03 July, 2010

Hangover Over Love

Note: This post is in exactly 500words, which was written sometime back for one of the contest for "love-Story in 500words". Though this is my very first attempt to write something like this which would give butterflies in to the stomach! Hope you like it! However, I don’t hate love-stories"!

“Ok, wait Keith will drop you, he got a car” Jenny insisted.
“Keith will you please” Jenny looking at Keith. He nodded into “Yes!”
After little hesitation Ria agreed to go with Keith. He went to the parking-lot to get his car.

Meanwhile, Jenny again asked, “Why are you leaving and party just begun…?”
“Yeah! But got some work” Ria continued saying.
Keith was back soon with the car. Like a true gentleman, he opened the door for Ria and assisted her to sit.
She smiled and waved bye to Jenny, with a see you around tomorrow in office.

Not much she said on the way to home. Though Keith had a lot to say and ask but all ended up in null silence.
He perceived Ria’s hair flying over her face. She graciously was continuously trying to tuck hair behind her ears. She looked immensely beautiful each mesmerizing moment. And he never wanted this ride to ever end.

~ Soon Keith broke his silence and said, “Jenny likes you so much, she keeps talking about you all the time.” Amusingly, he wanted to say that “I like you”. But he never got fortitude to assert.
“Uhh..yeah, Jenny is an Amazing friend.” Ria said.
“So when are you leaving for London?” Ria asked after a pause.
“Next week” Keith said.
“If you don’t mind can I ask you something?” Keith said being unsure.
“huh...Are you free this weekend, will you come with me for the coffee before I leave for London…please don’t say No” Keith desperately asked.

Interestingly, they reached her place soon.

“You didn’t reply to my question” He said stopping his car. He looked her and gave a cute smile. She looked surprised.
“Umm..Okay” She said after a little pause.

Soon he cupped her cheeks and leaned in to kiss her.
Her foremost thought that rushed into mind were that this could be their first kiss together.

She was trembling in bliss as she felt the warmth in the breath. It was a halo moment to feel boundless things. She closed her eyes and leaned towards him. His lips felt warm against her forehead. Surprisingly, she did not imagine this. The moment he was done with the soft kiss on her forehead, he whispered, “I really Care for you”.

It was a blink of the eye and a new beginning!

Ria got carried away in the moment. “Such wonderful intimacy wasn’t planned at all”, she thought. She returned the smile of acceptance looking into his deep blue eyes and walked away.

When she reached home all the time she was thinking about that evening. And Keith’s gestures really marked at her hard.

She felt it was like some hangover. And the best part of being in hangover is that everything seems true around, even the imagination looks so perfect.

Apparently, her thoughts hung by his care were unwilling to leave tonight.

....It is just the beginning of sweetest hangover over love.
~ Yet, a kiss just more than a love!

  • ~ The above picture is under the copyright of the owner..kindly respect the desicion and do not copy without permission.
  • The pretty-perfect-poised-picture is of my very dear friend "Shivangi". Thanks so much for generously allowing me to use your pic gurl for this post! :))


  1. Lovely litte story, Rach..Enjoyed it!

  2. Beautiful story Rachana. Very intensive and engrossing.
    Following you to get more of such insights. Take care. Keep writing.

  3. not much to say, its interesting, keep writing, appreciate your work.

  4. This is amongst those posts which give you pleasure while reading.

  5. the post is as beautiful as the girl in the picture....

  6. A kiss...
    A kiss with affection...
    A kiss with affection on forehead ...

    I would rate suck kiss as the best...
    I know its value and impact...

    For me it is really hard to pen it into words.... I just do it with my mom and my sisters.

    It communicates a feeling of hundreds of words. It connects the souls.

    And i am glad that you wrote on it.
    Yes, i loved reading it and i felt it too...


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