29 June, 2010

Women's era

Men always remember those women who make them cry, and women always keep those men who make them laugh in their mind..
But men stay with those women who make him laugh and WOMEN chose to stand by the side of those men who make her cry as a result of laugh...~Unknown Author
Women wants more of all positive promoting signs pointing to a new era, new world of women as in charge - socially, economically, politically...counting +8 hours into work and than going back and again adding sincere +8 hours at home-work with smile and warmth in ever tiny gesture 24/7 and 365 days.
Woman in different eras have created certain sure changes over the time but some fundamentals of her need still remain the same. In today’s scenario..woman stature can be divided into two groups. One who is quite elite educated and one who are not that educated. Yet the aspirations and desire are not hidden from anyone of them.
But more the education and awareness rise, it raise the same out pour of dreams and yet fulfilling them as well.
Being a woman and having celebrated silver jubilee of life. I learnt there are basic but foremost five-points that defines so well the whole of the womanhood and give a shape to femininity and humanity.

  • She wants to be Heard:
~ Ravishing _Rosemina ~

~ She likes to say things and so as hear things.
No matter how weird or smart the idea is…she has her voice, her opinion, and way of thinking which needs it to be heard and unconditionally respected. People lean to suppress the voice giving excuses, that how she will know the stuff so well. But perhaps, when never heard her voice losses many defining moments.

The Indian woman is expected to grow into independence but most of the times time at different juncture of life she realizes she has no voice of her own. That, despite her privileged schooling and many degrees she is underestimated.

~ Being heard is not less than giving respect that she definitely deserves.
Women are choral creatures. She knows that you love her, but since it is always nice to hear if you say it, too. It’s not about the being insecure. It’s just the kind gesture! Words of appreciation aren't half-bad either. It doesn't have to be over the top note, just let them know that you see their effort they put in, and you're feeling so wonderful about it.

It’s about being a true friend and listening to her. Let her share her good times, troubles and fears. Be there, rather than be just hopeful to be there after promising but not reaching when actually needed. Lend an ear and continue the dedicated constructive action is a definition of love after all
  • She wants Acceptance: Appreciation
~ Daring_Devika ~

More or less, people or family has a sort of defined way of living and hence they tend to impose the same on the woman/girl child.
~ To talk in certain way, not allowing to choose the kind of wardrobe purposely western, not to spend out late-nights, not to be friendly with guy or way she look overall is all instructed in the name of culture and tradition.
~ Its so difficult for a divorce woman to find her existence in the society or care a child single handed.
And just when the woman has her own style or way of doing things it is highly protested. Protested sometimes verbally and sometimes with physical actions to show the men-power.

Now some might just argue, “Woman always tries to change the man…so not vise-versa”. Remember, that when a woman does so, it adds to the better healthier living. This reflects in every single tiny odd habit that man posses from leaving a wet towel to on the bed to leaving shoes and sock lying anywhere in the room and woman organizing every tiny bit of untidy. But when a man/family impose it’s about there embedded castle they have created of their own out of thoughts and want it to get applied on everyone, especially on the woman forcefully.

Accepting her as she is, almost like accepting her and her with the flaws. Giving her a freedom that yet standing firm and strong supporting her is the true acceptation!

Be it thin, fat, beautiful, talkative, introvert, ultra fair, dark, short or tall…accept her as she is! Don’t go for her physical looks…perhaps the prettier thing is much deep connecting her humble heart and smiling soul! Let her words and action speaks loud “I Am”.

Let her know she’s unique and special. Point out her particular personality traits that you find fascinating. Admire her, and allow her to understand that you care, are paying close attention and accept her as she is.

  • She want to take a stand: Decision Making: Empower women
~ Thoughful_Tanushree ~

She wants the ability to make choices in life on their own!
~ What she want to do with her life?
~ What her aspirations are?
~ Decisions like in term so choosing the right person of her life, promoting her decision of kind of job she wishes to create; little things like whether she is willing enough to wants to change her name after marriage? Given her prospect to make decisions and being enthusiastic to support equal treatment in the workplace! And her determination of decision when to extend the size of her family!!

Perhaps cheering her involvement in sketching plan of a day, occasion, trip or a journey for a life.

Let her decisions shines and you don’t hold her accountable when things go other way around. I truly believe that the decisions are good only when taken mutually but I still stand strong that the prime decision has to be her!

Though a man could choose in ages past to make a success out of his life or gamble away his fortune many women had no such choices. So, show them through your actions that you not only appreciate but also respect their opinions, careers, interests, friends, bodies and minds and the decisions they make.

Possibly, one cannot ignore how the best decisions of the woman are considering varied aspects and shades of life, relationship, and people emotions attached. She is a born generous giver by the nature. So in any case or crises you can vouch her words and try to honor their opinions as valuable contributions.
~ However, follow the golden rule and treat them as you would like to be treated: Be honest, fair, kind, and considerate and consistent.

  • She wants Support: Security: Stability: Space:
~ Adorable _Aishwarya ~

Women today have many more choices than were available in the long-ago and often she feel frayed between career ambition, clock ticking maternal instincts and motivating phenomenal actions. In order to assure that you truly care it is necessary that you show your support for the details in her life.

~ It's no about giving liberty to woman...but treating her just like any individual liberally!
Emotionally, physically and financially security and secured stability the whole lot is significant for her!

~ Yes! She does not want money but she deserves money and lots of money.
Men often make fun of the fact that they might just misuse the money in shopping or just won’t be able to use so much of money, hence and presumption why to give…! How do you forget, she does and have been managing the homes so well since ages. And serves the family members unconditionally and with so much of sincerity throughout her life. She is a multi-tasked, a good manager and its hard to deny the fact.

