03 April, 2011

The Journey

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Glimpse of real life is mysterious..!
Few months back, I was travelling abroad with my hubby.
It was exciting to be able to visit different places in the best time of the season where tree leaves had turn into red, orange, yellow and ready to shed them to welcome the snow and cool chilly weather following. It was the beginning of winters.

Meeting different people and sharing with them my country side tales.
From one city to other...packing and unpacking suitcase. But I felt I was packing and packing but not able to unpack my emotions, my feelings and my story of life. They say sometimes...being reserve it’s a good sign of maintaining privacy... what if I say I’m introvert hence tend not share my inner true feelings! How does that sound to you like honest or an extrovert?

Then one fine day, we were in the flight where we found a beautiful middle aged lady with quite red hair, wearing a heavy furry equally red over-coat. Her seat was beside me. As our eyes meet we passed a smile. Honestly then I had a mixed feeling for her. For a moment I thought she is mere stranger, so avoid speaking to strangers. But on the other hand her eyes, her vibe was captivating. I tried avoiding thinking more about her existence just beside but frankly she was in my head...and I was trying to figure out, what her life is, who she is...and other things like that related to her.

I don’t know how and what makes sometimes so fascinating about the strangers and not all but just one in million, you feel like knowing them, feeling to tell them your story. I almost experienced the same urge...and was completely clueless about the rise of such feeling and warmth I had that moment.

The flight took off and within few minutes, to break the ice she asked me,'Do you belong to India?'
Well black hair and black eyes of mine were prominent enough to identify.
As I nodded my head into yes with a smile, looking into her light blue eyes...I felt the calmness in it.
To start with, she said that "I always wanted to visit India and find it very enchanting to know and meet Indians."
I was pleased with her grace and thoughts.
Without asking she told me about her life. She said, "I have been a nurse for almost all my life and latter gave up the job only to sync with service to serve the people."
She, a bold woman, who had gone through some very tough moments of her life, had seen the depth of relationships losing confidence and also emotions of betrayal. But she has stood strong with faith she had.
She has now devoted herself to resolve little struggles people face in life.
And as she continued saying that, "...if given a chance I would like to help any needy without charging a penny in any region of this world."
Today she works as a healer and a good listener working with few NGO.

I could feel the sincerity in her service and conviction in her words. In that while of journey... we spoke endlessly and effectively touching the topics, world of depths, heights of thoughts and feeling emotions. The essence of self-productivity, soul-searching, purpose of living, pursuit of happiness, spiritualism and God!

I thought search of me was a never ending journey but after talking with her, I had this strong feeling that redefining beliefs might value my existence! I sure sensed like I got a spark and a good start from there onwards.

And as we were soon to reach our destination concluding our conversation trying to sum up the thoughts, she finally asked me and my hubby’s names simultaneously noted down in her diary. She determined said that she will remember us always and will keep us in mind while she is offering her prayers.

I was so touched with her words. I hugged her.
I wished I could spend more time with her. I felt so warm though being far away from the natives. And something she did then was so miraculous for me to see, she gave me a Bible page from her Bible with all major underlines done and handed over to me with her magical fingers.
I was in such an awe state.
I was so clueless why she had to take out one the page of her beloved Bible.
 And as I was still puzzled, staring at her gesture she said, ‘read this when you are troubled and find difficulty in choosing the right path.’

As when she said that, I thought, ‘Bible shows us his Mercy and his Kindness’; I just felt some right now!

It’s not about religion..
We respect each religion, the dedication, devotion but it’s about building a faith and creating a faithful journey.
Reading good things from anything, call it Geeta, Quran or Bible is all fruitful if read with faith for bringing goodness!

Sometimes, strangers touch your heart cord without making an effort.
But for some reason, I felt the stranger was myself here, trying too to find a purpose in life, trying to understand thyself in bits. I could not realise the spirit and spark in me.
I was carrying the bags which were so heavy and for so many years. Bags of old past stories which I neither could forget nor could I forgive any. Moving from one place to another could not help me to overcome my unknown fear of losing. Holding that piece of pious bible page I was having a journey within myself, introspection the urge of soul. It was a moment of realisation. It was a moment to stand still yet practically keep moving in life. I kept that bible-page safely...in my bible with was gifted by my father when I was in school.

