19 May, 2011

I had a time of my life

Note: The beautiful picture is captured by my very dear friend, 'Naveen' :)
This post reflects the hallmark of feeling and more feelings, true emotions and few random scattered thoughts collectively brought together!

Life does not come with a fixed timetable.
One has to manage in surprise routines and sudden rotations! I had few plans few uncertain sketched plans and nothing worked out. I was loaded and over-loaded with new upbringings though so positive yet sometimes like sand slipping off your hands.

People say, the best thing happens when one least expect them. Indeed, but in that case one must have at least perceived about it ones.
How about the things you never think about and come rolling by kissing your feet!
Or the things that you thought but never acknowledged your true feelings!

Time controls all. And not anyone else can control the circumstances. People do change with conditions applied. Unpredictable rain or uncertain clouds over moon...don't you ever underestimate the precious time!

Life is unpredictable and time is so uncertain.
Definitely it's not about living for sake of time one is left
or waiting till the time will test but
..a gratification to owe someone special for a life-time is precious!
~ Keep the Spark ALive..
Hope you will enjoy this video of Dirty Dancing - I had the time of my life song!


  1. Rachana, change the copyright from 2010 to 2011 girl.

    Beautiful song and good writeup.

  2. everybody will have a plan on what should happen in their life, but the life will take you to a different unexpected path...Nicely written!!

  3. the only choice we are left with is adopting the adaptation to fit or fail;

  4. Rachana, I felt this as a song.. Awesomely written.. Hmmm, I was upset due to some reasons but after reading this post at 3:43 PM I am feeling better.. Thanks for this Rach...

    Someone is Special

  5. been listening to the remixed version of the song of kanye west, cool one , great writing

  6. Beautiful pic, and the hide and seek and the unpredictability of tasks, opportunities and joyous moments, quite aptly written in few words.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. @Priya

    :) I have done after I noticed when u actually pointed out!! Thanks dear!

    I know the post is short and these days I'm enjoying the hit & trial phase of experiments!! :)
    Glad U liked the post!

  8. @Raghu V N

    :) Yeah i feel good...when I read that U liked the post!! Thanks!!

  9. @Mahesh Kalaal

    Absolutely agree with u buddy...!
    'Accept Willingly' is what I believe in!!

  10. @Someone is Special

    Buddy...if this tiny mini post gave back ur smile..I cannot ask for more than that!! Thanks so much!

    YOUR thoughts n words of appreciation made my post WORTH!! THANKyou dil se..

  11. @Srivats
    Really long time to see u on my blog!! How been ur life?!

    I still need to listen to the song u r referring. Will sure listen to it soon! :))

    Thanks for dropping by a line! :)
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  12. @Blasphemous Aesthete

    Yes! I agree! The picture is beautiful and my friend is very talented undoubtedly! :)

    I mostly naturally write long posts...but this time trying to write mini posts. Glad u liked the summary!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..


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