14 April, 2011

Love Lane - Serendipity

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!

Below are the names and power of words spelled by my dear friends in a wish to promote the idea of weaving the story. I’m highly motivated and hope that you will like the post and some of you might just fall in love again!
NOTE:I have referred again and again ‘I’ to the character who is narrating the story kindly do not confuse that with me :D It’s just the medium to express in the cosiest way.
The post have two parts, second one have it's link at the end of this post, so right now enjoy the mushy story...ahh it couldn't be mushier than this one...by me!
Stand by me: Surabhi
Eternal Affections : Akiv
Love: lost and found : Avada Kedavra
Love struck : Agrata
Journey of reinventing love: Madhulika
Careless whispers : Rahul
Secret desires + prose : Pria
Trees and the Flowers bowing to us respecting our Love: Kevin

“It’s too cold, wear this overcoat or wrap around the shawl” He asked.
And as always loved to be careless...moved on and sat near the closed window plain, hugged my legs to my chest and stared outside the scenery.
“World could be so beautiful!” I murmured.
Soon he brought a warm woollen shawl and draped me around enveloping me in his warm arms.
He sat behind me giving me a good back support.
No sooner even I leaned over him.
Sometimes it's wonderful to be careless, actually it’s only because I know he is always there to hold when I fall and care when I’m cold.
“How beautiful it is!” he whispered into my ears adoring the beauty of the nature.
I was slowly turning around yet gazing deeply into his eyes...passing a smile, blinking twice nodded my head in agreement.
“I’m talking about you, honey” he exclaimed in that eternal affectionate tone staring me with those captivating eyes.

Instantly to change the topic, I insist to go outside.
I knew he will never say no to me ever.
I also knew he had considered prior in his mind that I would persist for something peculiar in this out of the ordinary weather. And that was my nature perhaps! And indeed it’s his internal enduring weather who knows me so well!
He soon got up, helped me in wearing my red overcoat. He cared for me as if I was a little child and I always acted like one of them with him.

He picks up the keys of the oak door and lock with a slight bang.
I rushed hastily like a little child to feel the nature keeping my arms wide open running up on the hill. I take long breaths of sweet fragrances of little purple flowers and a nice earthy smell of the maple trees around. Those colorful leaves effortlessly falling and glides with such grace. And wind carried them into my ruffling feet, the layers of maple leaves. Enriching to watch the delighted shades of red, oranges and yellow. I removed my slip-ons and let my feet graceful on wet green grass. My hands stretched out, up and above towards facing the blue-sapphire sky. And his charming presence simply seized the moment.

Suddenly I turn back to see him if he is still following me..
As I see he walking on the edge of the lane trying to skip the little rocks while taking his steps and I was busy in collecting those shinny tiny smooth pebbles from the love-lane.
..i was enjoying the scenery
of his face more than what a natural landscape serves..
I get so surprised to see his sweet smile...since he was enjoying my little acts and motions. No wonder there is more that what I actually see in him. As I look around the nature, the blue mountains, steep light green turns with woods and pure fog swathe around us.

I also see that slightest and sweetest expression on his face. There is indeed so much that I see and a lot more than that I read and absolutely double of what that I feels it.

I swayed in the light breeze with every expression of his face.
Every gesture has this multiple shades of emotions so fine articulated and still well controlled beauty. Somehow, I was enjoying the scenery of his face more than what the natural landscape was granting us to see. He smiled, he stared, he looked so amazed at times and there were soon the times when he looked to bewildered. Blame me, I say!

And when he sings...I simultaneously slowly hummed with him.
I remember the day we met. He passed a sweet smile as I went. I pass by yet could not bypass that smile. It was like a string to me attached and I felt, I was supposed to be scatter yet settled stardust of his eyes.

In blue she sees his love,
In red he sees her fire,
A romantic touch of rainbow,
Filled with thoughts all in passion..

(prose by pria)

Soon he took out his hands stuffed in the pockets. Rubbed both of his palms to create some heat and gently caught my little hand swiftly. We hold each other hands like young love struck in our own paradise in articulated green surrounding. It was so cute to see how he took my hand and interlaced his fingers with mine like the fingers were having some marvel conversation of ages together in a rhyme.

rachi creations..

