23 July, 2010

Just so you know - Love Story 4

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
Kindly read the
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...We were comfortable and able to converse so freely with so much ease. This gave me truly a sense of satisfaction. I felt as if my assumptions were so true, about her expressions. We got in touch.
We were so happy to share our happy memories together.
Okay, the first thing I noticed and felt that she was a grown up girl...NOW
NO more a shy pose yet a strong minded phase.

She shared with me all her beings, her inspirational list and perhaps a will to have much-admired me throughout the passage of life, when we actually missed to share in the hush of busy days.

_She amazed me saying that she precisely remembered all, the first meet, how shy she used to be, how silly I could be, the chocolates we shared, the tunes on guitar I played, college functions we participated and won too...all and more that I always had a brooch smile fixed in my lips, which she adored the most… :)

Been so many years…yet all those things…I felt, I was missing you like crazy…though moving on...Damn those engaging memoirs!!

As she was talking more about her, I could hear tranquility sway of the wind-chime tickling sweet sound which must be hanging in her room. Yes! That was she, a spirit of sweet little things, making each day delight.

Yet, she continued saying more and more to every nodding hum, Yes!! Yes!

_Yeah..I’m a pretty good listener only for her..

Huh! Aspiration story, Career Graph…missing moment and Relationship status…
What…she is in a steady Relationship! This came with a set back…and was really…really hard to swallow the truth.

Perhaps, I heard rightly and correctly…she is in a happy steady relationship!

~ She asked me to meet!
I could not say no. I could never say no to her ever perhaps!

Astonishing, I agreed to meet her! Kindly stupid of me!
I soon take in myself head over heels so keen with this girl…sure a topsy-turvy of life!

Fine! Tomorrow Sunday morning we will brunch together at Coffee shop, at ten past eleven!!
Over and out confirmed!

Out of the window, I kept staring the silver clouds in search of moonlight.
This whole night was the longest night of my entire life I guess.
People tell lies that the Rome was not made in a day!! I exclaimed silently.
One day, one night, one call just changed everything in my life.

~ More the silent and there was more the echo of thoughts.
I was so happy to talk with her. I wanted her to speak with me forever like this.
Yet, despite everything so clear to me, I could not understand even a bit. Or should I say, I never wanted to. I was only willing to see her, meet her and wished talk with her more.
_That was my vow in a phase of woe.
Never thought life will show so many shades of emotions at a single blink of an eye.

+ It rained heavily last night.
There was a cold damp fall over the streets. Cool breeze made the morning so different yet striking.
I wondered if yesterday was a dream and I just woken up. Perhaps, dream is not what you see in sleep, it is something that does not let you sleep whole night.

I got geared up and reached the Café before time.
Indeed for her I always reached before time, even when I was in college and even today when I’m waiting for her. Wonder, how I got late to actually exemplify my emotions for her.

I reached Café too early, booked my table, waited for couple of minutes and then thought to have little walk, for I still need to figure out all the things.

Bacause, I did not sleep last night and all the puzzling varied questions of being a loser encircled me, prevented me to think anything insightful. I was all drained and exhausted, felt so week and perhaps lost. My intuition, intense feelings and interest were juggling to find a answer… ‘Why ME..?’

I walked off the cafe, kindly to find some serenity and perhaps, I wished to hide my tears from the people around. I wanted some 'Me Time', so went out near the city-park, far from the capital chaos and sat silently on a concrete bench. The place was calm and the aura comforted me a bit and also helped me to compose my thoughts. Moments after that call were like a cool breeze bringing a big unexpected storm with a sudden surge of water.

“All is going to be well”, I mumbled fooling myself.

"Yeah all is going to be well at the end or else it’s not an end..",I did like believing this!
I spent more minutes in the park and latter enthused back to the city café road...rattling with foot tiny stones of the street!!

And there at the corner street I found a florist shop.
A sweet fragrance of charming flowers just drew me there. I looked at those colorful flowers devotedly and got more optimistic.
It sure cheered my confidence.
_I wondered that I still had a chance to make a difference.
There were so many calculations going on in my head. I need and I could solve this puzzle of my life too. _Yes! I can uncomplicated this situation.
Felt as if this is a day when my management degree is helping me to take right decisions and adopt the correct path of my life.

On the other hand, it was hard to resist the charm of beautiful flowers which brought a complete different prospect to me. I bought a bunch of orange lily which holds a good attention grabbing allure and smell sweet.

Those were like her, bright, shinning and perhaps to wish her joyous life…and further build up my firm steps towards the café to see her…meet her…

...TO BE CONTINUED...PART-5 ~ CLICK here to read
.... this is a final VERDICT!
~Keep your fingers crossed! And sure share your thoughts till now..over all...anything in particular you liked or disliked...

Above picture is contributed by awesome friend and Photographer by passion, Vijay! Thanks Buddy!!


  1. aww.. a guy feelings, it is very natural and moreover I am eagerly waiting for the nest part thinking what will happen. A few fact, in an interesting movie, i watch the climax first and then the story but I couldn't do that here, do post soon :-) thats' the reason i read all the four parts in the trot.

    Do stop by, "Few Miles" and post your thoughts for me to shine :-)

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  2. Really nice... :) waiting for climax :)

    Way to go >>>>>

  3. superb Rachana you kept us with the same interested till 4th part. hoping the final will be outstanding. its really a great work, not less than a writer of the cinema or serial.

  4. if i cud only earn a penny for every story and tear in the post!!! :) awesome! luvd it!

  5. Please don't make it a cliche...That's my only wish. It's been so good so far. but ??

  6. ah Poor love, helpless though, still willing to trudge on, thinking it can make a mark...fingers crossed.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. @ Sam

    I just wished...If I knw what You actually understood with cliche...for everyone thinks and defines same..
    Anyway...with the final..may be you would like me too also know that what you actually had in your mind or expected from me through this story line!!

    Would like to know more one your prospective, do share with me latter or anytime u like..!!


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