19 April, 2010

Best Posts of Blog - Year 2007

Best Posts Yr.2007
~ Best Posts of Yr. 2007 ~
~ There is a beautiful saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..!" perhaps now I know..!

Hiya dearest friends and Readers!

~ Recently my blog, “Humming Today” completed Three successful years.

So I decided to snap back in archive and show list of my favorite posts, perhaps something that I enjoyed to pen down! The journey has been beautiful and indeed there had been so much to explore and expedite to excel.

The list shall be published on the yearly basis with a tiny snippet of my true thoughts behind the particular post! This post has the list of Year.2007

~ Year.2007 had been a learning period or foundation era for me in the blogging, hence you will find quite raw and unfinished posts. Though, each post is special for me and to choose is difficult. They do not count from good or bad parameter for me. Perhaps they are special posts as to have come up right from the heart and have groomed me and my humming mind...!

In year 2007 there were in total 25 posts making mark in the archive.
~So here I have picked eight posts as my first favorite best-post list of year 2007.

~ Just was wondering in true real senses which were five things the most important to me and my life!
~ My first Diwali festival after Marriage and My kitchen full of sweet smoke!
~ One of my very first post depicting what I don’t like and latter like a Black Swan theory ending up to in loving it on the journey of cooking!
~ Saw this wonderful movie and could not stop myself being nostalgic and trying my way to capturing and reflecting the essence of childhood and teachers!
~ A post comes through a quote of my friend…ensuing me to think and share my thoughts over Make-Up!
~ My very close, wonderful and very talented friend who captures the time in photographs with so much of emotions making each angle so memorable. This post is my way to tribute this post for Him and his talent!
~ A beautiful Coffee Café chain in Bangalore and its exquisite flavors story with a strange twist tale that leads to the havoc situation for elephants...read and know the truth being the gulps of coffee we take!
~ Biryani is world wide popular...but my very favorite is Hyderabadi Biryani!

  • The next shall follow my list of Year.2008 for do follow for updates:)
  • ~Thank you for the consistent love and support!


  1. Read them all...

    You were as good as you are now.Who says Raw ?

    It's been nice knowing you...
    I don't comment always...but trust me...I read every post of yours.
    the Biryani post has made me hungry ;D

    take Care

  2. You were good, you are good and you sure will remain so! 3 years is really a lot! Congrats :)

  3. I may not have commented on all your posts, but I have always appreciated your blog posts.
    All the best

  4. @ Rainboy

    This is truly sweet of you..! Yes you have been one of the reader who have followed my blog ever since the beginning of the foundation era! Hence, you know this blog the best..and have seen all the fall and rise of the momments:)

    ~I'm so glad that you have been sincerely following the blog and love all the posts...which is one the most precious gift for me!

    ~ Perhaps, its the cheer of you people which gives me a push over every thing and retain my consistency to continue blogging!

    Sincere thanks a ton for the unconditional affection and may we keep celebrating the blogger bond:):)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  5. @ Lena

    Nothing more can I ask when I read you comment...your presence keeps me going! Thankyou so much for your presence and beautiful encouraging words!

    Luv yeah Always:):)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  6. @ BK Chowla Sir

    I'm so touched Sir with your words! Thankyou for leaving such and beautiful comment. I take your words as the blessings and contant positive force to keep going!

    Heartily Thanks a ton!!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  7. wow..3 years..congratz!! :D

    btw..give me your email add so that i can send you your request :)

    (ps. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  8. Congratulation and cheers to your blogging spirit. Be blogging to inspire many like me.

  9. Hi Rachana,
    Apart from all this i like all the post you post and i keep waiting for your next post :) As you say Keep the spark alive or rather i want say ur spark alive ;)

    Way to go >>>>


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