19 September, 2011

The Bold and The Beautiful

Let bright be bold
Let beautiful be behold
Let the best be mould!

Bolder thoughts
Boldest ideas
Bring a change

He was in black suit
Though I looked the prettiest
They said black is black

I took my stand straight
Trumpet when I type and say
Accept depth in words

No take on colours
Addicts owe bold blackberry
Bold have new meaning!!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 19 - Prompt #77 - Bold


  1. Wow!! You really think well.. lovely poem.. Liked coming here so would follow without waiting whether you do.. actually you didn't.. keep writing .. and one more thing..I liked the look of your blog..God bless!!!

  2. Very good take on the prompt.

  3. Yeah, the second one does it for me!



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