09 April, 2011

Love Letter

Below two of the pictures are still of the movie, and Other two beautiful pictures of Sunset and Pigeons are very well captured by my very dear and talented friend 'Naveen'! You rock buddy...Keep your passion alive!!
I'm a big fan of the movie 'Maine Pyar Kiya' and this post is very much inspired by it..in fact the lines in Hindi are taken exactly from one of the song of this Movie!!
~ What I love about this particular movie is the way it express well the specificity of connectivity between the two souls binding emotions. Writing Letter...telephone..internet..and now mobile..helps in every tiny sweet moment to celebrate togetherness and preserving love.

It’s not that I could not notice
But somehow I went into a flow
And forgot to acknowledge few facts
Which I’m writing below!

Those are few fact files..
Which despite flaunting freely my emotions
Somewhere were not shown full on.

Okay right now I’m getting my hiccups
And reason is You, I know!! 13:08
I want to tell You..
That you as a person make me so feel so proud
And that makes me feel to look up to you.
The generosity of yours in every gesture is easily visible.
The kindness you shown in every move!

There is something more to all that
Which only my heart could spell

I feel the presence of goodness
When I’m around you
I truly feel you are just next to me
When I actually see,
I’m all alone in the room.

Though Alone I’m not lonely
I hear the sweet tunes
And as I hear then again...
I’m back to my rhythm..
The revolving motion of hiccups
Cups every mind thought
Which is just and
Only occupied by you

But apart all this mushy story
I know & you should know
I respect the way you had & have
Carried you & craved to success!

And here I want to admit..
You have been & will always be in
Every prayer & wish I make
May there be only happiness
If pain arrive,
May there be lots of strength
To fight n bring it to vain!

So there I have this privilege to know 80% of you
I wish someday I would accomplish it to 100percent.....to be continued!


When you said a thing that ‘I’m very possessive and am J but I don’t carry my emotion on my sleeves .’
I could not believe you said that all...don’t know if you mean it by that moment...but I swear I had those goose-bumps. Same did I felt...a day before when you said.. ‘Hate you, you are only mine’....you got no idea how much it mean to me...
...main nahi janti...duniya...mere aur tumahare rishte ko kya naam deti hai..iss rishte ki kya simaye hai...main nahi janti..agar main janti hut oh bas itna ‘Maine pyar kiya hai _tumse’...ye pyar nahi hai toh kya hai... jab tum haste ho toh main hasti hu, jab tum rote ho to main rota hu..aur jab pyar hota hai naa toh dil ko chot pahuchti hai.....
*I don’t know, what world calls to our relation...I don’t know the limits of this relationship..Only I know this much that I loved you...If this is not love that what is it.. I laugh if you laugh, I cry if you cry ... and where there is love..the heart gets hurt..*

I know many a time you don’t tell me everything.
Many a time you leave thing unsaid, in a perception that I might get highly emotional and might act weird.
But I won’t I promise. I only wish, wish that I could actually know each and every thought passing by..
..I want to be with all the time...aha...I could never say in proportion how much I miss you all the time.
Maine pyar kiya hai tumse..
...Kaash is rishte ki gehrai main pehle samajh pati...kaash..pehle pyar ki pehli chtti khud..apne sajan tak pahucha pati..
*I love you!
I wish, I knew the depth of this relationship earlier, wish this first letter of first love I could give to my beloved by myself...*
...So never chew your words...
share with me ‘main bore nahi hougee’ :)
*I won’t get bored*

Today and yesterday when I was not messaging you..not even calling you...trying to divert my mind..
..BUT hoping you might just call sometime..
.when you dint I knew it has been your toughest day so far.
Not just in terms of personal front but also on professional levels. I knew I cannot run in your mind and disturb or distract you with my call.

When I was making my breakfast...I was thinking of you..
...when I thought to fill my water filter...with every vessel poured in...I was thinking of you.
When I had my lunch...I was thinking how you often chew your words...& I’m here still polishing my skills further only to known understand your unsaid and undone desires!

You were still in my mind....and I all the time had this lump in my throat...but could not make a call even when you were in almost every gesture of work.
If you think that is insane..
...I say it’s how I’m living with you...and loving this fact that I live up to you so close despite the hurdle of time and distance.
Couldn’t think of upsetting you with my low voice so decided not to even try to call...!
Jab se gaye tum main toh adhuri rehti hu....en hoto pe chupki lagi hai...naa rotii hu naa hasti hu...bhul hui jo tumhe sataya...!
*Ever since you gone...I find myself incomplete..My lips are sealed...I neither cry nor smile..it was a mistake that I teased you..*

I have this phone in my hand ...and I keep looking it in a hope it will ring...in a belief you might be thinking of me every moment..
..I wish to call you right now...just as it used to be...that you in instantaneous moment thought about me and I instantly called.
But since I’m not calling you...don’t thing that I love you less now!
..Maybe now I love you more that you could have ever thought or I would have ever assumed.
Ahh...I can’t see now...it’s getting so blur while typing.....I got my tears in my eyes but a smile on a face that I’m breathing you day night.

