16 June, 2010

Renunciation - 99 fiction

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. Yet this one is in 99 words-limit..

Reboot Girl
~ Reboot Self (c) Rachi Creations.. ~
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99 fiction
~ Renunciation ~

As he described her more the intricacy of repentance,
her feeling in the heated tears streamed down the cheeks
assuring the intense pain she felt then.
The sadness had turned into anger
and anger evolved into tears soon,
followed by the fear,
a fear of losing,
a fear of being lost!
She stood still
and turned into a silence,
gathered her strength
and forced smile with
a strange sense of satisfaction.
Probably now she knew where she was sailing..!
Her renunciation,
surprised him
in those calamitous yet calm earnest words,
“I think we should be just friends”!

Dictionary meaning of word Renunciation :
  • A declaration in which something is renounced.
  • Giving up things of your own interests in favor of the interests of others!
  • the act of forsaking
  • a written statement or declaration
  • the act or an instance of renouncing; a giving up formally or voluntarily, often at a sacrifice, of a right, claim, title, etc.
Exact Meaning of Renunciation:
* The word that has been translated as "renunciation" actually means "the determination to be free".

**Detachment in Buddhism is connected with Renunciation.

In Buddhist meaning,
Being detached does not mean that we cannot enjoy anything or enjoy being with anyone. Rather, it refers to the fact that clinging very strongly to anything or anyone causes us problems.
We become dependent on that object or person and think, "If I lose it or cannot always have it, I am going to be miserable."
Detachment means, "If I get the food I like, very nice. If I do not get it, okay. It is not the end of the world." There is no attachment or clinging to it.”

  • Indeed, no relationship can exists when clinging and craving feeling is attached with it.
  • Repentance or Ruining or Renunciation..you decide!
  • Let go _the Ego today!

» enjoy this video before you wind-up reading!
The Song is "Why are WE still friends!" by 98 Degrees,an inspiration behind this 99 fiction LINK: Click here.

~ Keep the Spark ALive..

To Understand better the "Renunciation" click here Not Escaping but Evolving is Renunciation


  1. 99 Fiction? done once 55 fiction...:)

    poignant thoughts Rach...to renounce someone is just as painful...but after the storm is the most wanted calm...:)

    how could u write such beautiful thoughts?

    and you Rachi creations is very, very nice so apt with your 99 fiction!

    keep writing Rach...:)

  2. Hey Rachana,

    I had tough time with this one. Sorry but I read it 3 times and I got it finally.

    I like the way you explained the Buddhist meaning and the whole thing. That one really helped. Otherwise I was am hard at fiction.

    Keep shipping

  3. Sorry, I could not understand this one.
    Is it something to do with Buddhism?I am not sure

  4. True. A relationship can never be compelled and shud be free to exist.

    @BK Chowla, I understand Rachana brought the word renunciation related to relationship or commitment in today's world. How you can free yourself from the feeling of love or togetherness rather lock yourself.

  5. loved the fiction... beautifully written and a thoughful post...
    but renunciation itself is tough...
    watching the video now :)

  6. i also did not understand!!! it simply means sacrifice right??

  7. Renunciation ... a highly debatable word not just literally but practically and philosophically ...

    Though the story is clear, i could not understand your intention.
    Do you wanted to project her renunciation as a positive factor or a painful factor ?.

    Are you talking about being free or setting something free?

    Hey, my questions are suppose to take away your credit in choosing and balancing such an abstract topic . I know it isn't easy.
    Coming to those 99 words this post is wonderful and fabulous ... You have beautifully portrayed what it takes to take that decision.
    I do appreciate you for experimenting in your writings . Keep exploring more such abstractions . Let them lead to new ideas and understandings . Let us evolve .

    My intention of questioning is all about knowing your thoughts clearly

    keep expressing such calm and intriguing sparks :)

    cheers :)
    mahesh kalaal

  8. Hi Friends:)

    I'm having a hard time to see the question from everyone pouring...that they did not understand this one!!
    ~Perhaps..maybe I could not express well...
    ~Perhaps..I cannot blame anyone of You...

    _This post in my sense and ability to have written just beyond all that one could easily grasp..and digest..!

    ~ Perhaps, wish if the moments and feeling were so easy to learn and describe in one word..

    ~ Friends...this post is not on
    Sacrifice and being a HERO
    its neither on...
    Detachment and being a SAINT...
    nor it's about the
    Sadness and being an EMOTIONAL..

    It is about the moment of maturity...
    It is the moment of gathering Strength and taking foremost decision of life...that would change things forever..
    It is being Bold enough to leave the ego behind and take a stand for which is best forsake the other one's bliss at the end!

    Even I cannot express the best, the tough time in few words..perhaps..wish to make you realise that it's never that easy to move on..let go..pray for other person...and still not break into pieces of anger..sadness..and harsh feelings! Only few can apply the spirtual/management learning to such major moments of life..and in this post "SHE" did that..!

    Feel free to ask more...
    I love churning of thoughts..

  9. Thank you for sharing an insight on what you actually meant by the plot of this post. I was a bit unsure in the start hence, didn't leave a comment.
    But in the light of your explanation it makes a lot more sense to me.

    Keep up the good work girl, the picture is wonderful (just like always)


  10. i like your 99 fiction ^^..youll never fully understand it if you didnt finished it..i love the last line! ^^

    visit my blog if you have time ^^

  11. i like your 99 fiction ^^..youll never fully understand it if you didnt finished it..i love the last line! ^^

    visit my blog if you have time ^^

  12. i like your 99 fiction ^^..youll never fully understand it if you didnt finished it..i love the last line! ^^

    visit my blog if you have time ^^

  13. Very powerful piece. Creative and deep. Like!


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