It was quite some time from the voyage,
..I was back and settled at home, unpacking my luggage which was full of sweet memories of trip yet a bit hassled in lugging my distress suitcase in the journey of life. Out of the blue between the pair of clothes I find bible and that bible page...I could not stop and started reading the underlines....and trust me despite the long journey...I was not tired, I felt like rejuvenated.

I understood the purpose of meeting that stranger in the expedition.
It was a natural effort in the expedition to experience thyself and explore more of chances, changes, circumstances, crises, courage and syncing all in pace, peace and goodwill. She came in the middle path of my trip but helped me to sail calmly at the seashore. There was a good harmony in me but there were bliss echo and grace waves in my thoughts! In fact I could even gaze glitter in my eyes ever since then.

I remember what last she said, ‘you will be in my prayers..’
and trust me ever since then, she been into my prayers...almost every day. And whenever I feel restless I hold that piece of page of bible she gave to me, for me it got a power to heal, it makes me compose quickly and maybe I feel that her soul is scared and feel the tranquillity in her appeal in that piece of pious paper.

Never thought the journey would be so cool and calm!
Never planned life could be so enlightened meeting a stranger!!
In search of me, a never ending journey turns into THE Journey of life..!!!

As an my inner voice said,
Let my Lord! Show me the rainbow which is hanging just above my head.
Oh! I just missed it...being on flight when I was busy focussing down on the hard, cold ground.

So here I read to get back my rainbow thoughts and contemplate upon PSALM34:19 in that piece of virtuous bible page she presented,

“The righteous face many troubles, but the Lord rescued them from each and everyone.”

I admit that,
Initially like anyone
I will also have to scramble
But I will keep smiling..
Try sincere with a spirit to win!
Now as I grieved,
I feel glad that I’m not giving up like I used to...
I will cruise safely in the crises.
I will one more time bend the hard wave as I have a faith that
This shall also pass and
Worst is already faded and
Will not resurface in future, I have this faith!
I will have a fruitful sharing caring
And dynamic voyage in the path of life!


 * This is how I cherish my memories of THE Journey!
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  1. Rachana, the journey you had is an awesome experience... The bible page, the way it heals and the prayers are awesome and I too agree be it Geeta, Bible, Quran or any holy book they are the way to God.. and you are lucky to have such memories.. Happy to be here and after a long time to see you in BAT.. Wish you good luck.. mine is a dream a journey of...

    Someone is Special

  2. Some journeys are from one place to another and some are from a phase to another and the best are those which take place inside your subconscious mind and take your soul from restlessness to complete peace.... your journey is the last one it seems.. the journey of the soul !!

  3. You found a boon in disguise, and so true, religions might be different, but the essential core remains the same. Love, that is.

  4. Emotions of betrayal . . . I would like to read a post with the title . . . .Emotions of betrayal . . . . And about post i want to maintain silence because of strange strangers

  5. God is always there around. I believe in this so sincerely.

    God is a power and should not be identified with religion.

    I am happy you had such an experience.

    All the best for BAT!

  6. Life is the song of Up and Downs.The main thing is that we have to face them with courage.We need to have faith on God.It doesn't matter what you read, whether its Bible or Gita or Quran or any other Holy book, they create positive thinking. These positive thinkings help us to move forward.

  7. On all journeys that we make, we meet people or see some that change the way we think. However long that change may be for, it always matters.
    Interesting post.
    All the best for BAT.

  8. Rachana, this was amazing. Through the words you wrote, I felt that I was sitting there, right beside you and that lady. What you've shared is a journey in a journey :) beautiful..!

    Here's My Blog-a-Ton Journey

  9. It was very interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks the author for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read more soon.

  10. Hi Rachana, thanks for sharing your version of journey. Well written. And I will be be coming over for more of your posts.


  11. too long journey but the experience was worth travelling..!!!

    thanks for such a nice entry..!!!

    All the best for BAT..!!!

    Heres mine..!!

    Yamini Meduri - Journey

  12. Excellent overview, it pointed me out something I didn’t realize before. I should encourage for your wonderful work. . I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. Thank you for sharing this information with us.


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