We have witnessed so many family buying lands and factories in the name of Son of the family. But a daughter gets nothing that sort of privilege. It is expected that ones she will be married, there will be a grand celebration and that aspect is more than sufficient to affirm that the family truly cares their daughter.

~ However, my question is why waiting for just a grand celebration?
~ Why not celebrate her living everyday..!
~ Why not educate her best, save some money in bank in her name…so that in case some crises she is well of confident at least financially.
~ Doesn’t she deserve some security?

Of coarse she can earn…she even does…when needed, just like any other son of the family….but how many daughters actually are being equally supported by the family eternally just like the sons even after marriage. The family rules out saying that now the crisis is own and her in-laws shall handle it. Indeed, the Indian law recently has made a remarkable act by giving a chance to the woman to get the benefit that she does deserves property rights just like any son of the family does.

Stability, space and a good status became a valuable commodity for woman with a desire of aspiration.

  • She wants to be genuinely pampered: cared: loved
~ Cheerful_Caroline ~

You need not be that cheesy with lines and just be a bit more genuine.
Women always have some kind of strange fear about some one chasing, glaring, inspecting, over-hearing, etc.. , Hence they want to avoid strangers for teasing behavior.
~ Please do not treat a woman like a piece of furniture!
~ Or make her feel like a sex object or piece of meat.
There is always a difference of opinion over thoughts and decisions but bringing that same difference between the normal conversations is not right.

~ Let the Gorgeous speak for her. Be proud of her!
Accept her fabled effervescence and warmth but do not ignore the health issues and care for her! She needs you just the way you need her.

Perhaps, pampering is not just giving her gifts or allowing her to spend her day relaxing in spa. Loving is what gets reflected everyday in daily routine. Why not turn the daily boring routines into daily delights!

The realities of a 21st-century relationship are that companions probably work. If you happen to get home before we usually do, why not take clean the desk or studying room or throw in a load of laundry into the washing machine or help her in kitchen, even if you don’t know anything about cooking! If you take the garbage out without being asked, probabilities are you'll be getting a big smile in return when you come back. Okay this applies not only to lazy hubby but also to laid-back kids.

~ Women are often the caretakers of others.
They care for men and children, friends and family, but often forget to care for the same when it comes to their own body. Stress causes immense physical harm, it’s important for women to reduce stress and give break to their strict daily routine schedule. Nurture them and their little souls genuinely.

~ Let, men share in the responsibility of constructing step by step a wise- happy-relationship.
Helping make each day fun and carefree; living with purpose of considered aspirations, sharing the good times, and together taking stand on the crazy challenges life throws, and dividing the stress actually is what makes any relationships becomes eternally worthwhile.
~ Perhaps, they want to be passionately loved and madly fall in love!

Trust me! it’s never that expensive to make her feel happy...just a bunch of lilies or tiny packet of chocolates or five minutes free-talk with a walk can play magic with any woman instantly!

Women's Liberation is just a lot of foolishness. It's the men who are discriminated against. They can't bear children. And no one's likely to do anything about that. ~ Golda Meir

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  1. wonderful work and very nicely said keep going Rachana u rock....

  2. I certainly like the way you have talked for women. Most feminist don't talk this way.

  3. Absoultely stunning. All men and women have to read this :)

    Way to go >>>>

  4. @ Madho

    Thanks Madho..I know its a bit hard to accept someone's opinion so strongly...glad U like this post..an extention of what I felt and vouch for!!

    ~Also I shall consider that You will take better care of all the woman of your life...from Your mom to sis to would be wife :))

    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  5. @ Sam

    Hmm...Sam let me make this attempt a bit more clear that having said all that in favour of woman/girl child...I sure am not a feminist by nature...But I think there are certain aspects of today's norms so true facts...that I or should I say...we cannot ignore them..Perhaps..this post exist!!

    SO happy to know that you think U can vouch teh words:)) of the post

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  6. @ Suni

    Yep! This one is for you and all!!

    Cherish it:))
    Luv yeah!!
    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  7. Not going to say much on this post. Absolutely great job on this one.

    "A girl needs a friend, that's it"

  8. Nice read! You have covered almost every point. I meant you have told everything that women want. :)

  9. Well as a man it's a bit harder for me to comment on this. I think everything that you mentioned has merits. I've always treated the women in my life with love & respect beyond that I think everything falls into place.

    I do know that women are capable of doing amazing things but I come from a family of 5, I have 4 sisters & I'm a father of 3 girls so I've always been surrounded by amazing women.

    Thanks for sharing.



  10. An excellent piece of of writing .It is a super post.
    It is a must read for all the men--women are well covered

  11. One of the most beautiful n sensible post abt women wat i've read.. Hats off to Ms Rachana for such a wonderful work . i remember a beautiful poem on woman by FION LIM
    Beautiful woman,
    come out and play,
    reveal your inner treasures.

    The sparkle in your eyes,
    the natural swing in your walk,
    you radiate excitement and enthusiasm.

    You need no latest fashion,
    No expensive hair cuts,
    No blinding big accessories.

    You glow in your passions,
    passionate in your pursuits,
    you know what you are made of.

    You are not easily bothered,
    by the mindless opinions of others,
    you know very well where you want to go.

    you are a joy to watch,
    an inspiration to others,
    your pure soul an endless marvel.

    Beautiful woman,
    let your brilliance shine through,
    your eyes speak of true inner beauty. FION LIM

  12. great job Rachana!
    and yeah thats me!!

  13. Thaz an awesome post Rachana. You weaved with your words so well about women. Good post.

  14. well done.... agree with you.......
    keep the spark alive.

  15. Saw this post on indiblogger. Read most of it. Good initiative. Will read other posts another time. Good Luck.

    Check this out:



    Desi Girl


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