14 June, 2010

The Power of Smile - LOL

This post has been written in response to Corinne Rodrigues' appeal to participate in her blog hop on the occasion of “The Power of a Smile” day on 15th June 2010. Other bloggers are requested to submit their entries if they wish to participate.
Internet has been a part of me since past many years. And with every moving clock hands, I learnt not only new stuff through surfing on it…but realized that the internet services have also been enriching with every year of growth evolving to become more personal space and user’s friendly.

Today internet has become an integral part of our life and also an extension of self, for it helps to express freely through blogs, it facilitate to keeps in touch with friends through various friendship sites. It assists us to search through so many things with meanings and reports with just a single type of word…perhaps Google-search page is just amazing!

Because it is now an essential part of almost everyone’s life…in the world of virtual temptations have created certain signs and words to give more a personal touch to the whole conversation or rolling typed words. The similes and other short forms of many words have been introduced. There are many initializations for expressing bodily reactions, in particular of laughter and smiling!

Be Happy
:-) Smile
:-D Big smile
:-0 Surprised
:-i Semi-Smile
:-’ Has a Dimple
:-)) Really Happy
:-} Embarrassed Smile

Everyday, hundreds and thousands of short messages are forwarded on the mobile, mails or other friendship sites like facebook, twitter or myspace…where people share cute little quotes…often related to smile bringing a direct short cut curve on your lips!

~ People have learnt to great each other in the morning on the sites with the cup of coffee or tea...created with the symbols present in the key-board, like

The genuine efforts and foremost aim is only to bring that billion dollar smile on your face!

All this has been an effort only to bring a tiny smile on your face, for we are becoming much busier, staying far from our loved ones. Such notions often make it possible for us to bring that intimacy back and create closeness. Many of us will contradict with the feeling not to be legitimate but the topic is debatable…and the results of Smile brought, have just crossed the entire top chart list. Hence, it still existing to touch hearts for some and for some just fooling around!

But here I share my bit of tiny but very hilarious encounter with the words and symbols of today’s times we often just type so unconsciously!

The word is “lol
I still remember some time back when I was though quite familiar with all the norms and styles of typing while chatting with friends, I first time came across to read those tiny little nasty words.. “lol”

My friend wrote something…and at the ends of the sentence filled the space with “lol” word. Needless to say…she expected me to know and understand all those petite but essential words.

She wrote something like…
Nice pic..lol” or “Great thought..lolz

I believe to have understood the same word…but with my own particular meaning and perception attached. I thought my friends were too kind and wonderful for they love me so much. Of coarse they do…but I don’t know how could I ignore the real bully but in a funny way friend’s behavior of nature always posses. (Why I say this..you will know it below..!)

Time went on…and one fine day I got to know the real meaning of the word “lol” as it’s an abbreviation is "laughing out loud" or "laugh out loud" or or sometimes "lots of laughs" as common element of Internet chat.

~ I got a setback, for this is not what I thought and expected to be. Now the whole perception meaning was changed. I was just wondering, what made them laugh after every notion, for they write “lol” every time they commented on somethin.

Perhaps, my perception for expansion for LOL was “Load of Love” or “Lots of Luck”!

~ Yeah, I know now you just feel..“BWL” on me, am I right?
BWL is “burstling with laughter” or you might be just ROFL, “rolling on the floor laughing”!

Bwt. I also felt that 'lol' also resembled to the dance step of "Balle Balle" written off, just like putting up both hands up in air, moving with dancing step...
~ Absolutely an Indian version of 'lol' - Balle Balle and ..having fun..!


I did the same latter over my innocence or in real term on my foolishness…LMAO, "laughing my arse/ass off"!

~ Bwt. They say, there is a fine line between Innocence and foolishness; I really have no idea when I crossed it both :P

  • The effort behind this post was only to bring a smile on your face :)
  • Thanks to Gopinath Sir, for forwarding this message…for which I could create this tickling post! You can also read his hilarious post on this topic, LINK: Click here
  • On the serious note on Smile...do check my other post on smile, LINK: Smile Surrender Service-Dedicated Smile


  1. Till this date I have not understood the meaning of LoL or BWT.

  2. Sure internet has opened many vistas for people who have dreams and wish to fulfill it. And blogging is one such dreams fulfilled for many.
    Nice topic selection and good read.

  3. Nice contribution to the Power of a Smile series! I hope those who post LMAOs in comments sections are not considered as MAOists.

  4. Hi Rach;

    Missed lots of post from you, maybe a couple or more..:)

    I was entertained with your post here, like you, I was so ignorant. My teenage kids are always my salvation and one time I was kinda pissed off with somebody when she said "LMAO"...I asked 'what" and she answered 'lolz' and the more i got mad then she told :-D...gosh what is she doing to me...:)

    Then I asked my kids and told me, 'Mom, better memorize all those emos, so u won't be told as ignorant' and I did...I took a notebook and wrote all down but up to now, the only emos that remained in my head are: :) ~ ;) ~ :P ~ :D and btw, lolz, he he he...but I feel like a li'l more educated with what is 'in' in the net..:)

    Thanks Rach...loved this post of yours, made me smile huh!

    Btw, you are so pretty in ur prof pic in FB...i love it!

  5. Beautifully done post Rachu. Tenu to bahot changa smile dena ata hai!

  6. Never knew that BWL huh..

    Smiling girl writes a smiling post;)) Cute.

  7. Isn't it suppose to be BTW, By the way..

    [_]o And that? Ya, I'm using that tomorrow morning! I didn't know that one!!!!

    SLAP: Sounds lIke a plan.
    MHO: My honest Opinions
    TWSS: That's what she said.

    They go on and on and on!

    Thanks for the laugh!


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