“Do you like this place?” he asked.
It was a long time ever since we were planning such trip and finally it’s just like my dream, ahhh our dream! Honestly it was like living a dream or revisiting a fantasy.
“Yes!” I replied back with a satisfaction and hugged him tightly at ones.
“Love you!” he replied honestly placing a tiny sincere kiss on my forehead.
Ones again he dumbly stared at me. But I was grinning widely in a way grown up yet a little kid jumping out of the body with a little girl soul.

It was cold; I was shivering a bit yet sucked in my breath the cool fresh scented air. Chasing butterflies...I wondered if ever anyone's wish have ever come true like mine...I was flying high with those colorful butterflies just as I was floating in my own mushy world of thoughts of 'Us'.

Soon we reached at the top of the hill.
The view was splendid. You, me and enchanting nature around. It was beautiful. A gentle walk around maple trees on moist slopes, slipping delicate dews, sweet scent of little wild flowers mixed with the air, birds chirping and tangling climbers around the inter-twined branches, shadow of the woods, stillness of the place, composing emotions...felt as if the nature was well decorated with natural ornaments of flowers, buds, higher and up there reaching sky tall trees blocking the rays with lustrous thick green leaves yet clouds touching our souls.

I felt like a bond of relationship and dream with the one we in a secrete desire knotted with the earthy roots of the trees bellowing ‘you are made to meet here, my mate!’
And the trees and the flowers were overjoyed bowing to us respecting our Love!

Many have tried to describe love and millions might still keep doing without hurt, But I know no one will ever come close to crack those codes, I wished if I was lucky enough to hold the correct bunch words to quote love...ahh! its my heart that speaks aloud and now I wonder how will I describe 'You'_my love!

Though waving, swirling, tossing their branches there was a calmness and yet a sweet sudden connection with the aura and aroma of the flowers around. Delighted and well nurtured we thought of coming back in the room after spending almost an hour outside praising the nature.

He removed a tiny cannon digital camera from his jeans pockets and said, “Stand here I will take your picture with is scenery at the back and your sweet smile in front”
“Take picture only if you capture my best friend beside me...” I said with a wink.
He gave a smile, settled the camera on the rock with a timer on and rushed to stand beside me!

Suddenly his presence and mingled breaths made me feel it was a bit warm for January.
And a moment of our lifetime was captured in that picture, as if we painted it together without a doubt, a memory so sure, so clear and so memorable.
Alas! A laughter we had together then cannot be captured in a photograph. What a pity!

I stood stamping my tiny feet on the sidewalk to keep warm.
“I’m freezing” I suddenly announced.
While we reached back in the room, the sky had turned from mellow sapphire blue to spectacular metallic magenta-purple with haze surrounding. I pushed the door to open, inhaling scent of wooden floor and wooden wall room of the resort. A beautiful chandelier in the main room with slight dim bulbs fitted and the Van Gosh above the big old grand-father clock. It all together made everything so complete and closure to dreams, unexpectedly quite warm too. The flame of the wooden log fire looked so comforting. I sat near it to warm my tips of the fingers and feet a bit more.

Sometimes home is anywhere,
Where two hearts meet happily!

For a while I got busy in wandering the sweet scent of deliciousness a vanilla fragrant candle sensory indulgencing just enough to keep alive sweet mood and memories. The scent mixed with the aura reminding me of the ice-cream I had with him long time ago.
Ahh! That was another passionate yet peculiar winter!

“hmmm...Coffee” he proffered a huge mug of coffee with lots of froth in it.
I took a simple sip and smiled as my perfect strong yet creamy coffee sliding down to warm my throat and stirring taste buds. That’s the greatest thing to be with him, he knows every little bit of your profound choices and act upon so precisely, which even surprises me at times. He knew me, right down to how I would take my coffee.

