16 April, 2011

Love Lane - Serendipity 2

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
Kindly read the First Part before reading ahead.. To Read Click Here

“Where were you past few years?” he asked huskily.

I wished he knew the answer.
I wished if he could forget those missing years.
I wished if he could just for ones see the joy of today without an attachment of yesterday.
I wished if he could determine the immense happiness we got in just few days.
I wished if he could understand the fact, I didn’t mean it to hurt him.
I wished if he could know that how much it hurts when he asks me that simple question!

And just as I wished this and that repeating aloud only into my heart...
A single tear fell unconditionally rolling down my cheeks.

“Why do you love me so much?” he continued without waiting for my reply.

I knew he was asking not so that I could give silly explanation. He had those bit strings of regrets, why we could not make it in past, hence he often asked! I felt so numb and cold hearing him and reading thoughts in my mind.

My joy shrinks and my heart instantly sink.
How would I tell him that I always felt “you were mine!”
It was for a moment. But felt like everlasting...!!

Feel so guilty even today about making him feel so sorry. I could not figure out what else I could tell him and he knew it all. It was a sheer time and we moved on.
I could not read his clues and he could not hint me well.
Though we both expressed the best we could yet we choose to ignore those sentiments.

I wished he knew how it tears me apart when he repeats those questions in awe. “I didn’t leave you, I didn’t...I could never leave you ever...!” I sniveled, finally trying to letting it go of all the pain, hurt and ruined thoughts and dashed hopes I did carry them for so many passing seasons perhaps years.

If not lived physically around,
You were always in my heart alive...

He could not see me howling so badly. He wanted to kiss me again and again until everything was better. Instead he placed his hand hesitantly over mine to comfort me.
“You are forever mine. I love you,” he said as if this was a time when he believed me completely. His words echoed my head. 
“I love you too,” I said finally and tears just tricking down rapidly.
He handed me a glass of water, forced me to gulp too and helped me in wiping all the tears.
“You look so creepy while crying...go splash some water on your face” he said on a lighter note.
And it made me instantly smile!

We lay down facing each other. Together, we staring each other without a word spoken. Talk was out of the topic. Touch was something could soother right that moment. The absent of words sometimes is so beautiful. And I love this love with him which is just beyond any vocabulary or grammar yet so poetic and with so much of rhymes!

Suddenly a toe hits a glass of water and all the water spills on the carpet. And where it was me, accidents like these were normal. "Opps!!!" We instantly got up and threw my scarf over it to soak some water on the surface. He was not mad at me anymore.

“Oh!” I breathed in surprise.
A divine red colour wrapped box, with a good champagne bottle with a tied blue ribbon and a lovely dress, he carried in his hand. I could not make out which one to accept first and instantly wide open my arms to accept all of them together.

As the unwrapping of gifts I was doing, all I realised like I was unveiling gifts of my utmost desirous dream seeing me with him.
As I uncover a gift paper of the box, I found Godiva Chocolate Truffles box. Nothing more than that I could ask for more in a single day full of sweet surprises. Soon I remove the cover of the chocolate and couldn’t wait and soon drooled over to gulp one and let the heaven melts in the mouth.
These tantalizing truffles were enough to control my tantrums of the day.

rachi creation..

He opened the bottle and poured in two champagne flutes, “To us.”
I tossed the glass rim and repeated in a soft voice, “To us.”

A sweet smile crossed on my face at the memory of his presence, how he consistently gives me little surprises willingly to keep alive this camaraderie between both of us. And best gift he gives me is his good mood always despite having had a rough day. He always made time to talk, wrote a love-note, a walk in the love-lane to laugh, play and regain, to even have a little flirt and sweet fights whenever it take. Little things in love matter a lot. And even when in anger I said, 'Hate you'...he spelled correct in mind through strings of heart, which says 'Love you always'.
I sipped the champagne and the tiny rolling bubbles ticked my throat. Indeed, everything ever since then turned easy, carefree and more fun.

The more and the merrier,
Absolutely the more of us,
In the most of the moment,
Making it magnificent!

Latter as expected he insisted me to wear that dress.
I took the packet and went to the dressing room to change.
Opened the packet and pulled out the dress, revealing it was a beautiful velvet base crimson pink yet bright shades of ruby’s blue purplish coloured toned dress.
Ahhh! So much of lovely hue and backless too!!!
Gazed over the mirror, “OMG...is that me or the dress which looks so stunning.” I sucked in my breath and my eyes wide open.

I twirled again in the dress and suddenly a wrist slightly hits a perfume bottle dropped, spilling perfume all over the dress.
"Opps....!!!!!," I sigh.
“You Okay?” he called.
“Yeah! Everything is fine,” I yelped quickly.

Suddenly gate opens slightly popping his head in and I caught my breath.
Captivating eyes were just staring right at me. And uff! That adorable smile too.

“uh oh!” I whine; my hands flying swiftly back on to my chest, trailed off and shrugging.
“I..umm...I...” I was so rapt; the dress fits so well as if it is designed especially for me.

The colour suits me the best...like with little shine and little red wine!
And I preferred to grin, creating few crinkles over the nose.

