12 September, 2012

Shopping at Snapdeal

Miracles for Me

Shopping is something I absolutely love just like any other girl.
However, shopping is sometimes so tiring. Going from one shop to other even if it mean being in a big mall. The exciting experience is always exhausting. Finally slowly, shopping online in India is blooming, Snapdeal.com is one of the best given example for shopping online. Best part is that recently the ‘cash on delivery’ has been introduced. For the people like me who are not just cautions about online stuff as anything can bring virus in the computer, bringing your whole system down. Moreover there are so many hoax activities too, which are so scary, preventing you too take any new chances.

JJust as the topic goes, best online shopping experience of mine have been very recently, interestingly on Snapdeal online shopping site. I actually got the link of the site through the facebook advertisements. As, I scrolled, went up and down to almost all the best products, brands and style I loved the huge variety and options to buy it. It was such a sweet moment when I felt that now shopping could not just be efficient in budget but also tension free. There were also a whole list of things which I always in a way desired to owe them someday.

As I was going through the site, I went onto the home section to see the bed-sheets.
The Snapdeal site is very user-friendly, it helps in segregating the products according to the needs and requirements. So, I went further into the particular brand to get to see the products in particular filtered according to the price structure. It was the brand Bombay Dyeing.

The most surprising part was that I could see the best designs.
Looking at all the shades and patterns of the bed-sheets, one of the bed-sheet reminded me in particular one of them I so badly longed to buy it past few months. I actually bought couple of bed-sheets few months back as a gift from India for my very dear friend who stays abroad. The bed-sheets are of the Bombay-Dyeing from 'Celebrating India collection', which had bright colours and ethnic print. However, when I came back India after my long trip, I went back to the show-room to get same kind of prints for my home, since they looked so beautiful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it, according to the sales-person all the bed-sheets of the particular prints were over. I was so dishearten, since I loved the design and shades of the colours. But while going through the Snapdeal shopping online site, I saw the same brand 100%cotton with silk finish fabric of bed-sheet and interestingly with the best-price like with 10-20% discount. I was so super excited to get it. I instantly ordered two bed-sheets with cash-on-delivery. Less then a week I got them at home, well packed and absolutely in perfectly good condition. Nothing was more delighting to see that without going around and spending hours I could actually find my desired product while shopping yet being at home with much less price of the original that too in a best-condition.

Snap-deal is indeed a wonderful site.
It is absolutely secured site for shopping.
I trust it, for my best ever first online shopping experience.
Best I loved the cash-on-delivery option. Shipping is free and with home-delivery option.
The product is well packed in sealed with the brand tag on, to verify the details further, which I absolutely appreciate. The delivery person calls on phone before they come to your home, which gives you flexibility. They also give you a tracking number to see, how your product is moving on the way.
The Snapdeal.com Site was absolutely easy and fast in downloading the page and was indeed so user's friendly. Such facilities give you comfort and satisfaction to enjoy shopping online even when you are at home. I had this wonderful and most memorable first online shopping experience. By the way I cherish my colourful memory of the online shopping looking at those bright bed-sheets crowning my bed-room, igniting to feel wishful. Thanks to Snapdeal.com

This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com


  1. Good to see you keep your blog with great spirit and alive. Nice girl.

  2. That's was something special Creator!

  3. Really there are so many good shopping sites which are getting more popular and popular among people, for example as you said Snap Deal, Flip Kart, Home Shop 18, Zovi, Libas, etc. Snap Deal is also a very good shopping site and sometimes i also buy things online from this, and whenever I want electronic items then I use Flip Kart. Apart from this there is also another online shopping site i.e. Libas which is popular for all types of Indian women's outfits like designer indian sarees, ladies kurtis, salwar kameez, bridal lehenga, etc. and other fashion accessories, etc. for all age women.


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