03 April, 2010


It was no wonder not just an ordinary day of my extra ordinary life. 
Sitting at my friend’s room’s window and enjoying the lovely cool soft breeze over my face. Over and over I tried tucking my hair beind my ears but ahh! This new hairstyle…makes it impossible to have decent well set locks. Some lightening and followed by few growling clouds. Soon it gets so dark in the room and I prefer that somehow. I love the sopping wet view during rainy days and especially the view from this room is just as good as any view of a star from the telescope. I can see it all and to as far as my eyes could find its vision. I believe this is one of the best points to live in a skyscraper apartment at the top floor!

Suddenly it started raining heavily and everybody started running here and there on the street. The water in blotch got accumulated on the road ready to make its mark soon. The traffic turned bad and slow. I was so glad that I was at home and not rushing in the streets. I was here from this window enjoying my rainy muddy flair view and cool gentle wind. My friend soon handed over a cup of coffee in my hands. Hummm…the aroma and the warmth of the coffee was just the most ideal thing in the lucid lazy showery moment. Moreover, anything prepared my friend and me sitting on a slothful cozy couch is the best thing indeed!

Suddenly we saw on the street a group of people walking and dripping wet with the muddy splash of the speedy running vehicle. The vehicle went away in a speed and the people kept shouting for a long. At this I murmured, Why do fools walk in the rain?

The statement latter came with an eccentric jiffy instant for me...I could not laugh nor could I ignore my own words!
~ “Did I call them fool…?!” I wondered
~ I could not laugh, as many times it has happened to me too. I have been also splattered with dirt and muddy water by a speedy vehicle walking down on the road and trust me it is the most unlucky and irritating moment of the day.
~ Perhaps, cannot ignore my those random words too, as I do know that there is no point in the outcry and shouting over, what has already happened…and moreover it is the Rain no one to be blamed yet a joy to be claimed!

Yeah! Those fools… replied my friend quietly agreeing to my words.
~ Soon she dragged me to her home’s balcony. It was still drizzling…and the moment the raindrops touched my skin...I realized it was a magic all around.
~ The rain had its rhythm and our body swayed and danced to its tune.
Looking up at the sky and tiny raindrops…I said, I really love rain!
We had great fun together!
She soon shouted Roger Miller’s beautiful quote that says, Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.
Very true indeed!
~ Two people experienced the same event but reacted in totally different ways? We surely did :) 
~ Those people were really fools…who were shouting in desperation to the trifling moment and not caring to realize that life is too short to cry over fleeting moments.
~ We also walked in the rain but were enjoying and shouting in celebration to every dribble of raindrop that enveloped us in happiness.

Yeah fools having fun with fully drenched body!
~ And the Rain definitely follows the fools!
Perhaps, We are fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance… I quoted the moment of bliss… and we continued to our semi swings in the revolved dazzling rain!

Guess what, my friend all of a sudden jumped in the gathered water in the corner of the boundary and a huge splash over ME….before I could roar on her…a loud laugh followed listening to my friend’s side, Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet…and that what I did!

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubtI exclaimed..! No wonder my friend is definitely the biggest fool on this earth and another is ME who gives company to her...and I love that way and all ways!

Fool - rachi Creations..
~ We are just fortunate fool friends!

NOTE: The above drawing is created thyself on PAINT-BRUSH as an extention to rachi creations..


  1. Outright positive post.........always makes the day even if only the slightest bit more brighter!

    nice read!!

    especially liked the quote "Some people walk in the rain while others only get drenched wet"

    Read Up mine: Murali - Fool

  2. What a fool u are....
    Rain.....Mud....walks....and then a fool..... WHAT ELSE?... thats it?.... A foolish post in four words and it touches the right chords in the most simple and human way. So, all it needs is to be a fool to bring out life essence in just one post, that too, in 4 words. I thought it takes books.
    Wow...am feeling tender and blossomed. Is foolishness so simple and natural?

