19 July, 2010

My first Interview as a Blogger

My First InterviewMy "First Inerview" published on 17th July,2010 in this site, WeBlog! I bow to you all individually for unconditional love and support. Click here to read the info of the

 » Apprication is beyond Acceptance. Glad you have supported me for 'Being me-Being More of ME'..

Q: When and why did you start blogging?

I still remember the day when I first logged into the world of blogs through the Google into blogger. I was studying MBA and my final year going on. Break from the busy life, one day simply provoked me to write into the blog titling it as Humming Today. And ever since then Humming Today has been my first blog. An account which was created on 24th March,2007.
~ I am here only “to serve, to explore, inspire and aspire....and maintain the spark and spirit of the soul”.

Q: What topics do you generally blog about?

I write only what I truly believe in. Perhaps, my blog, Humming Today, is just like me….mix of all!

~ I have my posts are amalgamation thoughts and creativity. Starting from the social issues awareness, 55fictions, poems, inspirations write-ups, recipes, travelogue, creativity, art, capturing and promoting the talent of my friends_ in terms of painting, photography, fascinating stories on people, woman, personal experience, and others random thoughts. Just whole of life to Celebrate!

Q: Do you ever get stuck when writing an entry? What do you do then?

I’m very spontaneous while writing. A lot I write what I believe in. So my thoughts are always clear and very sure of the ideas and topic. Not exactly getting stuck…but I like taking tiny breaks while writing. It gives me a space and time to rethink over the topic to enrich the presentation.

~ Perhaps, I need a constant inspiration. So I hear lots of music, swing a bit…and simultaneously I mostly scroll into picture gallery of my friends or my own album to see colors and true emotions preserved. Being an artist by nature helps me a lot; I make drawings which reflect and express the best of my moments and thoughts in, Rachi Creations..

Link1: http://www.freewebs.com/rachanashakyawar/
Link2 : http://www.freewebs.com/rachicreations/

The colors and creativity influence me a lot while writing!

Q: How important is it for the blogger to interact with their readers? Do you respond to all the comments that you receive?

Of coarse constructive comments are very vital for right feedback. It encourages a lot to improve. Indeed, compliments are marvel to read most of the time. I try to respond back to almost all the comments I get.

~ I do interact a lot, while today is a world of technology and there is friend's connect gadget of blogger, facebook-twitter which also helps a lot to exchange links and get in touch directly with the people and their perceptions.

Q: You have an odd mix of emotions and practicality, perfections and common sense. Share with us an instance where you had to implement all of these.

~ I implement and apply all the mix of emotions in my life and my Blog which is not different from my life.

I tend to see things always differently and creatively. I’m highly empathetic and sensitive towards different segments and issues prevailing in society. Though, when it comes to take decision, I act exceedingly strong when needed to sustain. I’m very much practical with a twist and touch of creativity in the whole thought process. You can see this same aspect when I write my posts on spreading awareness on real issues like Breast cancer, Aids, Domestic Violence, Eve-Teasing and so on.

Well it is the perfection in the simple words that inspire me to achieve my goals. It craves to urge me to create better every time to anything I do, either painting, cooking, writing or any activity. Being a vastly observant and vigilant by behavior, common-sense comes naturally. Or call it I do have brains where it should be and not in knees! ;)

Q: "Humming Today" .. The name doesn't explain a lot, tell us is there any particular reason behind this name?

As I have said this before that I write only what I believe in completely. My blog, “Humming Today” is all about what “today” is “humming into my mind” and which keep stirring the soul. Just like “Humming” little melody for whole day. Though, “humming” word is picked from humming bird, which highly fascinates me for its colors, shape and more over the skill of, to fly backwards, which is believed quite unconventional and are the only birds able to do so.

~ In short, “Unconventional in the Willful way” is all about “Humming Today”.

Q: Blogging helped you grow as a person and a writer?

Absolutely! When we write what we believe in, in certain way we get surer of our own personal prospective regarding a blend of diverse elements of the issue. While writing, I got identified myself better. And until we don’t understand self in first place, how can we expect to respect and value other’s emotions. So definitely it has helped me a lot. Moreover, the best part was when I came across some of the best people and talented souls, whose thoughts, views; praise, appraise all influenced me to be better person in all.

And as far as writing is concern, I have always enjoyed and been passionate for writing. Though, I don’t regard myself as a writer, I might be a creator or artist! I create my each post art with colors, passion, creativity, feeling, rhythm, style and lots of dreams and hopes and lot more.

~ Blogging have definitely helped me to get back to basics of literature, artistic instincts and stimulating senses.

