeps me so warm. This shawl belongs to my mom, but on my last birthday, she gifted me. It is an aged preserved warm shawl and I love the harps and wraps of the knitted threads.

There is a strange salient silence. Though I find a mild chirping of the birds in my ears is building up my day. I uplift and walk. And walk a little more till I find the woods around. Long lustrous tall green trees are where I best fit in. The tender elongated climbers’ holding and cuddling the tree branches looks like the trees trinkets. Wish, the trinkets I had few mine. And look here I found my charms, the lovely smooth small colorful pebbles, which I picked some shortly. I enjoy the pebbles tangible. Perhaps a Child in ME!

In the rhyme sung, not that I’m literary humming but I find my mind already got few melodious lines to warble.

And here starts a steep walk over the hill. The scent of the wild yellow flowers and the evergreen leaves makes me feel a bit nostalgic. I have been here, many a times when I was a kid. I came here with my friend, a little girl. Yes! We came here all alone but accompanied by the bicycle.

..I creep in the dark and more I brighten up. crossing over all is what I want and I choose...
Today, again I have this same walk, a stroll in the woods. I’m not afraid of any wilderness in woods. I creep in the dark and more I brighten up. While I keep moving, I enjoy the rhythm of the rattling sound, I make with my feet.
It’s been a long time when the leisure is on my list.
I keep counting each step I make and each breath I take in.
No, I don’t puff; I’m content and happy to my view.
I leave behind the entire why, what, where, how the hollow questions, apprehensive pretentious taut touts. Yes! I skip and delete all.
~ Crossing over all is what I choose.

Then I look up above the taller than tall dark arching trees and to my surprise I find few sun rays clinging through the heavy gleaming evergreen leaves. I can feel the purity and fine mist all around. It makes the little sunshine even more beautiful. Yes! It is more beautiful when it shines on my skin. I suddenly see down to check my steps that I take in.

And before I could step ones more, I abruptly hold my feet up above a ground and get back with one step backwards. Here, I find a tiny Snail passing by. I look keenly to minor swifts it takes over the dry leaves. I fluttered my eyes and smiled at the snail. No, I don’t see any prince face into it…but just that I loved its moves being so cute. I love shells.


I take a slight shift and safely leave the way of the snail. And I again sail into my boulevard of the inherent nature. Little by little I take tiny step with eloped stumbles and few jumps over the humble stones.

The cool breeze has already begun and I feel so captivated into the nature’s aura. I walk and then run a bit. There is strange yet a sensitive feeling to the gentle breeze passing through my hair.

The tingling lope to thoughts and memories cross. I waddle on into the treasured lane of ideas and innovations. The strange amalgamation of power and humbles I follow.

O dear! I just love this elementary trail..!
I pass through the sidewalk of river flowing. I get inspires with the undercurrent of the blue calm river. The sparkling of the sunshine over the water looks so sumptuous. There is definitely something common in me and river I insure!

A sheer delighted I get to see a humming bird sitting on the rocks. Out of the blue it gathers the courage and spreads her wings and flies away in the wind. I aspire to each swing of the moment. I want to reach there and occupy my space. My potential soars on my way. I keep walking and, though being slow but I don’t want to stop but keep my steps flow. And before I know it all, I smile!

As here is where I wanted to reach. I found my place, my rock of life indeed. It gives me strength and freedom to be me just the way I’m The Me.
O+ dear!
It is..
The subtle yet the strong,
The mystery yet the truth,
The uncertainty yet the clarity,
The pain yet the care,
The dream yet the dare,
The want yet the desire,
The shy yet the flaunt,
The force yet the passion,
The rebel yet the virtue,
The royal yet the kind,
The woo yet the divine,
~ The verb yet the adjectives,

I walk a half way across more. I ran and as I run to hold the tickling in the stomach. The laughter fills all the pause, absence and silence in between. Giggles, smiles and charm we share.

This is the beautiful and wedge. A willful insight! The whispers in words! I would withstand and unfold all. The spherical dimension all around me emerge.

~ I name it as the wOman in Me, I care!
A worthwhile wriggle in woods but found a woman in me evolved! ~
Women are not easy to understand. Famous authors and poets have extensively written about 'woman.' Yet, no one can claim to fully fathom her mind.

I’m sure this thought must have rushed into your blood stream when you ended this post but that’s how I want to put all the scattered, elementary, earthy thoughts together in to a mix of witty yet wise wassail to exclaim!

I’m celebrating you and me!
Yes! My dear friend I’m celebrating woman in me!

  • My childhood fantasy has been always much fascinated with the "Alice in Wonderland" story, an enthralling journey. Its not that I call myself as Alice, but definitely I live in Wonderland :)
  • And enjoy the Womanhood completely with a Gurly walk and Live the Life like a Princess!(Click Princess)
  • Love to quote of my female friend saying, “~There are only two kinds of people in this world _ Female and Non-Female…Which category do you come..?”
  • Happy Woman’s Day – 8thMarch,2010

~Celebrate Life..keep the Spark Alive..~


  1. wow..i really adore you for not being scared of having a walk in woods esp. i have assumption of it as a place full of darkness, scary animals and mystery ..

    nice flow of words..you narrate well:)

    visit my blog if youre not busy

  2. Sumptuous read for the senses
    ...... serene
    ...soothing...placid.....irenic ....
    The flow is as smooth as honey and the feel is so rich that my senses were in competition to take the larger cake piece.... May i have your permission to make it into a beautiful documentary once i become a photographer..... every visual you have described is being captured with all the possible colours and ambience....

    The below lines.
    I creep in the dark and more I brighten up.....
    The verb yet the adjectives,... loved dem a lottt.

    The only thing drifted my attention is the ending .... i mean the feminism..... My perspective is in this post irrespective of gender anyone can experience such heavenly adjectives. I am not saying it is wrong....what i meant is the ending made me to feel that it has been attached and not evolved as per the flow of the post. I hope you got my point.
    Thanks for the wonderful creation and the jungle flavours and the aroma of womanhood

    the video of princess is a bonus :)

    elated cheers :)

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  4. Wow... Superb article :) You rock :)
    happy women's day !!!

  5. Lovely Story and illustration Rachana! You are a woman of my own heart, the woodland is in tune with your soul... lyrical and full of beauty & peace :) Happy Womans Day!

  6. wow! Gosh, the words makes my head tilt!

    Hey i have nothing to say! I is awesome! very great!!!!

  7. wow-wow AMAZING post!!!
    Happy woman's day lady and keep up your creativeness!!!

    I live in wonderland....so beautiful..

  8. Hey Rachana

    There's something awaiting you in my blog. Pls do chk it out:)



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