    Being a deserved fool, it gives immense satiation to read a post on fool from a promising fool and the feeling is awesomely foolish. Very few are lucky to be true fools. I do cherish the innocence of foolishness. It is bliss. The advantage of being a fool is that one can write whatever he wants to irrespective of certain obligations and expectations which is not possible if u r something like genius/intellectual/blah blah....

    Very few can spread the purity of foolishness in an aromatic way. Very few can use the word fool in a breezing way and it takes to be a Rachana to handle the word fool, not to fool us, but to mesmerise us(yeah, it has unsaid message tucked in). Yea, i agree , only a fool can celebrate the intricacies of life to the fullest . It is quite easy to write on fool in a wise way, but, it really needs expert and original fools to write in a foolish way. I mean it, Where are the rich flavours and strong aromas if we apply intellectual parameters on a fool post.
    Thanks for helping me to realise that am yet to become a rounded fool.

    Kudos for painting some colourful foolish colours on the foolish word fool in such an intriguing foolish way for half baked fools like me. Now, am glad enough to know the foolish shades in you. The conduction is working.

    Excuse me, foolish madam, is it possible for u to write few more foolish posts so that i can bring out all the undiscovered foolishness in my life and hence drench myself in the rain of foolishness forever in a muddy way.

    I am not wise enough to ignore this post. As of now, it is top contender for voting(Do fools vote or enjoy all fool posts? lemmi think? :) )

    PS : I am feeling like to write a entire new post on foolishness(am eager and energetic)
    PS* : Your post is quite better than mine by miles(sorry for being wise here)
    PS** : Is my comment foolish enough?

    foolish cheers,
    Mahesh Fool Kalaal

  3. Well, well, so someone is enjoying rain. It's pleasure to see that, coz I know how it feels when you take a lazy walk through the watery streets, drenched in rain, and people standing by the shade (trying to save themselves!!!) watching you. They feel you are a fool but envy you at the same time for your carefree nature. Although I envy you right now as the scorching summer hit is burning through Bangalore city. :)

  4. Fooled again and again!
    Enjoyed reading the nice rainy foolish post! (oops I said that!) Its fun all around when rain involves!
    And yes, this post acted as salt in my wounds! Its raining hard in North East these days and here I am waging war with Delhi heat - already done with 20 gallons of iced water, similar amount of coke!
    Keep the spark alive....
    Cheers Life..

  5. Fooled again and again!
    Enjoyed reading the nice rainy foolish post! (oops I said that!) Its fun all around when rain involves!
    And yes, this post acted as salt in my wounds! Its raining hard in North East these days and here I am waging war with Delhi heat - already done with 20 gallons of iced water, similar amount of coke!
    Keep the spark alive....
    Cheers Life..

  6. I don't understand why no one has commented on your post yet. well, may be I am lucky enough to be the first one.
    Your post starts out to describe another mundane day in your life but it gradually turns to the topic and points out the various 'foolish' things that we tend to do in life like the one you pointed out about missing out on the fun only because something bad happened to us temporarily.
    Great work, keep writing, you have great potential.

  7. @ Mural!
    Welcome to Humming Today!

    Absolute pleasure to know that you liked the post:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  8. @ Mahesh

    So so so glad that finally u like the post...and found so amusing!

    Your comment when i was reading i realised it was such a long one...finally a long comment to the longer post:) I loved it!

    More when u adressed me Fool and liked the execution af a foolish tale!

    You said U want to write over fool topic again..but U just did it...your comment can be one enchanting post by itself...!

    And what eles..you fav. phrase...ummm..loved consuming each and every word of it....Thankyou so much for an absolute encouragement and aspiration i generate through those words...

    Oye..Accept only GREEN Thankyou re..!

    And yeah I forgot to tell..This is indeed first time U noticed Rachi creation...and lol...adored the colors of Fool ;)

    And yes your comment is foolish enough for a fool to consume and digest and m so so chooo...delighted!

    U absolutely...
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  9. @ Sam

    Such a bliss to u c commenting!
    Yeah an artist knows...how beautiful can be Rain and more when fully drenched!

