22 April, 2011

Waiting at the corner

Must thank my very sweet friend Sameer for letting me use this highly thought-provoking picture for this prose!! Beyond doubts buddy you touch creativity with your passion in photography of captivating moments. ~Keep the Spark ALive..

Could there be a
Decent day you realise
I’m at the corner
Waiting for you!
Then I was on my way
Just as you stared gate
Distance spaced out
I was here at intense gaze
With sprinkle dews in eyes
Waiting without a clue
Staring at the butterfly
Fluttering its wings
Spreading its colours
I gaze from the wits maze,
But being a bit more laze,
With no questions! No haze!
And I just pick the pricking wait!
I dint waste, only wait...
But with an innocent wish...
Being at the little cosy corner
Holding hidden tears
Behind loud laughter
Not weak, no weep, never welt,
Even if waiting became such a routine
When all I hunted,
Just a little belonging,
All when I wanted,
Silly series of things free of clogging,
Coming merely through routing!
They said single stride out
Space was an invention
More than an innovation
Silk route to moon reflection
To save the relation
To see a new shine
To give a spark in the old nearest kin
But who said we need not hold hands,
Who told wrinkle your warmth’s within,
I will still be waiting at the calm corner
Essentially been only waiting to be there!
For a moment of while
Until you realise
The waiting prise
Whatever be the weather,
However be it seem wither,
Whether your memory wear-out
Every delightful detail of ours!
It was undeniably wise
To be somewhere
In a little space
In more of silent prayers
Sometimes haunted, hurt yet hopeful
To be a part in race
Win or lose but choose to chase
Worthy experience unfolding grace
Just being at the corner waiting,
Until you say, “you’re great”
Then I will change the fate
Whole world at rate of knots
Willingly wait for sweet words wedge
Or written which will be a wonder in its own way
A memo with inscribed golden healing gel
Sunshine sign the message to create a deal and seal
I shall choose the corner, still being still
To stand and stare
Not a corner of the street I state
I reveal it’s the warmest corner I create
By sweet matter reap
By slowly mending creek
By meaning of composing map
By gist of nourishing gapes
I try and stand out in a crowd
Covering furthest distance to reach destiny,
Where pious angelic thoughts resides
A cute cosy corner essence stands
And stimulus right in your sacred heart estate!
I shall be waiting yet gripping somewhere
Between your heart-beats and breaths!! 
That little corner of the heart of yours...I Care!


  1. Verses goes apt with the picture.
    Everything written seems so true and also natural.
    Keep it up. :)

  2. Awesome as usual, like always :)

  3. nice post
    like it
    check out mine blog

  4. Quite a poem, I had to read it thrice to grasp it :) Very well done...

    p.s. the picture is apt, but isn't the poem by a woman? Or maybe its gender neutral...

  5. @Prateek

    Thankyou Prateek So much for making a first move for commenting!!!
    Mean alot buddy!!
    Glad u liked the flow of the prose!!
    yeah the pic is apt. & so as my friend is very talented..hence I have used that picture as a medium to connect well in the prose!
    Thanks again :))

  6. @Rahul Rawal

    Its always a pleasure to read ur comment RR.
    Also i think its quite tough to convince you...but when it comes to your comment nothing is more convincing!! I feel really gud!!!

  7. @chirag

    Thanks Chirag! Sure will check ur page soon!!

    Welcome to Humming Today!!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  8. @Siddhartha Joshi

    Firstly, Welcome to Humming Today!!
    Okay, I think emotions are mostly common in any gender...perhaps sometimes the expression can be different! Though I being a girl wrote this post...yet the picture is of a guy reflecting the best of the prose..Hence I guess as you think correct....'the emotions are gender neutral'

    Glad you find it enchanting.
    I had a bit of set back when i read you read it thrice to get the right grip over the lines...but the...the little well done just made my day!!

    Also, I shall convey your best wishes to my friend who's captured pic is being used in the post!!

    Thankyou so much for taking time & visiting the page and also following it! :)))

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..


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