18 June, 2010

Not Escaping but Evolving is Renunciation

MY Last post of was on “Renunciation-99fiction”, which almost raised an alarm from everyone that it was sheer complex to grasp in simple ways.

To start with,
We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path. _Paulo Coelho

Yes! It could have been simple but if it was so simple it would not have been renunciation…it would have been just another story with a dramatic twist!

So I decided to elaborate my stand and approach for the post through the deep and coherent questions over the topic from Mahesh!

And as he said, Let them lead to new ideas and understandings.. Let us evolve...

_Perhaps, I could not escape the Questions for I love churning thoughts!

Renunciation ... a highly debatable word not just literally but practically and philosophically!

~ My intention in the post has been only positive and making an effort to bring back the light over some of the best-practice of life!

The questions you asked for the clarification and insight of my view are as follows with my reply:

» Do you wanted to project her renunciation as a positive factor or a painful factor ?.

A very apt and a basic question…!
I thought a lot about what exactly I believed in was so true and huge about renunciation, though your question was so strong that it made me rethink over the whole issue to get the best possible term.

---»  It is believed that one gets pain only when one is actually attached with that particular thing or in person. The more your attachment and clinging feeling..the more you suffer and feel hurtful. Especially when  the things does not goes or moves the way suggested or felt for.
It all happens because at that moment like any human being we are thinking of self first.
~ I and my Infinite world first!
How will this thing affect me? What will happen to me? And so on..all related to I me myself, resulting pain and suffering!

---»  Perhaps when it comes to Renunciation…it is all positive. Just giving up is not renunciation. Giving up and then never holding any craving feeling sums up renunciation.
~ Hence, not everyone can do or have dared to do!
Renunciation happens when we think of the other person’s will and than act upon us…without bothering if at the end it might just affect self! When one does renunciation, he/she does not feel pain…all there is a prayer for the other person resulting it as a positive aspect!

---» The best example could be the bond between mother and child. She gives up all her desires and dreams forsake of well-being of her child. (Of coarse this example is debatable but still I feel it is quite an apt one)

» Are you talking about being free or setting something free?

---»  Both I guess... with same thoughts! _That is being Free from negativity.

Free the other person from hesitation, resentment, frustration and fear.
Free thyself, from blame, misery, guilt, hurt and blot for the other person.
It is the freedom of expression without any bondage!

Infact, you are so utter sure of your decision that you can never regret, repent or rethink over the result.
~ Renunciation today and rejoice tomorrow.

Have you heard a quote something like this,
If your loved ones goes away, don’t stop that, if it comes back, it is yours and if it does not come back it was never yours.
Indeed so true!
~ Drop your ego and make decision for betterment of both before it’s too late!

---» Hence, I have in my post said there are three things you can do in a screwed situation

 “Repentance or Ruining or Renunciation..you decide!
  • Repentance for next week, month or years...!
  • Ruining the whole thing...forever..thats when it make even more difficult to share a thought together or have a simple conversation again!
  • Renunciation where you prefer to pray for the other person over.. “NO there is no ‘over’ thing such as..you don’t think for self-comfort in the first place at all...all these thoughts comes secondary or never!”

I regard Renunciation as a best-practice for life!
Quite intricate to implement but absolutely worth results!
Renunciation is the liberty for change for better!
Renunciation is Evolving beyond the Ego!!
~ For your feelings are sincere and stronger, renunciation reflects the real care and more than a commitment for the well-being of the other person in simple term!

Nope escaping is no renunciation!
Perhaps I could not escape the renunciation questions!

Would like to quote here Osho
In the past it has been said again and again by the priests that if you renounce you will attain to bliss. I tell you just the opposite: if you become blissful there is renunciation. And that renunciation has a beauty of its own — because in your rejoicing, all that is non-essential starts dropping away — because you can see it is non-essential. The very seeing is the transformation. If after seeing you have to do something for transformation, then your seeing was incomplete, was not entire, was not total, was not real…

So basically to sum up in my own way…
~ Renunciation in my view in simple terms is under some strict observations like
  • Giving Up thats yours…
+ Something that you would owe..
+ Something that you could anytime claim
+ Something that you always achieved and aimed..

  • Giving Up very much Willingly..
  • Giving Up for the Other’ person’s bliss..
  • Giving Up and never ever a regret or lament thought arise..
  • Giving Up and enfolding into own Self satisfaction and latter blooming stage feeling light and as there is still much to rejoice!
+ It’s like Giving UP without Holding BACK!
+ It’s like only GIVING without expecting something in return to get Back!

It is the moment of Maturity..
To make up your mind
And the merrily well-being of other’s arise
And of course rejoice you feel in self
as a sense of Actualization and Celebration to Claim!

+ Renunciation is nothing else but a forever cheerful commitment.

Feel free to drop a line or your share your point of view..for it only enhance and enrich the thought process to understand better!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..

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  1. now i know the meaning of renunciation, its highly inspired me thanks a lot


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