31 March, 2010

Rainbow – seven shades reflects in ME

Chatter Box tagged me to share 7 random facts about me. Below are the seven random facts about me illustrated as the seven shade of the RAINBOW as each point is a unique and reflects my tiny true leaf of the life!
  • 1. I suffer from a split personality.
Weird but it is true!
One side I’m a strong woman! Aggressive and every answer with detail, apt knowledge and facts added.
~ And other hand I behave little child, very childish, kiddies, foolish and apparently an utmost dumb.

Like a true Virgo by nature...I have to have the last word in everything and with all the correction! This trait comes to me with my galaxy of stars.
~ Perhaps, on the other hand…you might even notice me to have a last loud laugh, after 10minutes the joke been cracked. Yeah even this comes to me very naturally! Ah! Nobody to blame for this!

Growing old is mandatory but growing up is the choice you make…I wonder why!
Let shuffle the statement above.
Let it make it like this:
~ Growing up is mandatory but growing old is the choice you make!
Now it sounds better :)
RAINBOW in ME ~ Rachi Creations..
My childish behavior of nature helps me to feel happy…creative and think like a child to dig in the most of extraordinary heights of imagination. So I will never mind to be stuck to this hour of the clock of Life’s innocence.

On the other hand...as my age too suggest…I’m here evolving to a grown up woman. Discovering the heights of circumstances, analyzing billions of emotions in a shot, depths of patterned relationships and waves of silly-billy feelings!

It is here when I get tough…seriously involved into nature!

Perhaps it is the Nature…where I find myself rolling on the green grass ground, enjoying swings, cycling to feel the breeze onto my face and flying kites of desires and dreams!

Don’t you wonder...this split of nature is important…not just sometimes but every time!
~ This split helps to keep up the spark and uphold the smile.

On one hand where I was very much bold and unruffled to anything I did or say…on the other hand I was childish and unpredictable in nature!

My friends always excused me every time…saying that I’m bold as I’m strong minded and I’m childish as I’m creative.
These are not the scattered thoughts…but this is the post where I have be more content then ever…just being and feeling the more of me!

Some might just argue with me…that why do so much of Ga-Ga on i-me-myself!?
Then I do have an answer to this too.
If I don’t understand myself the best and at the first position…how can I attempt to understand others and the world around.
~ Hence Ga-Ga is important after all any music is never bad...Listen and Humm around!

  • 2. Give and GAIN
I love to give things…or rather I must say I like gifting people and not expecting from them to give me back. Giving hand made greetings or just tiny gifts wrapped with immense love! Gifting comes genuinely to me! ~ As I have been taught at home the more you give the double you get (does this sound like greedy!)…if not today then will get tomorrow is all set. And yes...this philosophy has turned my litmus paper into green. I adore and endorse gifting. Perhaps, Rachi Creations exist and excel!

Not what we give,
But what we share,
For the gift
without the giver
Is bare.
~ James Russell Lowell

  • 3. JOURNALS and Journey
Having traveled a lot…I was always taught to write letters to relatives and friends. Today, I tend to scribble nibble on twitter, send mails, blogging and adding comments! And I paramount into each and every letter or tiny word I type. I just mean it! Trust me!

  • 4. vibrant Curve on lips
I am proud of all of you who have been brave and bold enough to endeavor out in the 360degree round real world and reflect their true femininity at the fullest.
I still remember my first lipstick bought many years ago for some college function and the shade was suggested my one of my very dear friend. It was PINK PRANK 131 from elle18. Perhaps the name provoked me to buy it and suited me the best.
~ Today, my favorite is shades are Glamshine Sweet Nude and Glamshine Grape Juice from Loreal! These are the easy shade of lipstick in my lives. Though a shift of expensive stuff anyway out of curiosity, they are healthy and safe to skin!
BTW: Never forget any makeup is not bad for skin…bad is when we don’t remove or leave unclean skin while we sleep. Let your skin too breathe a while.

  • 5. Sweet tooth Seductions
I like eating Bourbon Biscuits, that to opening the two side and than enjoy licking the chocolate inside. I still do it and love it as forever.
~ LINK : bourbon biscuits - homemade heaven

  • 6. Sun shine give Vitamin D, good for Strong Bones
I’ve never broken a bone in my body. Hmm…now you know how strong I’m despite being Slim ;) One of the best ways to keep bones strong is by exercise. Nope! I don’t go gym…I dance…a lot and than drink water a lot :)

  • 7. It gives me tickles in Tune
Everyone since the childhood have certain inspiration and an appealing aspiration to be in a certain way when we are grow up...or in fact when we are old enough to be grown up!

Long back when I was in my school in late 90s and heard one pop album song! I must have been by then in sixth or seventh grade. When I saw that song, I initially loved the song...the dance and the music up beats. Latter when I heard over and over again the same song…I realized there was something more than just the music that attracted me to that song.

