05 September, 2012

To Teachers with love

J Just like every day is precious and beautiful, this day is just filled with an extra zest and over-whelming emotions. Memories of past, exactly the childhood, my school days, and see how days actually flutter so quickly. When I was in school not a day passed when I didn’t dream of being older, responsible and being independent. Now that I have grown, more than I could actually call thyself young, I miss so badly every moment spent in school. How disciplined life was! I woke up everyday at right time, went school, moment reached there played ‘Statue and over’ game with friends, those long assemblies, news reading, thought for the day, while being in class looking out the greenery and my favourite the tall giant blessed mango tree, that lunch break bell, sharing Tiffin, jumping over benches, wishing teachers, gossips, giggles, hide and seek of glare and glance, glory.... alas all is gone!

Nothing but those moments in school today is the most wonderful world of stories I wish to sink in every time. How busy yet easy and well scheduled life was then. Waiting for school buses, those raincoats, pencils, magical eraser, stickers and competitions, madly waiting for Sundays was so much fun. Friends been the pillars and equal contributors in every mischief planned. Some still stand strong by my side, yet many shall always be in mind, reminding of something sweet bringing the smile all over again.
India celebrates Teacher's Day on September 5 since 1962 as it is the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, a prominent thinker, philosopher and an educator.
Today is the Teacher’s day.
But the fact is every time I make someone proud or I feel the worth, I know deep into my heart I think and thank my teachers. Each and every one of them played an important role into my life. At every junction of my school and college life, it was definitely the teachers who showed me a light and a unique way to lead zestful life. It is definitely the teachers who made efforts to make me realise the dreams and the passions of being a young aspirant. A creative flow I’m still following and taking little steps to pursue the joy in everything.
When the chapters were boring, life-path were tough,
it was the teachers' who created creative, colourful bridges to cross and acknowledge the shades of circumstances and situations to deal being strong-hearted. A teacher definitely make a lasting impression on your mind helping to shape up the ideas and ideals of life which broadens the spectrum of thoughts. Their words and deeds linger in our memory-bands for decades even after we leave school. Such is the charisma, the inspiring soul, an encouraging personality of lovely nurturing teachers.

Teachers’ conviction teaches us to believe in and be confident.

Here, this auspicious day remembering and expressing my heartfelt gratitude for all my wonderful teachers from kindergarten, schools and colleges.
Also I take an opportunity conveying my heartiest love and affection to the teachers of my life, my parents and grand-parents. And some of my very dear friends who taught me some magic-tricks and basics of life like to always 'Smile' and 'Celebrate Life'. They shall always be my sunshine teachers and I’ll try to be their best student for life!

Below sharing a sketch of Year-2000, I made it in the class-room while making some notes in the same piece of the page, while my favourite and an ideal teacher Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Goswami was teaching the subject ‘Hindi’ language.

And below is the picture where I’m with my classmates right with my wide opened arms with my kindergarten’s first ever the most inspiring teacher of my life Ms.Rita. I remember it was some special day when we students were asked to be in civil uniform and there in the classroom, I was given a chit to pick from a bowl and act accordingly. My lovely inspiring gorgeous madam was encouraging everyone to participate and I was just happy to catch the glimpse with a camera!

Indeed someone rightly said, "Teachers don't impact for a year, but for a lifetime."

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  1. Rachana,

    Glad to see you posting after a long gap! Happy to read you blog post as always..

    Yes, "Teachers don't impact for a year, but for a lifetime." I wonder how you still have all those sketches and notes :? Photographs, yes we cherish them but.. You're a gem Creator!

    Keep writing now and then because I miss your long stories a lot!

    Someone is Special

    1. Hi SiS,
      Thanks a lot dear for taking time and going through this post. Yes, these days I'm not in to TOO active blogging yet when it comes to expressing love, I believe blog is the best form I can actually do. Your words definitely are very encouraging and so inspiring!

      As far as the sketches and old write ups are concern then let me tell you, I'm the biggest PRESERVE on this earth ;)

      I shall try to get back into the pace soon!!
      Thanks & Hugs!

    2. :) Looking forward to read them :)

  2. Good one brought school time memories :)

    and yeah I am what i am because of the effort put by my teachers


  3. This post remembered me my History Teacher. She was very caring.


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