18 September, 2011

Good feelings ahead

Original perfect picture below is captured by very talented Abhijit Bhattacharjee !
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Words and lens

Confirm confidence
Bouncing back

Return to race
Circumstances change memories
Stepping toes ahead

It’s been good so far
Control is only a guide
Believe beyond all

Flowing emotions
Follow only the free path
Light years to face more..

Keep the spark alive
Bright side is count your blessing!
Good feelings ahead!!

  • The Height of Haiku Challenge Day 18 - Prompt #76 - Poet's Choice "FEELINGS"
  • Also let me tell you this post is inspired by a beautiful post 'Good feelings Ahead' written my dear friend Rahul


  1. Excellent lines nicely reassuring about bright future. Well conceived.

  2. Ohhhhh wow never thought that we can work so well together around a single topic.. U'r superb..
    Life indeed is a beautiful story and a poem and it should be given a fair chance to flourish :)
    Thanks again for tagging my post as well :)

  3. I do like your haiku chain.

  4. Like the hopeful and positive voice of your haiku ..keep the light shining ~

  5. Yeah, keep the spark alive!

    Well said!!


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