I could see in that album myself in every nooks and corner of the shot.
~ Each musical beat was like my own heartbeat.
Possibly each word of the lyrics narrated me and my own life!

~ Conversely then the life I was visualizing was about the future…how I wanna be when I grow up…and yes…this album song portrayed my future reflection the best in my childhood! Only thing that is not me in that video is the White as I Celebrate Colors uniquely!

Interestingly, when today I look myself…I’m more of that song…perhaps must of the striking extension!
~ Yeah when you see this video, you will know…that’s ME!
Me the little Umi!

-Let the video loads fully!

  • || I wish to tag few of my readers and friends: Ayu, Bill, Leo, Mitul, Mahesh, Madhulika, Pria,Rhonda, Shruttz, Suni,Tharangni, Lena....Perhaps anyone and everyone who is interested in sharing their points to ponder in the list of SEVEN about themselves!
  • Thanks so much Chatterbox for this enchanting experience, without your tag it would not have been possible.
  • Above drawing is created by thyself and is an extension of Rachi Creation..crayons hues! Hope you liked it :)

  • Last 24th March, my blog became 3years old and so on my upcoming next post I shall cover up ~ my favourite best post list in three years, so be updated :)
  • Thankyou so much for your constant love and affection! Love you all!

  • READ MORE about me on my other posts of TAG ME!


  1. Its coffee this time....yea....filter coffee in monsoon rains with soothing Rahman's melody.....tucked in the balcony along with a best friend....smelling the first wetness of soil...the unsprung fragrance and unsaid nuances .....

    Except the makeup para, i cherished the intricacies .....
    And am privileged by the tag though i have few apprehensions in taking them and making them. Am not sure buddy :). Thanks anyways.

    elated cheers:)

  2. You are a rainbow full of colors and creativity and strong enuff to move on. Love this post. Childish thing shud be ther no matter wat age and it brings a lot of happiness.

  3. You are indeed a rainbow full of energy and variety of talents :)
    That was a tag very well done.
    Loved knowing loads more about you.Loreal glamshine grapevine is one of my all time favorites.

    Having the child in you active at all ages adds lots of fun and perspective to the never stopping to worry maturity.

    I am totally with you on #1,2,3,4 and also 5 :)

    Keep up the wonderful work buddy :)


  4. wow..thanks for tagging me along..i will do the same maybe tomorrow..:)

    the 7 things about you are really interesting and nice..keep it up~

    P.S. check out my latest post~ :D

  5. thank you for the tag! :)
    and happy blog birthday to you too.. :)
    ur really lucky for getting to travel a lot! i too love traveling! but always somehow or the other some sickness comes and i end up canceling it.. :'( but i do maintain a journal! i write everythin in it and i really love to write! :)
    >>Reply to my post>>
    @Rachana sis ~Wow! amazing! our blog birthdays are same! :O! never new i'd find a same person with the same date!^_*
    and yea i do wanna join it cuz one day out side the window b4 mu hindo exam i saw a man beatin his wife and she was crying. and their baby was also witnessing it. so i felt sad for the lady and decided to join ur movement! :) and thanks so much for following it too!^_^

  6. >>Reply to my post>>
    @Rachana sis~ well im in 10th right now... :D
    wow! lucky u! u got to name a child..! mine go through big astro signs and then they name based on that.. -_-.. i never got to name..
    cool! does ur cousin blog???
    haha! :D i enjoy my school days too.. :D and i enjoy blog too.. but mom times me.. so i have to sit only in particular times.. :D
    and hey.. i read it! :) and posted comment too.. :)

  7. Thanks for the tag honey!!!!1 I would do it someday :) Nice post except the lipstick one rest was superb ;)

  8. beautiful read...
    u re SO SO SO like me!!!
    *high five*
    i feel we must always kip that kiddie spark in us :) its so awesum na bein kiddish...:))
    i love bourbon too:)
    loved readin bout u...
    u r so sweet!!!

    kip rockin rachana di...n be the same:)

  9. @Rachana
    Thanks for tagging.

    ~You had a great starting for your post well done. Although I feel at end it tend to lose focus....

    @Rachicreations--Nice visualization on the mirror...

    ~Man how can you write so long posts...its so much hardwork ...great job...

  10. Thanks to Colgate Sensitive!!I can eat Bourbon Biscuits even with sensitive teeth!!!

    Great post....as always!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  11. Thanks for the Tag I appreciate it & I enjoyed getting to know a few more things about you! I hope you have a great day!!



  12. your drawings are so simple and cute. I've been looking for the likes for a long time. Really loved them.


  13. where is the like button over here??????....lol
    even if some1 misses the description, the picture of u wit the rainbow and that song (duniya) says everythng !..the description is perfect too!


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