05 June, 2010


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Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. Yet this one is in 99 words-limit..

@ Rachi Creations..

~ Hidden ~

Happy Marriage is a result
of many joyful moments shared together.
She got married and was happy being
in a new family with her loving husband.
Two years later,
her husband suddenly died due to some chronic illness.
This thought upshot a poor health to her.
She went to a doctor
and got happy news that she was conceiving his child,
now her only hope to live life.
However, the next news blustered that
she was suffering from AIDS
and hence her unborn child too!
A cynical-ugly-truth,
husband had hidden from her..
instead of confronting before marriage..!

Note :
  • According to the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), India currently has an estimated 51 lakh people infected with HIV/AIDS of which 19 lakh are women. While popular perception might lead one to believe that most of these women are commercial sex workers, official numbers indicate that sex workers constitute about one lakh of the total female infections.
  • Hence the reality is that the majority of women with HIV/AIDS in India have been infected by a husband or primary male partner!
  • Also go thorugh this exteem link: Breakthrough, an international human rights organization, is launching a 360 degree media campaign, What Kind of Man Are You?
* Know more about AIDS, here link: Right Here right Now Red Ribbon
** The Above drawing is made by thyself as an extension of rachi creations.. on MS-Paint.

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  1. H'lo!

    It is always nice to come across posts that throw light on the social menaces. Good job! Even if a handful of people go through the information you've shared, and share it with others, this will go on to be an awareness campaign in itself.

    Loved the art work! All the best with BATOM! :)

  2. A very sad,heart-breaking story :(
    Though an excellent take on the prompt.

    Keep up the good work :)

  3. Hey Rachana! that's a very thoughtful post.. ya the stats that u have presented is just mind boggling..

    I wish the awareness is the key and ur post rightly gave the dose for it..

    I really like reading reading ur posts since they bring a lot of social issues in forefront..:)

  4. Hey a nice message .Painful to realize when our loved ones have hidden something like that from us ..
    Nice writing . I like the idea in which u linked this theme to this story
    all the best

  5. Many lives are taken away either people hide it or just being innocent not knowing they have it. Very sad. Good thoughts.

  6. Thoughtful and well meaning post.
    I thought latter in the second para should read as later - or am I missing something here?

  7. @Rachana,

    yes, always nice to see a social awareness post.

    your 99 fiction did it justice.
    shouldn't it be later and not latter?

    all the best for BATOM.

    Leo - Hidden

  8. Must say,amazing read-just when the pain starts to mitigate,you add more of the tragedy that life supplies in such abundance.
    Loved it-u have my vote for certain!

  9. "A Cynical-ugly-truth"

    Very well written. ATB for BATOM

    Gkam: Hidden

  10. * Thankyou for bringing in notice the grammatical mistake!

  11. Aw, man. This is so fucking true. And it has been happening. And will continue to happen! Sad.

    All the best for BAT!

    PS: http://bit.ly/thestupidgirl

  12. Wow...Yes, you did it.
    you have scored on the emotions and the pragmatic impact on the readers....
    a perfect 99er.....
    yes, we all know it is a happening issue and been spreading.... we lack stringent methods to contain it.... we need redial reforms in societal mindset to handle the menace which can hit anyone...
    It is a practical hidden....hidden in the society...
    I liked the flow of words ....
    aptly depicted the haplessness and agony of the innocent victims.....
    We need more such posts on social issues....

    I appreciate you for writing this genuine, responsible post and keeping aside the BAT expectations.
    Am glad that you wrote it...
    Proud of you...

    Great work....keep exploring more such issues.
    Throw more sparks on the darkness

  13. Hi Rach;

    Cynical truth...!!! That's really painful why husband has to hide it all before marriage.

    He inflicted on his wife not only pains and heartaches but also an incurable disease.

    This is not love after all, in my point of view!

    Short but crisp dear! LOved it!

    Good luck for BATOM!!!

  14. A wonderful take on the topic, Rachana!! :)
    A sad and heart-wrenching tale though!
    All the best for BAT-11! :)

  15. One of the best post on 'Hidden'
    Brilliant. Thank you for writing this.


  16. oh shit... this was d best one i read this blogaton!!!

    U have one vote for sure!!!

  17. This has resulted due to "Commoditization of Sex" in the FREE Market.

    When anyone can buy SEX the ultimate price in this economy is paid by someone else.

    The entire economy suffers in the end.

    Is more restriction a solution or giving more freedom? Or shall education be the only savior?

    When nothing seems working few non-profits take the pride in saving our society from some burns and itches.

    Let's pledge to support the movement if not take the lead.

  18. this might be true for so many familys ... a sad truth ... expressed very well...


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