    U envy me..ahhh U must be kidding though...
    ~ As I adore your skills...still cannot forget your imaginative dream girl face sketch...simply loved it...cont. more creativity:)

    Scorching summer...arre..thats sunshine..wear white cotton..and enjoy cold coffee..!Celebrate Life..

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  10. @ JD Jayanta Deka

    Heat of Delhi is as wonderful as sheer winter..or muddy rain...
    DOnt just add ice into coke..just Glide over ice..!

    Yeah u dont u try special Lassi/mango lassi from any corner street of Delhi..m sure U gonna miss the lassi whn summer is done!

    ~Keep the Spark Alive..

  11. @ Ayu

    True! You have picked the right words to flow and excel!
    Thankyou so much for your pressence!

    Love yeah:)
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  12. @ ARJuna
    ~ Welcome to Humming today!

    Really happy to know that you liked the post! You have captured the true essence of the post and understood the shades of the life, which is amazing..SO visit again:)

    ~Keep teh Spark Alive..

  13. Your Post did bring some real great memories when me too used to be a 'fool' getting drenched in rain without any fear ...ah those carefree days :D

  14. thanks for writing dripping wet monsoon post in this scorching heat... :)

    Nice work :)

  15. Nice one! I would have enjoyed reading it more if you didn't unnecessarily use colour/bold effect in the post. Nice layout btw!

  16. WoW !! U took me to another world this time too.....what beautiful expression of your thoughts!!!

    You are able to use the words so effectively in your lines....Well done. I also want to be fool like u..u bring happiness always...

    The bear is vry vry cute n naughty.your art on paintbrush is just awesome.

    You have concluded the write up in such a nice way.

    Wish u success n gud luck always.

    Luv ,

  17. @ Dhiman
    Welcome to Humming today:)

    Yeah..rain is all about memories and indeed getting drenched is an absolute Fool's aspect!

    Glad that you liked the post:)

    ~Keep the Spark Alive..

  18. @ Megha
    Welcome to Humming today:)

    Such a nice feeling to know that you liked the post:)and found it intresting!

    ~Keep the Spark Alive..

  19. @ S*

    Welcome to Humming today:)

    Glad you liked the post and the layout..

    ~Keep the Spark Alive..

  20. @ Madhulika

    O le..gurl...U forgot...U too share the same trait like me..a fool trait...remember B Buddies!

    So happy to know that u like the post so much and also the bear...but defintely it is not better than you awesome envelops full of creativity and love!

    Perhaps..thanks a ton for your presence-support-love and for being my forever funny fortunate fool friend:) ;)

    Love yeah!
    ~Celebrate Life..

    ~Keep the Spark Alive..

  21. @Rachana

    Why Fools comment when someone walks in the rain? :)

    The word "obvious" is missing from a fool's dictionary and fools do "lots of experiments" on the way and discover the true essence of life.

    They discover the obvious way of doing things and the way world is.

    Being a Fool is the ultimate smartness I believe.

    "What a foolish post!"

    The way I(fool) are...


  22. Lemme tell you onething it aint fun to get drenched in the rain when your on your way to college or you work place or an interview.

    But it is totally different if you are at home having nothing to do. It would great if we let our hair down.

    Everything has its moments. We are fools in each others eyes.

    What i think everyone equally foolish and and intelligent in their own way.

  23. Loved it. An excellent read!!

  24. really enjoyed reading yuor post..
    well written.

  25. Well I like to be a fool, I guess :D

    You made me smile many times throughout the post :)

  26. Nice post buddy... i so wanna go get wet in the rain right now! but damm its not raining!! aaargggh

    All the best for BAT buddy...


    ~Keep the Spark ALive..
    (I hope there isnt a copyright on this line? :P)

  27. Nice, interesting read!
    Liked the quotes woven in the story!
    Cheers and all the best for BAT-9. :)

  28. A very cute post and loved reading it.


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