21 July, 2010

Just so you know - Love Story 1

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
It is a fine-looking morning. I looked out my window and smelled mist in air. It looked slight hazy fogy yet a beautiful weekend begins. I rumple down the bed-sheet with my feet and make a tea. A busy hectic life has draped all my aspirations and passions. I don’t remember when the last time I actually enjoyed being myself while playing the guitar strings. Moreover staying in apartment, the life gets tangled badly when you are not connected with anyone absolutely. Though a beautiful panoramic view from 7th floor, most of the time it feels alone in the heaps.

As I was sipping tea and going the newspaper, I got a call. It was from my very old close friend of college.

“Gud Morning Bro, Wake Up…What’s up huh..! Howz life…job..you don’t keep in touch at all, forgot all of us completely” he said in one breath quite ardently.
“Job is cool, nothing like forgetting…just bit busy...how about you, are you still in London with Grafteeii Co.?” I asked in a sequence.
“I moved India permanently past three months…kinda was gettin home-sick there..” He said.
He sounded happy coming back, I guessed!
“Hey guess what…I got in touch with all almost all our old buddies of college” He said.
“That’s really great! Wish to meet you all…may be some day like a small get-together…” I said like truly missing my buddies.
“And remember the girl, ‘Srishti’…few days back I meet her co-incidentally, she is back in town. Her office is in the same building as mine”, He said enthusiastically.

My heart pounded badly for couple of seconds and without much ado, he gave me her phone number saying, “It was great talking to her, call her some time, she would love to hear from you”.
We continued a little more lost-buddy talk and then with a see you around sometime, hung up the call.

I sat quietly for sometime to bring my blood-rush to normal. Her name continued rousing in my ears. I got my tea-cup in my hand and sipped few more, only to realize it latter, she was still there in my back of head, still a soft-corner existed for her-being, still after so many years passed I realize, ‘I’m still so much hooked to her’.

I suddenly thought to reroute my might and call her. I was all in spontaneity and in destiny I guess. I didn’t even asked anyone for so many years but all of a sudden today life showed me the path.
I picked up my phone and dialed her number…and before I could complete the dialing and hear her soft voice, I heard my own inner voice aloud.
I instantly canceled the call…heard my heart thumping so badly!

~ Mix of emotions rushing. _I was happy; I was excited, more than enthusiastic and strange ticking pleasure in everything. I looked every hook and corner of the room, to get back to focus but nothing helped.
~ I looked at her phone number written in the newspaper and my eyes got glued there. I realized that I was focused now only on one thing that was my heart hooked to her still. Ones again I tried holding the moment, hold firm the scattered random thoughts.

There was a sudden flash-back of so many tiny but sweet memories, preserved so safely in my mind for so many years.

Sameer (c) Morning
+ I could still remember so clearly that day.
How beautiful was that sunny morning, after a slight drizzle at dawn.
I smelled cool earthy fresh air coming right from the green valley. Birds chirping and butterfly were fluttering down my window. Well not everyday is as beautiful as it is today. Normally it rains everyday in the morning creating a streets chaos. And perhaps every person just like me longs for crisp sunshine. So today is special for I see few orange-golden sun rays clinging my window curtains. Today is my sunshine moment.
I rumple down the bed-sheet with my feet and rush to get ready.

Opps! I forgot my tie and my pen. I soon rushed back to my room and got them.
“Hope, I’m not too late…doesn’t find anyone on the road going” I murmured.
I looked my watch again and suddenly realized that in a hurry I saw the time wrong, so I’m not at all that late. Soon I saw other college mates passing by.

As I reached college, kept my stuff in the class rushed to the office area to see the newspaper.....
The above picture is © of Sameer :)) Thanks for sharing the picture!


  1. eagerly waiting for the part two...make yesterday come early.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Interesting!! It was engrossing... Eagerly waiting for next episode of the story!

  3. I loved the flow of instances and story (love is anyways the most beautiful emotion)ofcourse.. I am amazed with your selection of words and grip on the script..
    I'm in love with your work....

    waiting for part 2..

    God Bless you..

    Rahul Rawal

  4. Hi Rachana,
    I have read your creations and was impressed by those sweet write ups. I have to say this, "You are an awesome writer, may be more.." Your template looks very cool and the tag line is awesome.. I read your interview in Weblog, it was so cool and you inspired me a lot, "Congrats for that".
    Coming to Love Story - Part1: Great Begining! I love the way it took me through and I accept that it is very difficult for a guy to show our love in words with his girl. I am loving it....

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M


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