11 April, 2010

Scoop of ice-cream - 77fiction

Note: 77 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of seventy-seven words.
Scoop of Life
Scoop of life - ice-cream (c) rachi creations..
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Scoop of life in ice-cream ~ 77fiction

At weekend, we three friends went ice-cream parlor.
“Three Vanilla flavor ice-cream”, I said to the parlor boy.
In scorching heat, we were relishing our ice-creams.
Suddenly, I discovered my creamy Vanilla ice-cream had a tints of strawberry!
At first, we all got puzzled.
Then one friend said,
“The parlor boy likes you so a special treatment with a trace of Strawberry!”
Other friend laughed pointing towards my lips,
“Look girl! You wore a strawberry color lip-stick!”

  • The above drawing is an extension to RACHI CREATIONS.. created by thyself with basic crayons colors.
  • 77Fictions in seventy seven words limit concept is being inspired from the 77fictions of Mahesh! Hope he doesn’t owe a copyright for it :)
  • How do YOU enjoy your ice-cream..!


  1. hehe!^_^ I too have the dual nature of ice cream! XD i mix choco and vanilla/strawberry! X)

  2. Cute picture. If u get blueberries do add with ice cream and give a try. Its so yummy and good for yr health.

  3. @MyTASTE is Chocolate with Vanilla

    or Pineapple with mango flavor of BR...

    I miss it

  4. very creative post..and a humorous one..i like your fabulous drawing and..about your request ill try to accommodate that but its okay if its just a sketch..? ive been kind of sick these days so i cant draw..:P but i can send you some of my old drawings which are not as big as that i showed you..is it okay..?

    (just reply on my blog thanks :D)

  5. On the bright side - a new concept !!! On the dark side - it has 78 words... actually you missed "to" in the first line.
    And yes the pic is cute ;)

  6. @ Tharangni

    Glad it the attempt made you smile:)
    Bwt: My fav. is chocolate ice-cream! And yeah I also love butterscotch and anjeer-walnut flavours!

    And yeah mixing icecream issure fun!
    Thanks for leaving the comment!!

    ~Keep the Spark Alive..

  7. @ Priya

    Hmm..blueberries is quite hard to find in India I guess..just I will sure try to find out!

    Thanks for lovely tip..sounds yum yum...!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  8. @ Mitul

    O yes! Chocolate is always a special one!

    Bwt. I never had Pineapple flavour icecream...perhaps yeah mango icecream is lovely...ahh U remind me of Srikhand and aamras...O my gosh having water in my mouth!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  9. @ Ayu

    So glad you loved the post and took time to comment in my box! Thanks for liking the pic! Indeed u too are amazing in art hence understand the colors:)

    Send me when ever your get time...I'm not in any hurry! But dear..to take care of your Health and enjoy icecream!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  10. @ Sam

    So glad you like the concept!
    But my post still have 77words!
    I have counted and recounted!
    Actually ice-cream is one word and so as lip-stick is also one word!

    Hence now when you count..you will find 77dot!

    Bwt: I really appriciate the way you took care to read and then checked the stuff...plz do come up with any ideas and thoughts! I always welcome views from creative people:)

    ~Keep the Spark Alive..

  11. LOVELY drawing!!!! how do you manage to be so reative rachana??????
    I dont like ice-creams, not sure on the reason..BUT, this summer is so bad, am frequently relihing vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and more chocolate flavours!!!

  12. quite creative and innovative...
    light, humorous and filled with flavours...
    Nothing in this world can be experienced in its absoluteness, we do add and mix up our perceptions and enhancements of life unintentionally sometimes and thats the flavour of life... It is true with emotions, feelings, judgements, opinions and prejudices.

    Yea, the colours in the frame depict it aptly , so are the expressions....:)
    Technically , you post has got exactly 77 words :)

    PS : Try this 'http://www.wordcounttool.com/' to have precise wordcount :)

  13. I wonder if next time it will be a 99fiction as a literary form :D

    Yours is really cute :)

  14. Yaar ! this remind me of r days at PANDIT SWEETS...M sure that Pandit Sweets wala must me missing r gang of Babbly babes... heheehe

    Yr thoughts r creative...wat seemed to me just a part of lyf u made it a beautiful memory... It's an Art to make ordinary things Extraordinary..n u hv it in u.....

    May u get special ice-creams wherewva u go frm every1 .. heheh

    This a a naughty post n i can see that luk in yr eyes in this drawing :)

  15. wow.
    really nice picture. :D


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