09 July, 2010

a blissful blunder - juniors and seniors bond

Few days back...I got in touch with one of my senior of college on one of the friendship-site. We instantly got our name into each other friend’s list. Not surprisingly, “we did not interact with each other for some unknown reason.”

Well if we dissect the reason…then I would say there are many rationale interlinked.
On the ground,
  • Firstly…We got nothing to share…
  • Secondly... we don’t have anything in common except the same name of the college
  • Thirdly... we never shared a healthy bond during college days..
  • Forth… it’s been really long gap, so we don’t know how to start
  • And Fifth it hardly matter if talk or don’t talk…after all for the above reasons…(in a healthy way)!
There was an instant co-incidental exchange of friendly words and suddenly we behaved as if we knew each-other so well! It wasn’t bad after all…to interact and share views! I sure respect that moment and wish more better and blissful moments ahead together in future.

Okay I guess…I expected a lot and planned unnecessarily a lot for future…when I almost ignored what could happen tomorrow.

The next day, I did a blunder!
Yep! This is what I call it and you like to hear it …( A blunder..I shall let you know below)

I have this strange tendency…
It’s like,Neither hiding nor holding back…yet to see the picture in whole

~ In simple terms like if you think, we can be friends…think again! Because I shall accept you completely like you are, and would like you to accept me as I’m

Basically, Mutually respecting each other for as a person, as for the opinions, thoughts and so on…
+ Even accepting with the differences is uber cool, I say!!

Okay now the blunder,
I made was…forwarding on of the link of my post on views on ragging to my seniors of college! BOOMMM!

LINK: Ragging - Myths that menace

Though the post was not directly referring in person…but some day when I wrote that post,  I sure planned it in my heart that one day I shall share my same vital views with the one (I'm refering to all my seniors of both colleges) whom I have been referring to in the post. Glad, the day has come…despite the fact I might just ruin the bond which we just made couple of days before!

But then what a bond if not that strong enough to accept the strong opinions, even if it mean other way round you! I’m free to criticism as always! For the opposite force always make me much stronger and sharper…yes! And, if this is a sheer perception…I like to believe into it!! And yes! If I’m wrong convince me – correct me.

Okay back to the blunder!
Somehow…at certain point I had predicted the outcome or let’s call it outburst of the response, long back and this was no surprise for me to see how and what my seniors responded to. I got a whole long list of mails and few comment in the post…

Yes…It was a tiring night yesterday!
  • Some getting angry with me…
  • Some truly upset for what happened…
  • Some just blaming me for the cause!
  • Some being too neutral and blaming the circumstances of the era!
  • And some being too kind enough and appreciating the skills of words in words! Smart guys!!

What an era….error _I say!

Finally at least they read it!
I was not talking behind their back…it was the truth and they faced it too!
It is a confession:

"...Not everything was that bad…yet not everything was so good!
Perhaps, life moves on better…not holding back but by backing each other!

The emotions are so composed right there…
I have unloved them for few reasons…but also loved them for so many reasons…many moments I still cherish....perhaps they don’t know and I never express! It’s a hollow-gap between us! (though there was an interaction, introduction, breaking-of-ice...and alll that and more...STILL a stand still) ..."

Trust me I got no harsh hurt feeling right now for anyone or for the seniors…!
~ Except that they feel a bit hurt to the strong opinion of mine as always!
+ Wished if you could get the essence of the felling better that, that post is not written to make them feel embarrassed or hurt or to take revenge or prove you completely wrong…it is an experience based on sheer my personal feelings and I’m alone accountable for my incidents of life…good or bad! Though I have referred to few who have influenced those moments!!

+ And I still vouch each and every word written…despite the fact, “It equally hurts here too”

Okay not getting too emotional…let’s get concrete…to the point…

Perhaps…no harsh feelings, no issues TODAY!
With all my heart I wish you all the best of your days and greatest heights in everything you are passionate about in life!
With due whole respect kindly get the facts clear,
..if by making people act silly and funny and you laughing at the top over it…can think that it will break the ice… _No one will stand it, not even you  will like that act or moment…juniors are no exception!

I just wonder…if you had not done so….
~ We could have been bestest buddies because the fact is… since,WE SURE HAVE a LOT TO SHARE!

“...To be friendlier, we need not be witty-funny …just a sincere friend’s pat is enough to break ice…and warm friend’s hand to say 'hi' is enough to stretch the friendship line!
+ Perhaps, then there would not have been the relationship of juniors-seniors existing!

Any long-lasting healthy rapport need a budding time!
Over the night nothing changes…!

Perhaps now...it has been more than night to bring in the constructive-optimistic change..!!

Still it’s never too late… to be friends…
We can still be friends…only IF you think and positively are persisting…

Indeed, what a blissful BLUNDER oppss…!!!

My dear friend, what I meant is…
....A blissful beautiful BLEND of juniors and seniors bond!

~ Juniors-Seniors Bond ( Identify me with my juniors) ~
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  1. Nice that you still are in touch with your seniors and friends. Friends are a strong pillar of support at any time in life.
    Happy friendship.

  2. Hi Rach...

    Been a long time, I was busy with my sick daughter in the city and I also have to take a leave from office just to be able to nurse her...I was posting blogs just to be visible at blogworld but hardly finds time to bloghop and thank those who leave comments on my post...sorry about that!

    Am back home but again, will remain busy in office, backlogs you know!

    Thanks for your encouraging comments in my Blog-a-Ton entry...I can never forget you coz in my first time at BAT, you voted for me and that made me so happy...my first time and I got a vote from you...now may I ask you why you did not submit any entry this time?

    This post of yours reminds me of my highschool years...sometimes when we speak from the heart, we are inadvertently misinterpreted from our clean intentions...never mind, we're not guilty anyway, right?

    It's hard to build bridges esp when the gap is already long, but nevertheless, trying won't harm us...like you said, "blissful blunder"!!!

    keep building bridges Rach and keep the spark alive!

    I love you baby...have a great week ahead!



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