29 April, 2011

Lighten Up is no random thought

A simple short post starting with a normal conversation between friends revolving, evolving in a lesson of life and ending on the basics of bliss!!
Hope you will like it!

Recently one of my very sweet friends got married.
After long await she uploaded online her wedding pictures.
And just like any other normal person might have done, I commented the pictures with loads of compliments. And why only or why not compliments...no point for guessing...the pictures are of wedding ceremony, culturally rich looks, so colourful, everyone so happy and newly wedded couples looks so cute together..everything is such a sweet fairy tale!

Indeed, simply adorable pictures capturing the best moments.
And just when I was done placing my comments with best wishes...

I get my friend reply:
“..Thank you so much. I’m sure My hubby will gain 2Kgs reading your compliments pouring...”

Right away I replied back:
“Sweets it’s just too early to put on weight...between you can tell him *Laugh away the calories*...but not the *compliments*
...However *Laughing* burns off *calories* too...
O dear, I marvel right now you merit some *giggles* just in case you are left with a *confusion between calories and compliments!*”

I read somewhere that the researchers discovered that laughing increases both the heart rate and calorie burn by 20%. The longer people laughed the greater effects. Just 15 minutes of laughter a day burns 40 calories, depending on how much you weigh, and the duration and intensity of laughter.

• 15 minutes of laughter will result in 1 - 4 lbs loss of weight a year
• Giggling for 15 minutes a day will burn up to 5 lbs off your weight in a year

Honestly, people don’t lose weight only because of loud laughing or continuous giggling. Infact, the issue is never the weight. People must feel good about themselves and try not to lose humor while any juncture of life.
A good humour always acts like a mechanism to cope up few rough patches smoothly and perhaps it acts like a catalyst inspired to joy again!

Those people are happy and feel better about themselves. They know how to take things lightly at times, know how to laugh on one self, not literary making fun of others but sharing a good laugh at least a day with loved ones.

Ah! Lighten up! Brighten up!!
Loosen up a bit!
Sing.Smile.Dance.Jump and Fall...!

We could either cry or we could laugh. But we been crying for years on many instances. I think now we had enough of crying, cleaning and wasting tissue-papers. It's time to try something else, something worth!

So I choose laughter for a change for a Positive change after-all! And I truly believe a good humor brings harmony in bonding, helping to stay healthy!

Laughing for some reasons, for few unknown reasons and for the reasons which are simply silly. Yet with a good combination lots of walking and loads of intake of fibrous food!
• Fibrous foods are often bulky and therefore quite filling. But they also tend to be low in fat.

Okay often I say...I will laugh with you and you make fun of me too...will giggle together in amusement cracking jokes, clapping hands BUT dare if you call me CLOWN!

So what is wrong is being a Clown..only thing that I think
‘Clowns wear makeup, dress up funny...make you laugh often WE watching and sharing the laughter with them are not sure if they really mean it to crack a joke or they are acting out their skit just as a part of their routine job to tickle even if they themselves are unhappy or stressed!’

However, when I’m laughing with you...I laugh like a child. I mean the REAL happy tears, clearing the chocked throats, holding stomach, rolling on ground, losing breaths and a TRUE bright happiness covering around us in the aura.

"And perhaps, when you just smile...
Your smile should have a sound too..
Echoing from the heart!"

Certainly when everything is letting you down..its time to take a step...
And choose Stand-up comedy for that moment so dull!
So getting back to the basic of bliss is Laughter after-all!
♥ Lighten Up! is no Random thought..I sweaR! :P

~Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. Rachana, yet another wonderful creations from you.. "I love your reply to your friend's comment", Awesome thought and yes of course laughter is needed in one's life and one has to smile like a baby to keep them happier, lighter and healthier.. SmileS..

    Someone is Special

  2. That laugh is poore dil se. Keep laughing Saibo. :)

  3. @Someone is Special

    Thank you so much..! No wonder I definitely look forward to your take on the post!! So glad that u liked it!! :)))))
    Keep so happy!!

  4. @biswajeetrana

    :) :) :) :) :)

    hmm. get it Direct dil se..
    I still listen to that song 24/7 nonstop...when not played it's in my head non-stop playing so it 24/7!!!

  5. How can you every time chunk such wonderful posts. Envy you. :P

  6. Hi Rachana, I liked the way you started the post and then coorelated it to the actual point you wanted to make. That had some technique involved and wasn't a casual style of writing. You've got talent and you just need to keep polishing it. Loved the catchy title of the post too.

  7. I laugh for the fun of laughing. Loosing calories, that is a welcome add on. :P

    Nice post, and may your married friend and her hubby laugh their calories gained in gifts and chocolates. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. The best part is in the inherent message between the lines of taking life easy and smile all the way to any kind of situation. Sure a small chuckle more often than not can make any situation turn into a light hearted one. Laughing has the cure to many of our life's problems.

  9. You guessed it right Rachi I really liked this one :)

    Laughing does lessen up your burdens though not necessarily shooing them away..but it sure is the best one to keep one alive...

    Seriously so simple words and basic incidents depict so much...love you for this style of writing connecting everything beautifully !

    And congo to your friend on her marriage..she will surely lose the gained weight with a friend like you, after all you give so good advices :P

    Take Care.


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