02 May, 2011

Pretty woman walking down the street

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Water gives life
So as the woman gives birth to life!
An earthy connection...
Both born as a nurture being!
Pretty woman, walking down the street..
Before harvesting fields
After finishing household
Woman brings water..
Walking miles
Searching drops of life
Heat and holding high
Waiting for her turn..
Turning and Balancing on head
Multiple metal pots
Spending the energy, time..
And weights over waist
Carrying yet caring!
Found and lost...
Alas! Not that safe water to drink and survive!
The whole lot is such a waste..
Little girls brought water four times more than small boys!
Eventually discipline girls missing classes
Dumb staring at cows moo..
Era for women has turned out as an error for women with progress!
The Indian census reveals an adverse ratio of declining growth!
And just when they lose hope in harassment..

Choice and conclusion in chorus
Neither bow nor break down
No more looking back, hanging back or holding back!
Here she comes with a bang in harmony,
The concerned over health and habitation,
A new mighty wave to conquer!
Turning wounds into wisdom,
No more teasing whistles
Just more of wholesome!
Worst is over,
Wings are back
A willing wavelength!
A Dalit WOMAN Sarpanch against odd waves fetching life ahead!
Ahh! Now stop wagging your tails dear MAN!

Women panchayat leaders raise concern over drinking water...And, few women panchayat leaders have solved the drinking water problem in innovative ways!
  • Empowering women through water management initiatives in India. **Link : Meet the pretty woman  READ MORE...

Indian women can take up to six trips a day to gather and transport water. These walks in rural regions can average ten miles a day, carrying up to fifteen liters every trip. The women load jars or buckets on their heads to carry water.
  • Where there is water scarcity, women are worst affected! *** LINK must READ MORE


  1. I like this poem a lot, Rach! It shows the development, from the first unheard voice of the woman to the now equivocal and wise voice. The steps of the woman can be seen through your poem well :) Nicely written.

    PS: there are some minute typos and grammar maybe. nothing noticeable at first read.. "Turing" is "Turning" I think?

  2. @Leo

    Firstly long time I guess u landed!!Thankyou and what better I could ask more from you.

    'Nicely written' makes my day and more than that I feel the effort made to promote the cause is read.

    Its just a little effort made!! I'm still trying..

    I knew about the mistake and it was even rectified but guess was not saved I guess! Anyways..Thank you for pointing it out...will take care next time!!

    ~Keep the spark ALive..

  3. I seriously now say this to you.... do something so that your poems, your write ups and YOUR THOUGHTS reach out to most of the people...

    LOve yr work baby...

    keep it up...

  4. as you said I am touched with your work, Rachana..

    "Searching drops of life
    Heat and holding high
    Waiting for her turn.."

    awesome lines... totally an awesome poem for a great cause.. Love it..

    Someone is Special

  5. am standing and clapping for you....

    as a blogger the only way i can respond to this post is @ http://maheshisms.blogspot.com/p/i-recommend_16.html.

    as a reader, i want to come back again :)

    till then lemmi ponder over "willing wavelength" and "neither bow nor breakdown"

    carrying yet caring is superb...

    this post filled my thirst for reading social issues.....simple and impacting lines.
    though we got liberty from people who discovered liberty, women are yet to get liberated from the non liberal clutches of liberated patriarchal non liberal mindset.

    they should get liberated at least for shouldering such a huge responsibility of the society

    anyways, am proud of you...
    will be looking forward for more such liberated posts...

    hum your liberty , spark your liberty :)

  6. This is something brilliant rachi...the way you've portrayed the plight of the rural women with the help of a poem is awesome...something that is just not so small and has innumerable ties to us!

    This post has touched me...and its rendered me speechless..god alone knows what I'm rambling here....

    And the pic by Sandeep was perfect...awesome photography !

    Take Care,

  7. God, this girl writes such good stuff. Wish I could read her every morning..par kya karein..thik se jaagu usse pahle to tuition shuru ho jata hai..

  8. wonderful and an inspiring poem.. women are equal or even better than men and in noways less than them..
    Salute to the woman who wrote this and all women!! :)

  9. nice...you bring great social conciousness in your work...i like how you tied in the water so prevalently at the begining...and to birth and then carried through...nicely done...

  10. I too think this is a wondetful poem originating from a place of pain yet ending with hope. in between you document thevstruggles and harfships that women have endured. This is a harrowing tale that makes me weep. I especially like the way that you use water as a metaphor that indicates birth, though it is also the source of so much hardship. Your understanding of how freedom arises from struggle with the elemental forces is so true. this poem brings me joybto know that spiritbof freedom for women is vibrantly alive in your country.

    I do agree with preceding comments about grammar and typos. But these are easily fixed. Again, many thanks for posting this at dversepoets!

  11. I've only just started reading your work. This reads almost like a ballad - very nicely told story about the importance of water and how the women manage shown through poetry ... and as Brian Miller says, you've brought the social consciousness angle in very well. Nicely done.

  12. nice bit of social commentary here... how a strength becomes a disadvantage for them..very nicely done..also the connection to giving birth..


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