Q: 'Women empowerment' - Since you are a writer and a deep thinker, we want to know your views on this.

For me “Woman Empowerment” stretches from major issues to some very tiny details. It’s more and beyond gender-equality, decision making, or choice to create personal like or dislike list or promoting the role of women in society.

~ I look forward to unbiased access and sharing of resources like property, credit etc and backing for being entrepreneur. A genuine care for the sanitation, right nutrition and other health related issues in all the phases of age. Perhaps, absolutely not ignoring or forcing to do something just for the sake of tradition, cultural, society pressure or sheer superstition.

~ A proper frame work has to be broadened to view the multi-dimensional aspects regarding HER well-being, physically, financially, emotionally, politically, socially without disregard of the basic daily routine acts of compassion where we find single mothers, divorced woman, harrased teenage girls, conflict behind closed doors, selling them like cattle, cheating and cursing with disease and perhaps not cheering for the girl child birth.

~ It's no about giving liberty to woman...but treating her just like any individual liberally!

~ I’m so proud and blessed single child of my parents; I completely support girl-child education as the first major step to enrich the woman-empowerment!

Q: Any negative experiences of blogging or socializing?

Blogging is a beautiful platform to share your story, your views, and your perceptions directly with people regardless to any boundaries. Having said that all, one needs to respect others views too. Sometimes, we get so much carried away in words and grammar that often forget to appreciate the true essence of the article and value author’s efforts.

~ Another thing is one should always give courtesy credit note for the pictures attached with the post. I add lots of pictures which belong to my friends; despite that I don’t take their art and creations for granted. I always make sure to formally ask for the permission prior adding them to my posts, and latter giving the concern credits. Creativity must be cared by the kind of copyright.

Q: Your five favorite bloggers?

Now you are completely picking on me :))

I follow many fabulous blogs of different shades and emotions. From spiritual, social, personal, management oriented to food recipes and travel blogs. You can get the whole list of it from my blogroll and other links from my blog-page segment. Kindly refer them please..!

Q: You maintain two blogs, you cook well, you have a management degree, a hotel management degree .. is there anything else left for you to do?

:)) There is a lot…I must say! For me 24 hours are so less. I believe in Lifelong Learning.

See, I think degrees or any education are vital and hold up you in the better life-style and healthier decision making.

~ I want to give my best in sharing and serving by my every word, my every imagination, creation, story and idea that comes into my mind.

~ I wish, my friends, my blogger bonds to preserve their passion that gives purpose to life. Hence, by backing and promoting an individual solitude talent in terms of enriching and enhancing the creativity. I perform my bit at my best in “Live in passion-Live Your Passion”!

~ I want to be the best cheerleader for creativity in the contest of life!

Q: Tips to new bloggers/writers.

Create niche of your own. Try to be singular in this plural world for God created you unique!

~ Write is to write is to write…Be consistent. Participate actively in varied contest and you don’t get in the top list…don’t get disheartened. Keep dreaming and thinking a lot and let each word be shared with passion. Write for yourself, if you enjoy what you are writing, others will sure reciprocate positively. You don’t need a real celebration to actually celebrate life, so capture the life in words and cherish forever. It’s just one life so care and Celebrate Life!

Q: Anything you would love to share with the readers?

I owe my every bit of success touch to my blogger bonds, adorable friends, teachers and gracious parents completely. On the whole, I heartily want to thank Gopinath Sir, Chowla Sir, Lena, Pria, Mahesh, Mitul, Amity, Amit and Hubby for constant and unconditional brace in strengthening the self-esteem.

~ Truely enjoyed this session for this is my first any such interview, I’m really excited, honored and feel so much blessed! I want to thank We-Blog team, and wish good luck for your wonderful efforts made to bloom the blogging world bring talented people closure and brilliant creativity together!

+ Luv yeah always..
~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. Great interview.

    Interviews allow people to read and become inspired.

    The point of creating a niche is a great point. Its important to blog about something that you are passionate about.

    http://www.inspirest.com is a great blog to read about entrepreneurs and how they started their business.

  2. Gr8 Going Gurl !!!

    Loved knowing more about you...

    May you go miles ahead and keep us all inspired with your posts.


  3. Congratulations Rachana :)
    Wow! what a wonderful interview. Loved reading more about your perspective of life and blogging in general.
    Way to go girl :)
    Keep up the wonderful work :)


  4. Congrats rachana :) It was really
    nicely answered :)

    Way to go >>>>>

  5. Congrats on your interview!! Great job!!



  6. Wow.. Great Interview.. Am totally impressed..You are an awesome blogger.. Great........................

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M


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