I asked him to sit beside me.
But I don’t know why he acted almost shyly and gazing into my eyes. Sipping coffee yet pouring in more of sweet momentary moment’s story we have spent together. He settled down pouring his heart to me.
“I was thinking about you, about Us! It feels all so right,so perfect, you me this place, I’m so happy.”  I sighed cheerfully as we gaped into a blaze roaring in the old-fashioned red-brick fireplace across the wall.
“Me too,”  he ruffled my hair with his hand.
“So tell me everything...right from the beginning...?” I stifled the giggle.
“Start with the answer...do you love me”  blushed yet ready to slip silently into the beautiful journey of love-lane we had of moments, words and thoughts.

It could be a bit intimidating, but he just takes my moods with a shrug and a smile.
“So....”he heaved a deep breath with a rush of blood.
It was so obvious from me as well as from him. He grinned. It’s going to be a longer night than he thought. All that mattered was this -Us together.

What some people like me might do for love and only love...!

“When I found you...I thought you were one of the most ordinary girls yet this is what mesmerize me about you is the simplicity!” He said thoughtfully.

“But the golden part was too small for us to celebrate. We meet and you went! I kept thinking about you and wondered why we met! 
So many seasons passed but I waited for our season of love to arrive. And finally we lost and found love again by destiny...I knew owing you a girl like that, I didn’t want her let her go now!”
He said sincerely. “I need you to share all my silly stuff, stories and secrets of book called my life!”

I realised while he was still describing me and things around me...a poem was forming in his head and very naturally in a flow he rhymed whispering into my ears.

I could recall all the moments he was referring to.
I knew the pain he must have gone through when we went choosing different paths of the life. I might not be aware of his sentiments for me then yet I was going through the same sad phase and perhaps even he had no clue at that moment.

I felt a sob rise in my throat.
I sighed and leaned back.

“You okay?” he whispered.
I nodded, faked smile and yet moist eyes tell whole real story dude and tiny tear slipping on the cheek. I closed my eyes while gazing at him, as if the moment was not real. Nothing could be more beautiful than this moment sitting cuddle next to him with his arms around, ah! It’s like a sweetest true figment of my imagination.

Today is a beautiful day spending time together, relaxing with a mug of coffee and having endless hours whispering remember-when the first time and evoking then...in between the cuddle poses.

“I cannot love anyone the way I love you...and only you!” I exclaimed, throwing my arms around his neck.

He smiled happily.
He couldn’t believe the miraculous magical moments and that it had taken him so much of little unexpected fortunate series serendipity to realise that he and I were inseparable, destined to meet and be together.

“What are you thinking now?” I murmured in him ear.
“I’m really happy today..” he said tiled my chin up to his...trying to get a bit mushy...
And perhaps nothing could be mushier!
“I’m happy too,” I said pulling him in closer.
Ting! “And I’m hungry.” I quickly added saying, breaking the mood, diverting the flow..
Indeed I was totally madly deeply in love with him yet I cannot be featherbrained about it. Can I..?!

And perhaps he loves me for it.
However, I just blush when he is around...it’s so daringly visible on my face..

........................to be cont. click here:  PART-2


  1. Woah! This was one heck of a post. You almost encased every last bit of mushiness inside of you in this post.

  2. It was really mushy; too mushy indeed. :D

  3. Great to read story in the first person....the 'I' effect really takes me inside the characters...it gives (love) story 3-D effect...hehe..

  4. I like that creativity and vigor in you girl Beautiful and passionate story and well written. Check my blog too. Thanks for adding...

  5. Indeed I was totally madly deeply in love with this love lane Rachana.. and what a quote is this, "..i was enjoying the scenery
    of his face more than what a natural landscape serves", Awesome *************************** Awesome.. And the way you narrated, their chemistry, walk in the lane, best click, omg, I can't wait for part 2 so please publish it soon... Very much eagerly waiting for it..

    Someone is Special

  6. You've done it one more time and this is not even needed to be told that you're the queen of emotions and feelings. When I read you I just feel like going through all these emotions..
    Every detail you gave was perfect to visualise the scene when they were out enjoying the nature and even when they were sitting cuddling...
    But the point is whenever I read I feel more n more falling in love :)

  7. Eternal!
    And yes, love is visible even with closed eyes :)

  8. This is beautiful....intricacies of love well knitted..and the 'I' effect brings the reader inside the story..its more of a 3-D effect (I effect means when writer uses I for himself rather than a name)


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