12 June, 2010

Because I'm worth it - I deserve it

The question is not that “DO you deserve it?”
….But a profound answer is “I deserve it”.
Many of us at different instances of life have unconsciously questions self, “Do I deserve it..?”
But interestingly we all knew we sure deserved it, hence we got that.
Perhaps now the question is if we got it…why don’t we preserve it, “the deserve aspect”!
  • Every moment of your reserved thought of mind…you doubted your own strengths, your capabilities, your potential and competence to make things happen.
  • You had this strange hesitation in approach in the possibility in shaping and sharpening of your strong points.
  • You lacked in claiming the rewards and naming the dreams and desires, you always gaze at.
Perhaps, you could not release the fear feeling off and accept “the deserve segment” whole heartily.

I deserve it» It is really strange two aspects of life…when there are people who get positive things in life…and still they stand still and question self, “Do I deserve it?” doubting your own proficiency.

» And there is other whole bunch of people who sometimes did something wrong, at times or circumstantially, made it very difficult to take up a strong a stand and say “I deserved it, as I messed it”

But why don’t they understand this is life…
+ “You deserve all that comes into your way..”
Just gotta take up the responsibility and acceptance of the consequence.
The moment you accept the problem and identify, the sooner you get a resolution that would minimizes the weird consequences.

Sure you don’t deserve the verbal abuse, the physical harassment, the mental suffering …but again it’s what you think you deserved it anyway...

~ You deserve exactly what you can tolerate.
  • Don’t let anyone rule your head so badly that recovery is difficult.
  • Raise voice against the odd…for you don’t deserve it in any case.
~ You have to believe in what you deserve in!

Let go of everything that reminds you of what you don't want, and adopt everything that reinforces the feelings of deserving.
Also, Learn, “someone's lose is someone’s gain”. And perhaps not every time you gonna win but for every time you lose, you sure gain more of patience and strengthens your weakness to strive for excellence. So you gain anyway…and you deserve it for sure :)
~ And a bright sunshine after a cold night…you certainly deserve it!

Acceptance of changes brings grace in healing.
It helps in recovery, building resonance, and rejuvenation.
However, you deserve definitely the best of all.
You deserve a star, a princess treatment and a king of choices flame..!
You deserve, even if you don’t think you deserve it.
For one have to, Fake it until you Make it. Remember, “All is well” quote from the movie, 3Idiots.

You deserve to give your best as well as to receive the best. Maybe the reason you don’t feel deserving is that you are definitely not giving an adequate time, thought, belief, value to what you were asked here to give in.

You deserve all the best treasures of joy, the tears in laughter, the care of people and company of good friends and affection of loved ones...Perhaps you also deserve it all to give the same ample of love, pat, support and back-up to others they deserve!
  • Reward today yourself for tiny best bits…You deserve it!
  • Relax today yourself for stress ruining so much…You deserves it!
  • Rise today yourself for good thoughts are meant for…You deserve it!
  • Rewind today yourself to good memories…You deserve it!
  • Recognize today yourself as a better being…You deserve it!
  • Reinforce today yourself to strengthen your decisions..You deserve it! Absolutely!!
+ Because I really want it!
+ Because I did like it
Say with me..."Because I'm worth it...I deserve it!"

I deserve a sound sleep

Here’s wishing all the dreams and desires you deserve!
~ This is indeed beautiful weekend and I now deserve a sound sleep to reserve my energy for tomorrow!
~ Hope this post boosts you up and fixes a brooch smile flash on your faceYou deserve it! Afterall!!


  1. that's something awesome i have came across.people have so much to enjoy,to feel happy for but the thing is that only a few among us are really "living our life" the way they dream.it's sometimes really hard for people to really believe that what they have got is what they deserve,just believing only in yourselfs helps a lot,you can fight all sorows of this world if have that belief "i can do it".hats off to you.

  2. Thought provoking and true. If we could just accept the good and bad in our lives this way..

  3. Though I am not going to generalise my opinion ... I would like to put my points as...

    The 'deserve' tag depends on the number of parameters(social. personal, economical, psychological) one have set for himself or have been thrust upon him by someone/society ...
    Deserve also depends on the conscious and sub conscious thinking.

