17 September, 2011


Momentous picture is captured by my very talented photographer, Sandeep Singh Rathod!
Do check his awesome art of photography by clicking on his name below.
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© Sandeep Rathod Photography

Shorter days
Longest lifeless night
Sad mad mood

Frizzy hair
Lonely weathered soul
Flaky face

Darkest fog
Healing haunt down
Soft whisper

Comfy easy curl up
Frozen over the mind realm
Prolonged moving spells

Cold unblinking eyes
Untouched subtle coffee cups gaze
Yearnings clinch hugging

Quite nostalgic
Little ice-age phase in me!
Warm up with snowflake

Winters was in eyes
Rapid rise with a surprise
Melting cold hearts!!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 17 - Prompt #75 - Winter


  1. Wonderful poetry. Both Haiku and poems.


  2. Nice haiku set...like the emphasis on the words...

  3. Lovely poem...some sad and happy moments though!

    Keep the spark alive Rach!!!


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