“You look...like..” he was as well enthralled and so spellbound to get right words...and I could sense that.
“Like diva” I grinned with a broader smile giddily, fluttering eyes and tucking my long locks behind the ears.
He shyly smiled.
Everything was so opposite and so expected.
“Thanks” I finally blinked twice, chased by careless whisper followed with a little giggles.
A strange hiccup and I suddenly felt twice shy.

He stepped forward, I stepped backed simultaneously.
Eyes didn’t blink at all. Everything was so still and silent.
Heart-beat was so visible in sound. Sure adrenalin hits. Blame the Godiva truffles!

“You smell like a bouquet of flowers,” he traces and said.
“I spilled a bottle of perfume over the dress,” I murmured in between the hiccups playing with my hair, twirling it around my fingers and those brushing it back again and again with my hands absolutely unconsciously.

...a single  feather touch and he touched mysoul...
Soon it felt like whispering sound of the water-fall running over the earth. The gravel counters and obeys the rules to water accepting it as the two thaws out into one another. As his fingers fluttered around my shoulder, I felt like putting my arms around and pulling him closer holding his collars.

Our beginning was certainly an end soon but I'm glad that our ends have met, creating a long-lasting bond turning into glorified beginning.
Yes! A single feather touch and he indeed touched my soul for sure!

His reserved stare in those spectacular looks,
respected my yearning for gentle and refined tenderness...
“You look so gorgeous while you blink and watch me between those tiny locks bushing your face,” he brushed softly his hands against mine cheek, then cupped the face and pulled kindly closer. He was well pepped up with full of adoration.

I wished I had said, “Stand by me in a journey of reinventing love...”
I would've listened the rhymes in the breaths..
Ahhh!!...I could've held his hand,
I would've felt his smile near the slope of my cheek,

With a little hesitance for a fraction of second and flashed the words flowing after...
“Let’s dance” I called joyfully.

I thought, “Archie and Veronica should share their first dance to "Sugar, Sugar", speeches on philosophies are made on the rims of champagne flutes, Godiva truffles are relishes, and the bouquet is tossed with a spilled perfume bottle on a new charming dress!”

“Yeah,” he laughed.
It was sort of weird. But I was so unpredictable, moody and witty at the same time. It was one this thing about me that he loved the most. And his this unconditional acceptance was one of the thing that drive me crazy that I could get on my knees for sure instead of asking other way around.

“Profess: I’m in Love” I repeated in my mind! With a tiny tear trickling down again on my cheeks.

Again! Yeah Again!!!

I wasn’t sure why was I crying now. It was a moment of celebration to be grateful to the serendipity that brought two souls as one in a very special sacred way...trying together to discover the lost amity, beauty in thoughts and depth in bonding.

He gently wiped the tear away.
“I love you more than I love myself” I exclaimed eagerly.
He busted into a loud laughter.
“I’m glad sometimes you think more of me than I-me-myself,” he said with a wink and embraced tightly placing a sweetest of all, a kiss on my forehead, slowly murmuring “my sweet little pampered princess!” Some people just never change. He is still such a positive charm and I still like to pretend as an adopted princess. He have no problem, for pretty-poetic-pampered one for that matter possibly!

Ting! Snow-white is now with her prince and her smile shall sparkle the world only if the prince places lightly his lips on strawberry lip-glossed lips. Last winter been silent and weird yet this winter is warm and full of sweet words chucked with swirl of coffee!

They say,
“Love Stories does not have a happy-ending
Could be true...
But...True-Love-Stories does not end in itself
They ignite many souls!....(I hope I did tickle yours with this story)
And blaze in itself eternally for the couples in love...(toast to: everyone in love...and one who still is searching may find someone-special soon to share..AMEN!)
Eternal Love Stories...Crossing centuries to complete and comprehend the circle of love!”


  1. And the Booker Award goes to Rachana Shakyawar for igniting those deepest emotion which I thought couldnt be explained in words ever but u proved me wrong.... ur story may b a fairy tale love story but for once I cud feel myself a part of it..
    Thanks for giving me these wonderful moments even if in my imagination and ur story..
    Amen !! the love that u described in the story wud stay forever !!

  2. Awe...Rach this is awesomee and so sweet and mushy just like your other writings..
    The way you described each and everything...wonderful...

    The girl is clumsy a bit like me :P
    Nice one girl..!!

    Take Care.

  3. This time am not going into concrete aspect of the posts. Am responding in an abstract way.

    I read the first part and was eagerly waiting for the second one only to ask one question and one conclusion ...

    Isn't there a huge and impacting difference between "I Love You" and "I am in love with you" ???

    Love is not a verb to do, it is an adjective to feel.

  4. Sometimes in "Love Stories" (irrespective of sad or happy ending ), the love is still a story rather than being LOVE.

    LOVE is serendipity. Agreed.

  5. mushy... Awesome Rachana.. I loved the journey and the LOVE IS SERENDIPITY... Thanks for penning this..

    Someone is Special

  6. I totally loved it girl and pretty neat writing.

  7. Oh Dear, I have a love story to tell to my love!


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