25 September, 2011

the long drive of my life

The drawing below is created my thyself as a part of Rachi Creations..

Hopped into new car
Boozing takes my breath away
Sprint steers dire end life!!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 25 - Prompt #83 - Poet Choice - Breath

...if you drink don't  drive mixing both is short-cut to undue lost of life..
Absolutely a boring statement to make, ‘Do not DRINK and DRIVE’!
When there is a celebration, people drink and celebrate the moment, of course a legal choice of an adult to feel privileged, relaxed, happy and fun loving.
However, endangering your own life and your loved one sharing a seat in the same vehicle is not so much fun.

If you drink DO NOT DRIVE!
Drinking and Driving both are fun, but Do not mix them.

People tend to take silly challenges in ego from friends in a group and agree to have a short racing of cars at the highest speed and the irony is that the moment to show off an attitude, it a short car race becomes the short-cut to undue death.

They say, "Drinking makes you feel like flying in heaven"
Perhaps if you think so, you definitely are near hell!
Just BE Careful!


  1. Loved your drawing Rachi...

    yea, drinking and driving is a stupid idea...Your body is a temple, but keep the spirits on the outside...:)



  2. Yes don't miss drinking and driving...thanks for reiterating that truth...we can't hear it enough..sadly there are those who don't heed it.

  3. Well, find it difficult to comprehend what one tries to prove..by going faster than necessary and by drinking and driving...and risking lives...well..may the wisdom prevail..you have done well here..

    Ramesh Sood

  4. Needless indiscretion may cost you dearly, Yes. Why drink at all.

  5. cute and playful.

    love the image and the verb, they tickle.

  6. safe driving.
    bless your Sunday.

  7. Well said! Great little message and picture.

    I did one many years ago with a picture of two cars, one was a taxi and the other was a funeral car. The title was 'Don't drink and drive' and the caption read: His or Hearse?

  8. Nice drawing.. And BTW, it not only affects them and the one who share a seat, but even at times the innocent strangers on the streets!!


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