22 September, 2011

Great little ideas

The picture perfect below is contributed by my dear friend Anshul who's blog name is 'Aesthetic Blasphemy'! Thank you buddy!!
Also this post is dedicated to my very dear friend Mitul, who owns a blog called 'Journey', consist of ideas and inspirational leads. Hence this post is inspired by his words/posts.

Unique sight
Little words echo
Enrich art

Courage to excel
Dignity merge with hard work
May you reach each goal

Dismiss your fears
Yet you should touch many souls
Doubt might blur your thoughts

Dare to dream
Believe in miracles
Sole brave rise

Creative triumph
Eventual rewards deal
Let go and love life!

Focus strengths
Nourish idea
Risk brings change

Write might effort
Some day glad to have hardship
Bull's eye pore learning!!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 22 - Prompt #80 - Bullseye


  1. I like the bit about daring to dream!

    You've hit my bullseye with that!!

  2. Hey Rachana, That was so nice of you. Made my day. Creativity!!!!

  3. I like your gesture of dedicating the haikus to your friends.. can there be a better gift.. well done.. you write well..keep it up..

  4. @andy sewina

    Thanks truly sweet of U Andy!!
    And thank you ones again for dropping me a sweet line :) Gracious Always!!

  5. @Mitul Suthar

    O dear you definitely owe lot more best wishes :))

    ~Keep the Spark ALIVE..

  6. @Ramesh Sood

    This is truly kind of you for always making a point and commenting in my post of Haiku.

    Indeed my few friends and truly amazing and they owe a bit of love in my own way in these posts :)

  7. Dignity, creativity, bravery - all excellent traits to exhibit in life and art. Well said, Rachana.


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