22 July, 2010

Just so you know - Love Story 2

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
Kindly read the First Part before reading ahead.. To Read Click Here
...As I reached college, kept my stuff in the class rushed to the office area to see newspaper. I was no person into headlines or popper to page3 fascinations, but reading the sun sign forecast interests me a lot. Even if something wrong is written it does not upsets me. Though I don’t believe in it completely but I like to read it as a presumption that my day shall be great. So what I’m a guy, I like reading it everyday.

Daily Sun Sign Forecast:
“You are a magnet of attraction today. Make a right impression in meetings. Instead of rushing into things wait till emotions have cooled to clear the air. Find new positive changes around you today.”

The reading of forecast today brought a smile on my face.

Class is about to start, almost all the students have arrived including teachers and other staff.

~ “Excuse me, where is Ist year class?” a soft voice like chanting in ears!

I turned around to see and perhaps thought to reply too. But she was gone.
She was asking some directions in the corridors and I got only glimpse of her unruffled satin scarf. I was so much dumb-stuck to still realize or even think of going behind to see her face.
This was the moment of the day!
Still my sunshine day!!

My class was about to ensue, and my classmates rushed and dragged me into the class-room.
As my first class continues this very new day, I realize and remembered the forecast line, “…Find new positive changes around you today...”

I over-heard my class-mates talking some arrival of new girl the college. I was pretty sure it was “She”, whom they were referring to.

Visualizing Her
I made my imaginative sketches to try visualizing the face of her. The suddenly a thought counter part comes, what if she is not that beautiful or wonderful….Ahhh wonderful was her voice perhaps!

I was getting so curious to know more about her…and above all wished to see her at ones….errrr..the soul-urge!

The class got over and I was standing on my feet, robotically moving towards her class, “Ist Year”. I reached that class room door and my eyes were searching her…undaunted and focused for something unknown, yet a mysterious beautiful girl.
Strange I still see all the students who joined a week ago and none was a new face so captivating.

“Then what was that, what I heard in the morning” I wondered!
I turned around in disappointment and my frustration was in vain.
_There she is, kind of scared, moderately shy, twinkling eyes, lips partly opened, few locks brushing her cheeks…so much of details.
Out of the ordinary, I could notice all that and more in just one flash moment!
Perhaps, not just an ordinary glimpse, I must say!

“She is so mesmerizing…o dear Lord!” I muttered in my mind!

How come among so many, there is only one who captures the heart!
Touch the soul-string without even saying a single word.

“Excuse me!” She graciously said.
And I without a second thought and humbly not to hurt her, stepped back leaning the wall, allowing her to pass.

_It felt as if she passed leaving an everlastingly score in my heart.
I wanted to talk a word with her, but “Make a right impression in meetings. Instead of rushing into things wait till emotions have cooled to clear the air.” forecast line number two reverberated in my mind.

I took a long breath of consciousness repeating in self, “I found her and I would not mess this moment”.

Perhaps, the “clear chant voice and keen innocent looks kept me awake whole night.”
I want to know her more; more of her will reveal more of me”, I supposed.

+ Next morning was a routine day though after slight showers, latter followed a beautiful rainbow.
I was well dressed. Got fixed my best brooch smile flash on my face and moved towards the destination, my dear college. Perhaps in a way it was first time when I did not miss my home. I felt fortunate to have hanged around this place in emerald green valley.
Everything was so beautiful right then.
I felt rejuvenated and felt so purposeful, though not having an exact or specific game plan for day or life.
Perhaps, a repetitive hymn of her in my mind kept me captivated and driving high with a hidden desire.

I reached college early than anyone and than ever I have ever in past two years arrived so early to the college.

And as punctuality marks her way, she too was before time, swift and sound walking. As she surpasses me standing at the entrance hall of the college building, surprisingly she gave a quick tiny glance over me.
I jumped in my heart in cheer to have acknowledged.
Nothing could have been better to start a new nice day.

It took me 30seconds to realize plus 20seconds to come back to the reality and I soon rushed behind her...
TO BE CONTINUED....Click here to READ part 3.....


  1. Pheww!! What would I say..you're the godess of vocabulary and the flow comes naturally to you...
    I'm nearly in love with this unknown girl in your story.. :)
    I just wanted to read more and more and never wanted it to stop.
    Beautiful work..

  2. Your posts not only have to be read but have to be understood.Excellent post

  3. hey pakkau i know only u can do such a creative stuff..proud to be ur friend........good one best of luck dear...........

  4. Hi Rach,

    So you're now into writing love stories???

    Wow...I admire you and of course, I like how you narrate beautifully...well I also like love stories and sure it should always be happy endings...:-)

    I am excited with the next chapter!

  5. Hey, read both d parts on the trot.. building up nicely. The characters nd situations have been drawn effectively. Waiting 4 d nxt one :)

  6. WoW1 really nice!!! i can't wait for part 3!! :)
    but how many parts are gonna be there?

  7. waiting...wait over...waiting again...
    eagerly waiting.

  8. Wow ! what a way to weave your thoughts about the girl, her first glance and the beautiful start for the day 3. Superb!......

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  9. I don't know why I'm not liking it...
    May be I'll like it at the end. :P


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