08 June, 2010

Butter Punch - Mango Chutney

So before the summer ends completely and monsoon arrives, I want to capture the flavor of the fruit mango into my recipe and relish it for latter season.
Call it pickle or chutney, or chunda, murabba or just any name.
~ This is a sweet-sour-tangy recipe of the raw mangoes made in lowest amount of time and energy involved.
I’ve come up with a quickest delicious homemade mango recipe... for recipe click here:
~ Homemade Mango Chutney Recipe

Sweet-Sour-Tangy-Raw Mangos

As you all know we have introduced a new food-blog "Butter Punch"
We will sure need your views, support and Recipes...To make it further better!
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......Luv yeah all!


  1. Well, you know some delicious recipes. That picture looks so yummy !!!

    You had some questions for me. here are the answers -

    I use whatever I can get near my hand, For these two sketches I used "Cello pinpoint ball pen". I sometimes also use "Luxor Fiber-tipped pen".

    As for your request, I've been doing it all the time for my colleagues and friends. So just let me know what u have in mind.

  2. Yummy! Mouth Watering!!!

  3. Wow...I suddenly felt hungry na..:))

    I will let my son make one soon...thanks for sharing the recipe dear...:)


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