23 September, 2011

Hold Water

An outstanding detailed colourful painting below is created by a very talented friend of mine 'Jigar', who is a Doctor by profession and a passionate artist by nature! ~Keep the spark ALive dear!!

Silver mist
Cold calm breeze at face
Earthy smell

Thrill quiver ooze
Mountain meadow slope
Dark woods grove

Beamed to see true dew's
Swirling puddle on pebbles
Ebb changing many lives!

Causeway swamp
Naive still renders
Nature bond

Soul undercurrent
Heed treasure by fine fingers
Dribble water drops

The Height of Haiku Challenge,Day 23 - Prompt #81 - Water
P.S. Save Water!


  1. Beautiful rendition.. yes, let us save water..

  2. Nice painting and lovely pictures painted with your words too!! Love the last one and made me want to drink water from a cool fresh stream or fall!!

  3. Beautiful lines sounding as heavenly as the sound of free flowing stream. Yes, Let us conserve this invaluable gift of God.


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