You and your said words...have been like life for me...you keep whispering into my ears.
I keep hearing them again and again..
I feel that each word you said...
But as soon as I felt this cool breeze I could not wait to call you again and listen your smile in your breathing in my ears which acts as warmth for me instantly.
That sweet giggle you get in every notion
That spark I see your eyes when I see you..
..I notice every little detail and cute gesture of yours which even you might not be aware of.
Honestly, I been never in my life so happy or felt so secured.

I know, right time moment when I’m writing this you might be sipping your tea with few new pals.
I wish to call but think you need to have some space too to create your own radius in this new place..!
It’s tough to think I’m holding back my emotions to enrol and envelop you ...but it’s great to see I do hold you in the best place of the world...that’s in my heart..
...For you I can keep writing whole day...just about you...and can never get tired.
You been the best thing to me so far....But I’m just wondering how will now I learn to drink morning tea without you!

You have taught me a beautiful thing called love unconditionally!
...I’m blessed to have you. The distance the time does not affect me and my emotions at all, such is the power you have given me to value. I smile for what I have. I’m showing my utmost patience, do you see it or you don’t. I do everything...since I know I’m doing it...for someone very very close...to my heart!
Maan hi maan tumko apna sab kuch maan chuki hu main....wo kay hain kaun hu main unki....sab kuch jaan chuki hu main...
*Deep down in my heart I have taken for my own...what we mean to each other..I now realize *

You thought I was enjoying over here...
..ahh I was...n every time I said something funny I thought in mind if you were here, you would have loved to see me silly laugh lasting so long at every hook of the hiccups..
I showed every one that I was moving on but in my mind only you were running...
But trust me over here this coffee table...
yahan ka mausam bada haseen hai...phir bhi pyar udas hai..
..dur sahi tum....par dil toh tumhare hi passs hai.....

*the weather here is lovely, yet I’m lonely
..Even if you are far...my heart is still with you*
And unlike anyone...I will show you only what I want to...and that is a promise :)

...jahan bhi dekhu...tum hi tum ho...aur nazar na kuch aaye...dil ye chahe...kash jamana ruk jaye...
*Wherever I see..I can see you...I don’t see anything else...I wish this world would freeze while we feel this way...*
And just like in the movie...at the end of the song....he comes to meet her..
Since he felt her heart....will you come to me....with wide open arms...hug me.....bolo... bolo naa...will u come to me....!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I will say ..
..aaj se pehle...kabhi nahi thi inti haseen duniyaa...
*Never before, the world was so beautiful...*

I will say when I see u..

* say more sweet thing to me..I like it
* if romantic lines..I would love to..know..if you think I’m worth to hear & know.
* I’m full of demands..you know it well...still trying so hard not to drag things n little issues we have.
* Do you wanna see me begging' you know what (because I will)
*I wrote what not...above..Only in a hope and wish to get the best words to tell you that...‘I love U’ always..

# (jst as I complete my line here..Saying I love you)...And look what I got right now..your sms..6:18 stating hi hw r u :)

Followed by another message..

I shall pass every now and then around you...
I am wind..just feel in your soul..
I am there always....around you..
Wrapping you with my long warm arms..
Taking you alongside my journey of life
Sharing each moment with blessings..
And looking for new horizon...with twinkle in eyes..

~ Indeed a modern way of connectivity.....


  1. O.k o.k.. let me start writing now after enough of thinking.
    first of all that person is lucky who had surrounded ur thoughts while u were writing and whenever I read these lovey dovey things from u I just wish 1 thing and that is to have a person in my life for whom I cud think that deeply or rather say that madly :)

    As far as ur writing goes it instantly covered my mind with the thoughts and feeling u were going thru while writing. I instantly found myself imagining and feeling those wonderful moments and took me to the journey of my past life to recollect all those special moments which can do justice to the words I'm reading..
    You're truly a reader's delght Rachana !!

  2. Rachana, what a love letter.. The poem, the prose, the messages, wow, they are awesome.. love it totally..

    Someone is Special

  3. Being here, I have seen how love can actually make some one write about it, and oh so confidently. The movie was sweet, but the memory is past now. Right now, I want to remember this post as a new movie. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. WOW! This is an awesome post. Love can surely make miracles.


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