    As per your post, I would say, one deserves everything, the gud, the bad and even the worst. If you say one deserves every potential best, he also deserves the possible worst (You deserve exactly what you can tolerate.)

    But what i liked the best in this post is the 'Rebel' attitude.
    Encountering the things that you don't deserve(Raise voice against the odd). Yes, my favorite Communism :)

    But anyone do really return the positive things he/she do note really deserve?

    But isn't the point "You have to believe in what you deserve in " is quite volatile and highly variable?
    Also, is deservedness more of an instinctual natural flair or is it a calculated, fabricated and planned thing to realize and act?? I am not sure yet...
    I am not convinced that deservedness can be captured within few parameters

    "One deserves what one gets" is getting connected to me , but "One deserves what one gives " is bit unclear as of now.

    Of course, the balance of giving and taking is well established in this post .

    Intriguing and well prescriptive post :)

    keep the sparks humming :)

  4. Gave a second read ...
    One more...

    1.You deserve, even if you don’t think you deserve it.(Objectivity)
    --> You dont deserve, even if you think You deserve it(Honest Subjectivity )

    Which one do you support?
    Honest Subjectivity or Objectivity ?

    2. For one have to, Fake it until you Make it...
    --> Isn't it moving away from Honesty ?

    3.Acceptance of changes brings grace in healing.
    --> loved it :)

  5. @ Mahesh

    I believe you have taken your own best time and concentration to trace and right extract of the topic I've dealt with!
    So directly on your query!

    "One deserves what one gets" is getting connected to you...(Good!) ,

    >> but "One deserves what one gives " is bit unclear as of now....??
    ~ Example..
    "A student studying in school..plays..have fun..but does not study for which he is actually sent to school…finally he does not gets the right marks in exams…Now tell me…dint he “He deserve what he have given into it…” He gave nothing into his studies and hence got no good marks is absolutely what he deserved here!" Perhaps, the output of the result is equal to the input given, hence “One deserved what one gives in!”

    >>You deserve, even if you don’t think you deserve it.(Objectivity)
    >>You dont deserve, even if you think You deserve it(Honest Subjectivity )
    ~This post is basically an inspirational one…hence certain Objective lines may sound right to the readers!
    Though…if given a second thought..think..
    “Whatever good, better, positive exists in this world must be all cherished and celebrated by one and all! Hence, if one think that, this goodness is not what he deserves...he is absolutely wrong…coz..you sure deserve all that is good and wonderful things existing in this world!” Above all everything as to be believed to be and can be achived..if you really want it…than we sure don’t need to think and repeat the other way around!

    >>Which one do you support? Honest Subjectivity or Objectivity ?
    ~ Honest Subjectivity is imp. For a right kind of approach…though I think…Objectivity is a basic and is imp. For an inspiration! I support both!!

    >>For one have to, Fake it until you Make it...>> Isn't it moving away from Honesty ?
    ~ Example:
    When the game is on..like cricket or football..
    Like it is last over…and as always…in India’s typical situation..can win-can lose…one ball 3 runs…or in FIFA one last kick…and one goal…resulting a victory…respectively..
    One cannot lose hope..before one actually implies and act upon it…like just the last ball hits the bat or a football kicked for a goal…this is it…a moment…cant lose hope..though somewhere…the competition forces the mind to calculate certain unnecessary notions…to announce the result almost nearly virtual before action…that the player thinks we LOST THE GAME…but they dint…and with full confidence…He kicks/hits…and they win! YEppiii! Confidence and faith has to be balanced!

    ~ Yes! We need to fake it…not just for ourself…but for our competitor tooo..that we haven’t still lost the hope…and we’ll make it to break it((Competitor’s confidence virtually)) to have our Victory…through actions and through thoughts…before actions!!

    I might be wrong/ I might be right…DO share your views…acceptance or conflict of values to enrich them!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  6. Well, may be not always, Otherwise how will I be able to whine :P

    I sent you a mail, did you get it?

  7. Totally true... and really thought provoking!!!


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