05 June, 2010

e-Green - World Environment's Day

On its 38th anniversary of World Environment Day (WED-5th.June), I still it feels as much critical and crucial for the essence this day holds. But I know someone among you will think why I feel just today or this left out single day to care for the environment or our only green planet the Earth.

Perhaps, let me tell you it is not just this day when I raising my voice for certain cause but it just one more humble reminder to halt for a moment and look around the hassle and repulsive ridiculous acts we make.

World Environment day
e-Green @ rachi creations..

Today I stand up for the people, creatures, flora and fauna that have inspired me in my daily delights. Yet, I/We have always ignored them and their Will to be in this pollution-free world with peace.

Of coarse, everyday should be World Environment Day.
~ And everyday we must celebrate this event in that little “e” of earth, ecosystem, environment, ecology, empowerment, energyenact, evergreen, expression in each and every notion of life.
Let’s encourage this “e” thought!

~ Or else we shall be left over with only emulsion, emergency, echo, encounter, earnest, endangered, erode and era of errors with a wide encompassing end.

~ Let’s today we get enlighten and evolve, express and explore, exchange the thoughts, ideas and expose our dirt, for there has been enough evidence of human's culprit minds, filthy behavior and habits only to harm the earth and the environment.

This is a movement to expand and encourage our thoughts and Support the e-Green world!

...lets grow more trees, save energy, follow recycle, reuse & reduce concept for
e-Green world..
  • This is a Green Post!
  • The above drawing is made on the MS-paintbrush by thyself as an extension of Rachi Creations..
  • If you like and endross the Green Thought than you will adore this Green link of Mahesh : GREEN DEEDS.

~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. World environment day has been spoilt by Pawar 's muck on IPL

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