22 July, 2010

Just so you know - Love Story 3

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
Kindly read the
» First Part (Click HERE) and
» Second part (Click HERE) before reading ahead..

..It took me 30seconds to realize plus 20seconds to come back to the reality and I soon rushed behind her...

But before I could hold my emotions to pour, I wanted to hold them for essence with some stimulating sense. I wished to go through the flow and not just gush around, hence went back to my class. Though the uproar of eager sweet emotions was forcing me to see her, meet her and perhaps share two sugary words.

At least she should know that I existed and cared.

Ah! The philosophy, no dear, we need to talk to break the ice. Wasn’t that a ragging for the junior I thought?
Whatever it could be would be…but nothing was more important than to talk with her, I guess.

After all, it was a blissful beautiful blunder/blend of juniors and seniors bond!

I quickly went again near the class with other classmate of her class. I sent a message to her that I need to meet her, now of coarse! She came instantly. She took a little time to catch her breath looking at her senior alas that was me…

“Hi, what’s your name?” I asked very politely making sure that I don’t scare her with my harsh tone.
And as she replied, I felt some tiny sweet tinkle bells ringing in my ears.
Remarkable was the moment for me and out of the excitement, I almost missed to hear her name.
 “Sorry, Can you repeat your name?” I said softly again.

And as she was about to say, I was asked to come back in the class for it was about to commence.
Sheer luck, I must say…

I did hear people saying, “She was different”
I thought, “She was Unique”
When people said, “She does not fit to the group”
I thought, “She Outstandingly outshine.
And when people said, “She did not mingle at all with ease”
I thought, “She had a mass appeal”

Sheer luck does have a larger hook.
It took a longer than a long while to be kind-of-friends with her, that too through our common friend connection. Perhaps, being a friend never made her feel so frank and free.
I thought she was introvert in nature, but improved way to say that she took her own endless time to be comfortable, keeping us on toes counting hard.
She was fearless, I knew though she never shared her deep feelings and we had no clue.

We laughed, we blinked, but we never got cling.
I care, I share and we connect,
We team up awesome but we were never twosome!

She was ‘Srishti’, a ‘little world’ of desire in me.
With my read up of my sun-sign everyday, I read her sun-sign too almost every day past one year!
I sometimes even tried gifting her chocolates. Every time she denied saying, “I don’t like sweets!”
Of coarse, why will she like sweets when she, herself is a sugary sweetened sinuous soul!
But then she never said no when I shared my bit of chocolate with her!

Sweet Moments
Perhaps, in a way I did all those little things just to steel her heart!! And there she with her stunning smile back to my something silly act made me feel like I succeed the half-race for my beautiful soul!

With an ‘ally tag’ we moved on our respective life.

On my farewell, she gave me a beautiful hand-made greeting written,
“Friend’s Forever and we shall care this bond”
with a ‘weird tag expression’ that she finds me
“Spontaneous-Headstrong-focused-warm, all at the same time”!
"Never change!" with a forever sweet smile she said.

We both knew we were not definitely exact term friends, for we never could share our secrets or share our hidden truths.
I could never hug her like I did with my close pals and I always wanted to.
I was always too formal; never to hurt her feelings for I knew she was too sensitive and delicate though portray herself as an ultra smart chic.
I never asked her and she never said…few relationships have no name yet people claim to be forever friends!! Indeed what an irony!!

Yes.. it is the strange strong realization after seven long years...like a destiny appeals, I need to call and say all what I really felt and I still feel.

+ I picked up the phone and instantly made a call without more of second thoughts and hurdles of hesitations.

The phone rang…and as it rang…I felt I was getting blank.

Suddenly some girl picked the phone. I was trying hard to recognize the voice. Was trying to hear those tinkle bells.
“Hello!” She said.
“Hello…May I speak to ‘Srishti’!” I said holding my breath.
“Yes! Speaking! May I know who’s on the other end…?” She said very confidently yet politely.

Wow my heart cheered…my world sprung ...I heard her voice after so many years…it has changed a bit over the years…but it still sounds sweet!

“Hi, it’s Arav…do you remember me…?” I asked her being a bit apprehensive.

“Oh…My Gosh! Arav…really! Aren’t seen or heard from you for so many years…where were you..?” She said in excitement and excellent tone.

Woo-Hoo! She remembers me and recognizes me instantly…

It didn’t feel like we missed so many years in between not been in touch....
...TO BE CONTINUED _Part FOUR...CLICK here to read

The picture is shared by aka photographer, Amit! Thanks Buddy!!


  1. Going well with the flow..Superb!!

    I am excited to see what turn it takes next ? ;-)

    But with you being the writer I'm sure it will live upto my expectations from you :-)

  2. interesting plot... waiting for the next part...

  3. I love that innovative thinking of perceptional view of the class and the guy, also the sweet and the moment of recognition, you are awesome writer for sure.

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M


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